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Learning Portfolio

By Lu Li

Starting Concept • Changes in shapes in terms of size and position creates a dialog of comparison • Lines that interact in a 3 dimensional space create a illusion of space and distance.

Expansion of Concepts • The boundary of lines and surface becomes blur. Surface is created by lines. Also pattern indicates space, boundary, change • More lines. Repetition but varies in position, size. Lines forms surface and structure that is visually attractive

Expansion of Concepts -- 2 • Open a geometric form, deform it, replace parts. Creates opening, communication between open space and contained space. • Repetition of elements. discipline and simplicity creates complexity. Overlapping and multiple layers creates illusion of distance, and also maximize space usage

Problem solving & concept combining • Three dimensional grid. Inspired by complex urban skyline/rooftops and also the deformation of grid because of hills. Movie “Cube” • Expansion of deformation of geometric shape and multiply the shape. However lack of communication of space. Openness?

Problem solving & concept combining • Open up space and duplicate layers and dimension. Managing elevation in order to create a dialogue between shapes • Deform geometric form. Mirror image being displaced. Complete openness. Adjustable, experimental

Result of problem solving • Complexity in layers, elevation, three dimensional grid, interaction between lines and surface, open and enclosed space. Considering the actual site it is designed to compliment rectilinear structures but upgrade the structure into a more interesting dialogue

Upgrade the complexity • Complex three dimensional grid • Direct energy flow • Pattern creates unity • Complicity in layers • Focus on connection between open and closed space • Self Question if the design process is too defined and controlled that reduce possibilities of ideas. Stubborn?

Dramatic change in method • Experiment with less controlled design process. • Focus on the concept of three dimensional grid, expand layers, change solidity, pattern, position, material, linearity. • Focus on the dialogue between closed and open space, defined by solidity of layers.

Design content • Three dimensional grid inspired by elevation of grid and deformation of grid. • Warehouse ideality: lines and surface interact refer to steel and brick structure. Rectilinear shape and deformation refer to the sense of abandoned. • Focus on the transformation and communication between closed and open space. Reference of the crowded hill side and openness of the shore.

Learning from design content and experiment design • Change in form brings intensity and diversity into the design, change of rhythm. • Breaking a habit can bring new ideas into the development. • More complex involvement in term of three dimensional grid. Keep the concept of deformation of rectilinear elements. Need to find solution in spacial transformation between open and closed space.

Learning Portfolio 2010 fall  

Architecture design studio