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Applications are now OPEN! be part of Model European Union Albania For the first time in Albania! Model European Union Albania (TIRANA) is a project created by a group of YOUTH WORKER gathered under non-governmental organization. JEF ALBANIA CIVITAS ALBANIA EYP-ALBANIA AEGEE-TIRANA What is Model European Union (MEU)? Model European Union 2011 (MEU 2011) is a simulation of the European Union (EU), a project that brings together more than 120 European and Albanian youth in November 8-13, 2011 which will discuss various current topics concerning the EU. For 6 consecutive days participants will have the opportunity to learn about the proceedings of EU and European democratic processes. The main purpose of the conference is a simulation of decision-making process of the EU, mainly concentrated in the usual legislative procedures between the European Parliament and European Council. During the conference the participants will play the roles of Ministers of the Member States of the EU, European Parliament MEPs, lobbyists and journalists. Goals The main topics discussed during the simulation will be: • “The acceleration of the negotiations with Albania and the Western Balkans for being official EU Candidate Countries; opening new negotiation chapters” • Schengen Area • “Common foreign policy of the European Union – an institutional approach” The conference of the Model European Union 2011 is more than simply a process of informal learning focusing on European Union. Participants will have the opportunity to practice and improve their negotiating and English-speaking skills. Above all, they will experience a truly European atmosphere, being in contact with different cultures and disseminating stereotypes and prejudices. Roles' description in the Model European Union Albania 2011 / Conference Council of Ministers Council of Ministers, representatives of 27 countries will gather to discuss and take decisions on policy and legislative initiatives. Ministers during the Council of Ministers who come from various formats will discuss and examine issues that cross at EP. Discussion and decision making will depend on the issue under discussion. In accordance with the technical procedures and legislative decision-making, otherwise known as the co-decision procedure simulated in this model of the European Union, the Council will discuss, will amend and vote in legislative proposals proposed by the European Parliament as an equal legislative entity. Members of the European Parliament MEP Members of the European Parliament are directly elected to represent citizens in various proceedings of European institutions and European Union structures. As in national parliaments, representatives of the EP's work together in parliamentary groupings.

Journalists Professional lobbyists are lawyers who represent interest groups or causes before the lawmaking institutions. The MEU-Albania 2011 application period is now open. The application period will close on September 30th , 2011 at 24.00 CET (12 p.m. GMT+1). No applications submitted after this date shall be considered. The MEUAlbania 2011 Conference will take place from 8th -13th November 2011. In order to successfully complete your application you must: Chair Person: are the persons who chair the meetings. European Council meetings are chaired by the President of the Council of the European Union. The European Parliament plenary session and sessions are chaired by: • President of the Council of the European Union • Vice President of the Council of the European Union • President of the European Parliament • Vice President of the European Parliament • Vice President of the European Parliament General This is the official application for the Model European Union - Albania 2011. In order to participate you will have to cover your travel costs from and to Tirana and pay the participation fee of 65 EUR. The participation includes accommodation, meals, social programme, and transportation in Albania. Citizens (permanent residence) of the European Council are eligible to apply. Applicants must be between 18 and 35 years of age. All fields in the application form must be answered in English, the official language of MEU -Albania 2011. If we received your application, you will receive an automatically generated confirmation. Application Form for Member_of_Parliament Application Form for Minister_of_Council Application Form for Journalist Application Form for Chairperson Application Form for Lobbyist

Contact Mr. Vladimir THANO Head of the MEU ALBANIA 2011 +355662012000

Address: Rruga Bardhok Biba Pall HODO, AP 6 B2 Tirana / Albania Website: Tel +3554 240 023 3

Be part of Model European Union Albania