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Life cycle Kinder 3 Group A Mrs. Lourdes Lerma.


Starting our unit with K.W.L We had all this information:

We discovered the first baby butterfly

Max mom came to our classroom to share the sharks life cycle.

Comparing Our pictures and trying to discovered who is who.

May found a dead lady bug and she showed it to the class

Workshop at Africam

My curious students

Taking notes after the tour through the butterflies santuarium

Observation at the butterflies nursery

We had lots of fun in our first field trip.

Planting seeds after Matias mom story about values and seeds

The kids had the idea to start a seeds collection in our classroom.

Two girls discovered the first sprout, they were very excited.

We really enjoyed the Life Cycle unit,and after a few weeks We have one radish!

Life cycle  

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