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Whenever we want to come up with a gift for a special person, we try our best to make it the best gift we could possibly give. No matter the occasion or the recipient, the gift is also a reflection of the person who gives it, as well as of the one for whom it is intended. Having all this in mind, I thought that the best gift we could make should be beautiful, sophisticated yet practical, meaningful and of superior quality. Now, that the standards have been set, finding the gift was my main concern. I prepared for a lot of searching, stressful situations and why not, despair. However, to my immense surprise, the search was not at all what I expected it to be. Finding the right gift was easy as "one, two, three": a Murano Italian glass necklace. The second I laid my eyes on a Murano glass heart necklace I knew it would be the best gift I could ever give. Of course, you might say that, first of all, jewels are not for anyone and, second of all, why should Murano Italian glass be that special? Well, indeed, not all gifts should be jewels, but they should be Murano Italian glass objects. And, what's more, Murano Italian glass is very special, for all the following reasons: One, it is meaningful. The history behind any Murano Italian glass object, and especially Murano Italian glass necklaces, is the first aspect to consider. In 1292, Italian glass manufacturers started making some of the most amazing glass objects in the world. Murano was the place where the magic begun. However, Venice was the first place where Murano glass necklaces first came to life. This type of glass has been successfully produced over a period of more than seven hundred years. I'd say that's meaningful enough. Imagine wearing a piece of jewelry with this kind of history! Amazing, isn't it? Two: quality matters a great deal. Unlike other pieces of jewelry, Murano glass necklaces have no lead or nickel in them. So from the start, they are superior in quality. Moreover, they are only made from the best quality materials, following very old traditions that have been standardized according to modern requirements. Third: beauty is never going to be overrated. A Murano glass heart necklace is incredibly beautiful and there is no doubt about that. Diversity, unique design, millions of colors and combinations, great patterns, are just some of the qualities of any Murano glass necklace and the reason why we could never question their beauty. Four: accessories should be equally practical and elegant. Murano glass necklaces are elegant, sophisticated, breathtaking I daresay, yet they can be matched to any outfit. Whether you go shopping or to a fancy dinner party, on a night out with your friends or to a glamorous social event, you can wear this piece of jewelry and know that you will never go wrong. All of the above qualities and many others that you will surely discover make any Murano glass

necklace take your breath away. So, as true as it may be that Murano glass necklaces are not the only perfect gifts out there, they are surely closer to perfection than many others!

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