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EMPRESA: Sweet Palace INTEGRANTES:  Meneguzzi, Lucia  Moretti, Antonella  Ballepiani, Sol


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SWEET PALACE SWEET PALACE S.A. Structure and location. The company was funded by Ballepiani Sol, Meneguzzi Lucia and Moretti Antonella in October 22, 2010. It is an Argentina company. It is located in Rio Cuarto, C贸rdoba. It employs 250 people distributed in different sectors, production, packaging, labelling and final distribution. Sweet Palace subsidiaries include Arcor, Bagley, Terrabusi and Nestle.

Activity and competitors The head office is in Sampacho, C贸rdoba. It makes produces, distributes and manufactures chocolates, candies in general and cookies. Its main competitors are Dolce Maria and Zukitas.

Results and strengths The company had a turnover of $22,310 m in 2011

Current activities and plans It is opening a new factory in Villa Carlos Paz, C贸rdoba.


THE WORKPLACE The office is located near the centre of town. Our offices are big, comfortable and modern because we have lots of administrative employees. Our office has air conditioning, central heating, water dispenser and food. Outside the factory found a car park with a canteen.

There are books in the cabinet. There are two photographs on the cabinet. There is computer, calendar, book, telephone and pencils holder on the desk. There are pictures on the wall. There are two plants on the floor. There are three office chairs near the desk. There is a bin on the floor.

SECURITY Employers are responsible for their worker is safety and they must take action to prevent accidents. A safe environment protects workers from the hazards in the workplace. In food processing plants, there are bacteria and viruses. Workers may suffer from injuries, fractures, bruises or sprains. Even in office there are physical hazards. The employs most use beard net, use aprons, goggles, ear plug and the latex gloves to work in the kitchen of the organization.


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