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An Amazing First Year Supporter Update 2014

The Lullaby Trust has set a target of halving Sudden Infant Death by 2020.

The Future is Definitely Brighter Welcome to The Lullaby Trust Supporter Update. This year the charity has been through an exciting period of change, relaunching in April 2013 and adopting a new name and refreshing our image. Our new identity has been effective in helping us reach more parents and health professionals with our safer sleep messages and continue working towards our goal of halving sudden infant death by 2020.

The Lullaby Trust ➤ Set up 1971 as The Foundation for the Study of Infant Deaths (FSID)

SIDS Today Over 600 seemingly healthy babies die suddenly and unexpectedly in the UK each year. Half of these tragic deaths are eventually explained but for the remaining 300 no cause is found; this is what’s called Sudden Infant Death Syndrome or SIDS (sometimes referred to as ‘cot death’). ➤ SIDS claims the lives of five babies every week ➤ The current unexplained infant death rate in the UK is higher than

much of Western Europe ➤ An infant placed on their front is up to 10 times more likely to die of SIDS than an infant placed on their back ➤ Babies born to young parents (under the age of 20) are 2.5 times more likely to die suddenly and unexpectedly than those born to parents aged 25 – 35 ➤ Around 90% of SIDS deaths happen in the first 6 months of life

by a bereaved grandparent ➤ Invested over £11m on research projects ➤ Helped to reduce SIDS by 70%, following ‘Back to Sleep’ campaigns ➤ Estimated to have saved more than 20,000 babies’ lives

“ I am proud to be an ambassador for The LullabyTrust because of their commitment to provide every family with the very best advice on baby sleep and for the lifeline they offer to bereaved parents. “ As a mother I understand how worrying the risk of sudden infant death can be so the work of The Lullaby Trust is invaluable. I hope the new name and image will create greater awareness, meaning more people get practical advice and vital listening support when they really need it.” - Emilia Fox, Lullaby Trust Ambassador

Supporting Bereaved Parents The Lullaby Trust is dedicated to supporting families and one of our key changes this year was the creation of a dedicated bereavement support Helpline. We now have one Helpline offering listening support solely for those coping with bereavement and another for those seeking advice and information. Over 900 people have contacted our Helpline for bereavement support and we have distributed over 19,000 bereavement support leaflets since April 2013. We are very proud of the work we have done in connecting families who have called our Helpline with our Befrienders, who are themselves bereaved parents, grandparents and siblings. As well as phone support families met Befrienders and Lullaby Trust staff in person at eight Family Days held across the country. This year we also celebrated 25 years of our Care of Next Infant Programme (CONI) with our patron, HRH The Duchess of Gloucester. CONI supports parents who have experienced a sudden infant death before, during and after the birth of a new baby.

“Within the year following my daughter Karma’s death I slowly began to grieve. One day I felt down and called The Lullaby Trust where I spoke to Marcia. It was so helpful just to speak to someone who had no idea of my life or situation and could just listen. At times I wouldn’t even say much, I’d just think or cry. I only called twice but being able to call The Lullaby Trust really helped.”

- Zoe

Since April 2013...


people contacted our bereavement support Helpline, that’s 132 more than the previous year


people received tailored support on the CONI programme


of those did so for the first time



received our bereavement support leaflets, that’s 15,000 more than last year

people were matched with Befrienders

Safer Sleep Our new identity has seen more parents and professionals turn to The Lullaby Trust for advice this year. Over 1,800 people have contacted our information Helpline and we have distributed over 300,000 leaflets to parents. Our Regional Development Officers, working with healthcare professionals to spread the safer sleep message have given talks and presentations all over the country. We were also pleased to partner with parenting club Bounty for the first time. Together we will reach 762,000 new parents every year with a brand new safer sleep leaflet, generously funded by the Gro Company, and distributed inside Bounty New Born packs.

Since April 2013 we have distributed...


safer sleep guides for parents, that’s 183,037 more than the previous year


safer sleep guides for professionals

Looking Forward: Reaching Young Parents and Vulnerable Babies Tragically, teenage parents in the UK are 2.5 times more likely to have a baby die suddenly and unexpectedly than those over 20. Over the next three years, funding from The Big Lottery Fund will help us reach an estimated 4,500 teenage parents by training and supporting a group of young mothers and fathers who will develop and deliver talks to other young parents across London. This pilot project will run alongside our award-winning website which is dedicated to the questions and concerns of young parents and provides a unique peer support system. With this online provision and outreach work we aim to help dramatically improve the life chances of vulnerable babies in the capital. With more funding we hope to access other parts of the country with this project in future.

“As Chairman of the Board of Trustees I am very excited to see The Lullaby Trust enter this new phase. I find it very encouraging that we are reaching more parents than ever before with our safer sleep message and bereavement support. As Trustees, we hope to build on this momentum in order to achieve our goal to reduce sudden infant death.”

- Terry Hebden

How You Have Helped

Your Time

Relaunching a charity is no small task and we could not have done it without our supporters. Companies helped with free design and legal work and individuals gave their time, money and voice to the charity. Here are just a few examples:

Hundreds of individuals raise funds for The Lullaby Trust by taking part in sporting challenges and organising their own events. Each year we hold two major fundraising events, In for a Penny, In for a Pound and Mile in Memory, both of which bring supporters together in aid of the charity while raising awareness and funds for our cause.

Your Voice

The Lullaby Trust is a small charity with a big voice, dedicated to keeping infant health high on the agenda. With the help of supporters who responded to our call to action we recently helped to deliver two significant campaigning successes.

Smoking in Cars We lobbied MPs to vote in support of a ban on smoking in cars carrying children. Research consistently demonstrates that maternal smoking during and after pregnancy increases the risk of SIDS occurring, so we were delighted that MPs voted in favour of a ban earlier this year.


“In 2013 I completed 15 events totalling 140 miles for The Lullaby Trust. I did this because in March 2004 my partner and I lost our son, Charlie, after just 20 days. As 2014 is the 10th anniversary of my son’s passing, I wanted to continue raising awareness and contribute to the fantastic work taking place at The Lullaby Trust. The charity is very close to my heart. During the long periods of soul searching over the past decade, I was always able to rely on The Lullaby Trust as a source of great support.” - Abs

The Lullaby Trust and supporters were also pivotal in convincing The Office of National Statistics to continue publishing data on unexplained deaths in infancy. The ONS proposed to stop publishing data on the number of infant deaths which are central to the work of the charity. Following your calls, letters and emails we are thrilled to see the statistics were saved. “These annual statistics on unexplained deaths in infancy enable us to promote our work and raise awareness of the continuing risk of SIDS. The data is also central to monitoring our goal of halving deaths by 2020. We were delighted that these statistics will continue to be published and would like to thank our supporters for their help in responding to the ONS last year.” We will continue to use our voice to lobby decision makers; you can join us in petitions and online action to make a real difference.” - Francine Bates OBE, Chief Executive

Your Donations The Lullaby Trust does not currently receive any government funding and relies solely on the generosity of individual supporters, trusts and foundations and our corporate partners. Thanks to the hundreds of people who give regularly by direct debit or through their payroll giving scheme, we can plan ahead to meet the continuing demand for our free helplines, information and publications. Thanks to big fundraising campaigns, such as the recent Big Give Christmas Challenge 2013, we are able to dedicate funding to our services. Over 200 supporters rushed online to donate to The Lullaby Trust in December helping to raise £60,000 in support of bereaved families. If you would like to support our work, get involved in an event or sporting challenge simply visit our website or email

Financial activity

What your donation could do

for the year ended 30 June 2013

➤ £5 could pay for an information pack to raise awareness of our safer sleep

It has been a tough year but despite the on-going economic downturn the charity’s total income for the last audited financial year July 2012 – June 2013 was almost £1.3m. We work hard to use all our funds wisely, for example using pro bono legal services and with the help of volunteers wherever practical. Individuals £920,329 (73%) Bank interest £12,463 (1%)

Total Income


messages among teenage parents ➤ £50 could allow a family of 4 to go to one of our family days out, helping bereaved families get together in a friendly and informal environment to share experiences and gain strength from each other ➤ £550 could train bereaved parents who wish to support other families as Befrienders in the future ➤ £5,000 could cover the cost of trained advisers on the Helpline for 2 months, providing a lifeline for bereaved families

Shop £9,828 (1%) Charitable Activities £44,518 (4%) Trusts £58,212 (5%) Companies £213,635 (16%)

Information, support and research £846,660 (58%) The Lullaby Trust continues to support research in order to investigate the causes of sudden infant death and how to prevent it occurring. We currently support five research projects including one at Great Ormond Street Hospital.

Direct fundraising £115,149 (8%) Spent to raise more funds

Total Expenditure


Indirect fundraising £407,451 (28%) Overheads and staffing

Monitors and Sundry £76,935 (5%) Governance £11,851 (1%)

Thank You “We are so grateful to our supporters for sticking with us and having the vision to embrace these changes. We really could not continue our work without their incredible support.” - Francine Bates OBE, Chief Executive

Our expenditure was £1,458,000 – the deficit being funded from our reserves to maintain our vital support services.

Legacies: Leave a gift of hope The Lullaby Trust believes that every parent should be free from the fear of sudden infant death. Leaving a gift to us in your Will could make a real difference to the amount of research we can fund and could help us get closer to finding out why five babies a week die suddenly, without warning. After a baby dies families are devastated by grief and without the comfort of answers families often struggle to come to terms with things. Your legacy could help provide listening support in this desperate situation and some relief to those in need of a sympathetic Befriender. It really is a special way of supporting those affected by sudden infant death syndrome. To find out more please contact The Lullaby Trust fundraising department on 020 7802 3201 or email

Contact Us The Lullaby Trust 11 Belgrave Road, London, SW1V 1RB Office: Fundraising: Bereavement support:

020 7802 3200 020 7802 3201 0808 802 6868

Email: Visit our website:

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Lullaby supporter Update  
Lullaby supporter Update  

We take a look at our amazing first year as The Lullaby Trust and the impact of our work since relaunch in April 2013.