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Real Writing Jobs is a website that reportedly has a multitude of different writing jobs available for people to pursue. The header of the website reads that jobs are now available worldwide and that no experience is necessary. The home page goes onto say that they currently have more writing jobs than writers and are in need of writers from all over the world. By signing up for their system they claim that you can be making money in your spare time by writing content quickly. The main highlights of why signing up with them would be so beneficial are listed as: >Ability to work from home >Ability to set own hours >Access to work online >Access to preferred topics >Access to an excellent income >Access to new jobs daily 3 Main Types of Real Writing Jobs The first of the three top writing jobs deals with articles and story writing. Jobs like these could range in word counts from 2 or 3 hundred all the way up to multiple thousands of words. Real Writing Jobs reports that they currently have thousands of these types of jobs available and that payment is made for every article written. The second top job type appears to be feedback based about movie scripts and books. This type would seemingly range from including books and eBooks to movie scripts and transcriptions. The way this one works is you provide your feedback and opinion about something and get paid for doing so. The idea behind this type of assignment is that the more people who provide feedback about products and services, the more companies can do to improve and expand their offerings. The last type of job that is highlighted on the Real Writing Jobs website is based on blogging. With this type of assignment one would seemingly go around to predetermined blogs and make posts that are relevant to the topics being discussed. The site states that they work with thousands of blogs and that payment is made on a daily basis. Signing Up With Real Writing Jobs After "signing up" with the website from the homepage, one is led to a page that goes into a bit more detail about what the associated costs are of becoming a member. The site lists the standard membership activation fee as being $9.95, but are offering a special discount of $7.00;

seemingly making the total cost to get started $2.95. In addition to having access to thousands of jobs, Real Writing Jobs claims to offer access to informative books and helpful software to make the whole process that much easier. Upon reading the fine print under the second sign up box; one will find that the $2.95 membership fee is a discounted price for the first month of membership and that every month after the "trial period" ends will require an investment of $47.00. The website does offer a guarantee that is seemingly good for 10 days after the trial period begins and they say that they will refund your $2.95 with no questions asked should you decide that their system is not right for you.

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==== ==== For more information on genuine writing from home opportunities please click here. ==== ====

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