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шесть соток six hundreds by Konstantin Lukjanov

Посвещаю своей бабушке, Купянской Н.А.

Six hun


600. Шесть соток. Six hundreds of free here is something like: Здесь что-то вроде: «Шесть соток — шетьсот квадратных метров земли. Столько в ссср выдавалось для желающих после основной работы поковыряться в земле, пожарить шашлык, но конечно прежде всего поковырятья в земле. Эта дача стала загородным хозяйством для человека и стала полем практических экспериментов. Первые предвестники «частничества» и «собственничества» — кооперативы — появилсь именно в сочетании со словом «дачный». Другой важный фактор формирующий облик дач стало ограничение в строительстве: этажность — 1; и материал — не камень. Влиял и общий дефицит всего: как материалов для сторительства так и обыкновенных бочек. Конечно туда свозилась старая мебель и старый хлам   — бумаги там ненужные... да в основном бумаги. Хлам по осени сжигали   — вместе с высохшими грушёвыми и яблоневыми ветками, а в золе пекли картошку и от того может быть что осень снова — было невыносимо грустно прощаться и теперь уже навсегда, с каким-нибудь конечно совершенно бесполезным, но тем быть может и дорогим бесконечно — элементом хлама.

600. Dacha.

nature; leaves it to take a part in the creation.

Six hundreds of free.

This illustrates well of how the humility brakes the limits meaning them as a dream.

The idea of this project came to me in city of

I'll make a suppose that dacha has a big role in

Saint-Petersburg in 2005 and have been done

forming of character of soviet and postsoviet,

in area of town of Torzhok between 2006–2010.

russian human: limited but assiduous,

There, by my grandmother, was my juvenility.

unassuming and bright!

Them I devote it.

I found that this way can be a useful as a creative experience for human at whole.

Ability, the importance of the all of this outside the table and persons of mine, I found in the

The way I did this work is an illustration of this

ethnographically uniqueness of the word ‘dacha’

method as well:

and it's meaning: Small country houses with a private peace of Earth. It is around an every

I wanted to put ‘photo-’ before the word

russian town or a city. Is — a collective ennui for

‘project’ in the beginig, but this is not realy

the previous — pre-collectivisation, agro- epoch.

so, actually — completely not so. All of this

Building of dacha was legibly limited by low: the

have the strict sequence and order which is

each peace of ground is 600 m2, and the house

for a memorable description of my intuition

is wood-made and only one level a must. But

that it may exist and how. Here even a singular

every piece and every house has the unique

step is a pair. And ‘the pair’ is the most main

difference and constructive similarity. A strange

plastical determination. It is the spread. First

piece, a portrait of an owner… but no only.

of all the project is a book. The physical size is

It is an architectural and landscaping

near to 600\600 pt too)). The suppositional

phenomenon with all of psychology meanings.

type of print is offset or may be a photo-. In

Being wobbling around the certain phrases in

this case it is regular to say about number of

low it gave a method of some kind of ‘naturing’

copies and typefaces: The Font. It makes here

creation when the human stays to his needs

the other pair — more principal for the book in

very close, and doesn't even try to excel the

general — the pair with it's absence. This accent

daily reality. This way leaves more space for the

makes relationships architectural, approxequal

to doors and walls in regular house. There are

Epoch and lows are changed. For these days

a little of letters in here and I did them much

people can be registered for housing on the

less. Photos. There are a lots of them in here.

Dacha — it received a regular home status. The

Spatially a Photo is a hole In the area of the

territory of dacha is in the first available distance

house of the book. So in all architectural it is

from the permanent living so a man is getting

the some kind of the verandah or hothouse

them to a place for a modern construction. For

happened. I did things that is in every book: the

the other story.

beginning and the end, evolutionary, fading and repeats and pairs...

My grandma is getting older. I very rarely at

Flat grey of middle-russian climate has the most

dacha nowadays. It gives me an outside-sight

lyrical pair — venerian summer-green.

and tourist distance. — This appears to me the

The Reader is able to change the sequence but


here is the value of mine: everything begins with a deep cultivated greens where I did found myself. Every summer — at once. And there are smells. Nothing but smells. The Day. The Day after, the next one and everyone like the before one — this way the ‘after’ comes the same — at once. The sky gets absolute transparency... like everything was nothing and was it ever? It began actual that in past were sounds. Evo­ lution from buzz of bee to a rustle of frail dry leaf. And every pixel noises to be counted: it is, it was... And the space… The same it comes and it is a white space in this universary. But it generates back. At once. Again.

Me, the author, Lukjanov Konstantin


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