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COCKBURN’S Cockburn’s was founded in 1815 by Robert Cockburn, a soldier who served in Portugal during the Peninsular War. Robert was later joined in his Port business by his sons Archibald and Alexander. In 2010, Cockburn’s celebrated its 195th birthday by returning to family ownership. It joined Symington Family Estates, Port producers for over 125 years, the largest vineyard owners in the Douro (940 hectares/2,330 acres) who account for 30% of all Premium Port production. Symington Family Estates is the most awarded Port Company in the world. The Symington Family has reviewed every aspect of the production and ageing process of Cockburn’s Ports, making significant improvements to all Cockburn’s wines. Cockburn’s recent success in the international wine competitions is a clear indication of this drive for quality. For nearly 100 years, the wine from the magnificent Quinta dos Canais vineyard has formed the backbone of Cockburn’s Vintages. This jewel of the Upper Douro Valley has 261 hectares (645 acres) and its vineyard is comprised of 27% Touriga Franca and 30,5% Touriga Nacional. Cockburn’s is famous for having played a leading role in the recovery of the Touriga Nacional grape variety in the 1970’s. Today, this Portuguese grape variety is recognized as the Douro’s finest. Another Cockburn’s initiative was the plantation of experimental vineyards in the 1930’s, to improve the quality of Port. Cockburn’s also led the plantation of new vineyards in the remote Douro Superior in the 1970’s and 1980’s, pioneering the development of this high quality region. Cockburn’s is the Port Company with the most wood casks and the only one with its own dedicated team of coopers. The vast majority of Cockburn’s Port ages in these handmade seasoned oak casks and tonnels in the company’s historic lodges, located in Vila Nova de Gaia, near the Atlantic Ocean. Cockburn’s wines’ added complexity derives greatly from these excellent natural ageing conditions.

COCKBURN’S FINE WHITE White Port ranges in style from intensely sweet through sweet, semi-dry, dry and extra-dry. Most White Ports are stored in stainless steel for up to 18 months to accentuate their freshness, but wood-aged versions can turn a golden colour and take on a faintly nutty dimension. Cockburn’s Fine White is an elegant Port with crisp flowery aromas. Perfect as an aperitif lightly chilled or over ice with tonic to be enjoyed with friend on relaxed occasions.

Food pairing suggestion and serving Cockburn’s Fine White is an excellent aperitif. Perfect served chilled or long over ice and lemon with tonic.

Wine Specifications Alcohol by Volume: 19% vol (20ºC) Total Acidity: 3.7 g/l tartaric acid Baumé: 3.1

16.SEPTEMBER.2011 | English

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