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February 2014

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Our newsletter has changed! So here goes, from this issue on every month one of you will have a chance to be the star cover of our newsletter! All you would have to do is participate and show your creative prowess! This months contribution is to come up with a name for best describes our culture, character and environment!

our newsletter, something that

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Sheikha Speaks Dear Lulua Team, I write this foreword as I sit at Heathrow airport waiting to board the plane back to Kuwait. I have been on another whirlwind trip across different continents never lasting more than 4 days at any destination. A trip that have me little time to even practice more than once what I was going to talk about. My talk yesterday was to an audience of 1500 students and their families. I was invited as the founder of "alnowair" to share what we have done in our initiative and explain more about it to them. As I got ready to go on the stage I began to see the stories spinning in my head. All possible scenarios of what could go wrong. Incredible stories of blundering and a blank mind to falling and even being laughed at while on stage. My lecture was on "Gratitude" and it's benefits, I was very thankful for the wonderful TED talk I had seen lately that made me see the wonderful aspect of fear. It's attached below. My talk went well (or so I hope) but what I found amazing is that the head of Kuwait Parliament who was attending had cold and clammy hands when I shook them as he came on stage. Wonder what the stories in his head were that made him nervous! Next time you start getting those wonderful stories please look at them and enjoy the great movie that you are watching. For after all you are a wonderful scriptwriter and director, are we not all !!!!!

Intisar AlSabah

Al Nowair goes international! At the recent National Union for Kuwaiti Students, UK and Ireland Branch. Our Shining Nowaira Sheikha Intisar Al-Sabah gave a small lecture about Positivity and Gratitude, and also introduced Al Nowair Initiative for a large group of Kuwaiti students who attended along with their families in London.

Good Health Arabia Online Community Continues to grow to 287 K fans on F‫ذثشذثزخخنش‬acebook This month was the breaking month of our social media activities, engagement, and explosion! We have reached 287K followers on our facebook page of Good Health Arabia, and we are getting more shares and visits from followers than ever! The colors, the topics, the posts, and the whole team working on our social media is bringing the best of it in Facebook, Instagram, and event twitter!


‫هل حتلمني بيوم‬ ‫خال من املتاعب؟‬ ٍ ‫ نصيحة فعّ الة‬20 ‫إليك‬

‫ليللىطيعفلوةي‬ ‫بيتوتيّة هادئة‬

‫أعيش حياة‬

‫أتقمص دور النجمة خارج االستوديو‬ ّ ‫وال‬

‫ هل‬...‫النشويات‬ ‫هي صديقتك أم عدوتك؟‬

‫متى‬ ‫يجب‬ ‫أن تتوقّ في‬ ‫عن شرب‬ ‫القهوة؟‬

February 2014

‫جرّ بي اسرتاتيجيات‬ ‫اخلرباء لتنعمي‬ ‫بزواج أكرث سعادة‬

‫ال تتجاهلي هذه األعراض‬ ‫لئال تتحوّ ل إىل مشاكل خطرية‬


5:2 ‫حمية‬ ‫هل هي‬ ‫مفيدة حقاً؟‬


‫غيّري‬ ‫كلماتك‬ !‫لتتغيّر حياتك‬


‫طرق لتتذكّ ري‬ ّ ‫األمور‬ ‫بكل‬ ‫تفاصيلها‬


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Interview with Life & Style Show PR Manager

James and Anas met with Andreia Brazier’s PR manager at the Life & Style Show and in December they ran an ‘ASK THE EXPERT’ interview with her. The interview which was published in January in GHA has been added to her A1 Life Style website which is attracting a lot of visitors each month, increasing awareness of our magazine.

GHA was media partner at Bride and Beyond Beauty Arabia

Good Health Arabia was a media partner at Bride and Beyond Beauty Arabia a combined event 12th – 15th November. Bride is the biggest and largest bridal and fashion products and services consumer event in the UAE and Middle East with fashion shows and exhibition of bridal wears. Beyond Beauty Arabia is ‘the ultimate ladies day out for beauty and spas.’ The magazines were on display in

2 excellent locations and hundreds of copies of the magazines were taken from the media stands. The exhibition was definitely geared towards affluent brides with a lot of Arabic dresses and Arab women attending, the perfect audience for the magazine.



w u K

1st Annual Kuwait Surgical Society Meeting

Under the patronage of the Minister of Health, Good Health Arabia participated in the 1st Annual Kuwait Surgical Society Meeting in a very well organized event at Salwa Al Sabah Hall.

GHA Media sponsored FIGHT FAT 2

Good Health Arabia was the Media Sponsor of the 2nd Fight Fat Campaign and Exhibition at Mall 360. A very successful event where the magazine was introduced to professionals and readers and helped spread awareness on the dangers of obesity

The circle of Kindness We all have the power to make the world - a kinder and a more positive place. All we need is a little nudge, a shot of confidence and a smile that can carry our message across. This was what we set off to give people at Alnowair’s & Asnan Cares’ (A CSR initiative by Asnan Tower) latest installation at the Qout Market. We would like to thank the wonderful team at Asnan Tower and all volunteers for their support.

Has a compliment ever made your day? You have the opportunity NOW to make someone else's day!

Karma Kandara

Bali Indonesia

Karma Kandara epitomizes the Karma Resorts private pool villa resort experience. Internationally renowned as the place to be on Bali’s Bukit Peninsula, or ‘Billionaire’s Row’, Karma Kandara’s two-, three- and four-bedroom private pool villas are an ideal choice for friends, family and incentive group gatherings, successfully redefining the luxury travel lifestyle experience. Bali is one of 18,000 unique islands that is the Indonesian archipelago. Attracting families with children of all ages who are interested in exploring the island’s volcanic lakes, spectacular rice terraces, tropical beaches and ancient temples as well as authentic cultural experiences, Karma Kandara’s unique location provides easy access to authentic Balinese dances and elaborate religious festivals.

Conveniently situated just -40minutes from the international airport, -20minutes to Uluwatu Temple, one of Bali’s most important cultural destinations, and 10 minutes to an 18 hole championship golf course, Karma Kandara is an ideal family friendly holiday location from which to explore the island.

Karma Resorts hand-picked both of its Bali properties, Karma Kandara and Karma Jimbaran, partly due to idyllic island temperatures that range between 20 to 33 degrees Celsius (68 to 93 degrees Fahrenheit) year-round. Karma Resorts’ staff exudes Bali’s authentic island warmth with welcoming smiles and gracious hearts; helping to create a melting pot of culture, beauty and excitement. Contributed by: Samer Mourad

New Members

Dear Team, Lets welcome new staff Members to our expanding Kuwait's Lulua Family.

Rami Tarakji

Alia Abou El Fath

joined as Group HR & Admin. Manager

joined as Youth Development Program Manager at Alnowair

Ahmed Younis

Dana Mohsen Ismail

joined as Volunteer Coordinator at Alnowair

joined as Social Media Coordinator at GHA


The Definition of a Champion Motivational Montage

The world's best athletes reveal what it takes to achieve greatness. Go behind the scenes for an inspirational inside look at the unrelenting focus and dedication these athletes use to realize their athletic dreams.

Runtastic Pedometer Every person should walk 10,000 steps per day. How many steps are you walking? Runtastic Pedometer keeps track of every step you take and lets you see whether you reach 10,000 steps/day as recommended.

Waze Social GPS, Maps & Traffic Waze is a fun, community based mapping, traffic & navigation app, 70 million strong. Join forces with other drivers nearby to outsmart traffic, save time & gas money, and improve everyone's daily commute. recommended.

h t n o M g n i Upcom ! s p e e P y Birthd

rch th Rami Tarakji - 9 Ma

th arch Jacquelyn Cargado - 17 M

rd arch Zeina El Bitar - 23 M

th arch Alia Abou Elfath - 25 M

th arch Anas Shaherli - 28 M

Amazing Ideas

Door of Swatches

We Congratulate Wilfred, last month’s mind boggling winner!, Last month’s answer :


How can a pants pocket be empty & still have something in it?

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