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HR/HRM590 Course Project

download Assignment 1: Job Analysis – Due Week 3 Purpose: To create a new job description for a new position in the human resource department. This will require conducting a job analysis and writing a job description. The job will provide administrative support to a 10-employee HRM office. Incumbent will also act as department receptionist. Some duties include maintaining personnel files, performing all administrative functions for the office personnel, assisting the public and employees with personnel questions, following company policy when dispensing information, reviewing and processing forms for personnel changes, monitoring staff time and payroll items, handling director’s calendar, handling office mail, filing, typing as requested, answering phones, and other duties as assigned.

Category Criteria Points Task Statements Complete the Task Statement template posted in Doc Sharing. Be sure the task statements are specific, time determined, and measurable. Be sure the task statements are single task items. You do not want multiple tasks within one task statement because that will make it difficult to identify the KSA and to measure later for performance evaluation. 25 KSA Statements Complete the KSA (knowledge, skills, abilities) Statement template posted in Doc Sharing. You will take each Task Statement and identify the KSA needed for each task. This helps determine the level and required job skills. 25 Job Description From the Task and KSA Statement templates, write a viable job description with the following sections: Job Summary Essential Job Functions Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities Education, Experience, Certifications, and Licenses Environmental Factors and Conditions/Physical Requirements Equipment and Tools Utilized

25 Literature Review Find three scholarly sources that validate your job analysis process. Provide a summary of your articles in 2–3 pages following proper writing style and formatting as described in Best Practices below. Be sure to properly cite and reference your sources. There should be no copied material in any section of this assignment 40 Paper Mechanics Follow Guidelines and Best Practices sections. 10 Deliverables Submit the following:

1. Completed Task Statement template (25 points) 2. Completed KSA Statement template (25 points) 3. Job description (25 points) 4. Literature review (40 points) 5. Readability (10 points) Total Points: 125 Written Assignment #2: Recruiting/Selection – Due Week 5 Purpose: Now that you have a job created, you need to find someone to fill that job. The purpose of this assignment is to outline a recruitment plan to find a candidate to fill your new job opening. Once you’ve identified your recruitment pool, you then need to determine how you will select the best candidate. Then, after your candidate has been on the job for a year, she needs a performance evaluation. Category Criteria Points Recruitment Plan Write a job ad for your job opening. Provide a recruitment plan that includes where you plan to recruit and why, along with how long you plan to recruit and why. You must thoroughly explain your decisions for this recruitment plan. 25 Selection Method Describe the selection method(s) you would use to hire the best candidate. You must thoroughly explain your decisions for this selection method. 25 Performance Evaluation Now you’ve hired a candidate, Cathy. She has been working for you for a year now. Based on the information provided (Performance Results Data document found in Doc Sharing), write her performance evaluation. You must be sure to substantiate your ratings and feedback. 25 Literature Review Find one scholarly source each for recruitment, selection, and performance evaluations that validate your process (three total sources). Provide a summary of your sources in 2–3 page paper. 40 Readability Follow Guidelines and Best Practices sections. 10 Deliverables Submit the following: 1. Recruitment plan (25 points) 2. Selection method plan (25 points) 3. Completed performance evaluation (25 points) 4. Literature review (40 points) 5. Readability (10 points)

Total Points: 125 Final Course Project Submission: Compensation Decisions – Due Week 7 Purpose: In Weeks 3 and 5, you submitted information to help you in completing the final project. Feedback was provided to assist you in maximizing points earned on this final paper. To properly complete this final project, you must include the feedback provided to apply to this final paper. The purpose of this assignment is to apply your critical thinking skills in completing the employee process from job analysis to compensation based on performance. You are now going to make compensation decisions. Category Criteria Points Compensation Decisions Share how you would compensate each of the employees with the budget dollars provided (see Compensation Template in Doc Sharing). You must provide substantiation for your salary decisions. Even with the decisions you make, what might be some consequences? Input your decisions into the template. Include your risk analysis. 100 Literature Review Then, write a 6–10 page paper providing an overall review of the entire process created from job analysis to compensation. Would you change anything in your process at this point? Why? Why not? Include four scholarly resources related to compensation: two articles focused on general compensation and two articles on making compensation decisions. Do not use any verbiage/portion of your previously submitted Literature Review for Written Assignments 1 or 2. This Literature Review should be original to this final project assignment. 100 Readability Follow Guidelines and Best Practices sections. 20 Deliverables Submit the following: 1. Compensation decisions with substantiation and risk analysis (100 points) 2. Literature review (100 points) 3. Readability (20 points) Total Points: 220

Hrhrm590 course project  
Hrhrm590 course project