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Body Colour Bumpers ¥ Power Steering ¥ Immobiliser Side Impact Beams ¥ 3 Year/100 000km Warranty

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Body Colour Bumpers ¥ Power Steering ¥ Immobiliser Side Impact Beams ¥ Air Conditioning 3 Year/100 000km Warranty


GMSA Financial Services – A division of WesBank – A division of FirstRand Bank Ltd. An Authorised Financial Services & Credit Provider. NCRCP20.


Still the number 1-selling light commercial vehicle in the country (NAAMSA) Get it now! Deposit: 0 ¥ Number of Payments: 72¥ Linked Interest Rate: 17.5% Final Payment: R31 500 ¥ Retail Offer: R90 000 Total Amount Repayable: R162 850 Monthly Service Fee of R57 excluded Initiation Fee of R1 140 included in monthly payment

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Review Unlike the title of their chart topping single, “That’s Not My Name”, The Ting Tings is a name you’re not likely to forget anytime soon. Made up of Manchester based Jules De Martino and Katie White, this indie-pop pair have had massive success with their debut album We Started Nothing charting at No. 1 in the UK. Their unique combination of frivolous lyrics and their distinctive beat will have you jamming both in the clubs and the privacy of your own home. Keep an eye out for soon to be hits “We Started Nothing” and “Keep Your Head”. All things considered, it looks like this duo is here to stay. We

Started Nothing The Ting Tings

The opening three songs (“Closer”, “Crawl” & “Sex on Fire”) on the latest offering by the Kings of Leon hum greatness. Unfortunately, the next eight sigh from average to only good. The album, overflowing with simple, folksy rock-ballads, sees a tightness and maturity missing from Kings’ previous releases. However, Caleb’s haunting vocals and Nathan’s superb drumming create a warm and intimate feel, resulting in a pleasing and comfortable listen. In order to gain this they’ve lost a little of the exciting edge that created the original Only By The Night fuss about them! Nevertheless, this is a solid album that will be betKings Of Leon ter appreciated with age. After exploding onto the scene out of nowhere with her first single “Kissed A Girl”, Katy Perry diffuses the notion that she may only be a one-hit-wonder by following up this single with a couple of very upbeat and catchy tunes. Her second studio album, One of the Boys, is mostly in-your-face attitude, with the one or two obligatory ballad style tracks. Look out for tracks Ur So Gay and Hot ‘N Cold, Which also promise to rock the airwaves. Those who enjoy the likes of Pink and Avril Lavigne will love this album. It’s nothing that hasn’t been done before, but it’s easy to listen to and it’s guaranteed that you’ll be singing along in no time.


One of the Boys Katy Perry


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The upper hand @ Upper Level. Set in the beautiful University town of Stellenbosch, Springboks @ Upper Level is Likely to be the most equipped lifestyle entertainment venue Stellenboschs’ nightlife has to offer. Offering a wide variety of entertainment from the best DJ’s to a relaxed pool bar and foosball area. You won’t be disappointed. Hosting both social games of poker between friends, to pool and foosball competitions we cater for everyone. And for the Rugby fanatics no matter the day of 9 week or time of the morning the Rugby 1the Clubs comes first.


Hosting Stellenbosch’s first foosball league with competitions taking place once a months with our three brand new Garlando Tables freshly imported from Italy. So if u up for a quick game there should always be someone to join or enough tables to play without having to wait. Where one doors closes another one opens. Upper Level will be continuing the tradition of bad habits die hard with the revival of Pig’s Night on Tuesday in Upper Level @ Springbok Pub. R60 for the Guys and R50 for the ladies, drink your favourites absolutely FREE from 10-12pm. JUG NIGHTS is the best invention since brandy its slef, pay R50 for a 2 litre jug full of brandy and coke, what a bargain. So you better join us for this one. JUG NIGHTS will official commence on the 23rd of October, it’s a Thursday.


Jug Nights - R50 for jug of double Brandy/ Vodka/ Cane and mix OR Cocktail Jug (Starts 21:00 till 01:00) Tuesaday: Pig’s Night

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31st of October CL event with Distell. Drinks compliments of Distell. Naturally hot girls 10 2































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Models: Andre’, Mari, Hannah Photography: Francios Stylists: Mimi & Jani Art direction: Luke & David Special thanks to the Klein Libertas for the location No humans where hurt during the shoot







MUSE MANAGEMENT 107 Victoria Junction, Gate 1 Prestwich Street Greenpoint, Cape Town Tel: 087 722 6371 Fax: 086 503 0322 DonnĂŠ Pienaar: 084 844 7035 Mark Le Grange: 082 066 3917

If you feel you have what it takes to be a Model, Actor or Commercial Character then embrace this prospect by entering our Muse of the Month competition in CL Mag and stand a chance to be scouted and managed by The Muse Team. The Monthly Winner will be chosen according to votes, so make sure to join the Facebook group and start marketing your attributes. Having your portfolio created and managed by us will ensure that you are marketed on a supremely professional level.



g y every thin Don’t cop e th you see on s n Simpso

Street art in its raw essence is all about leaving the individual’s mark in the urban environment and demarcating territory. It serves as a trace of existence, to taunt and humour the public as well as to liberate, by forcing the public to become aware of and interact with the world around them - DH “My intention was simply to speak out through imagery, to address the collective with a commentary on love and hate, life and death. I highlight the finer things in life by covering the walls with images that delight in distracting passers-by from their own concerns.” – Blek

As I started to write this article, I realize how apprehensive I was to discuss it as I am clueless about this art form. Stencil art, street art, graffiti, vandalism – call it what you want, but it remains to be a form of expression, some-

thing many find hard to comprehend these days. The truth is, I have never looked at a stencil and felt that pang of guilt or loss or anger or whatever it is the creator is trying to convey. There are, surely, many reasons for this. Perhaps I am just not creatively inclined, or, maybe the signs and slogans painted in obscure places to promote or support some personal conviction never spoke to me personally. Blek Le Rat. Does that name mean anything to you? Probably not. Those who do will tell you that the man is regarded as the Father of stencil art. He writes on his website (www. that: “1981 to 1983 was the beginning of the stencil graffiti art. I had the idea to use stencil to make graffiti for one reason. I did not want to imitate the American graffiti that I had seen in NYC in 1971 during a journey I had done over there. I wanted to have my own style in the street... I began to spray some small rats in the streets of Paris because rats are the only wild living animals in cities and only rats will survive when the human race will have disappeared and died out.“ He is still active today at the age of 47 and now brings his son along on the missions with him. He does amazing work, such as the piece he did on Florence Aubenas, a French journalist from the newspaper “Liberation” who was kidnapped in Iraq on the 5th of January 2005 and released in June. I believe it is safe to say that most stencil artists use him as a motivator and muse. His work is that of tribute and activism, and he has a strong anti-corporate undertone in most of his pieces. Much like many other artists and their pieces, they lure one into wanting to find out more. I found myself becoming more intrigued. 38


To furthe r your kn owledge o has not be n a topic en that copy, visit documented much in w website th ww.woostercollecti hard at ve world. Th looks at street art a .com, a round the e amazing thing abo the huma ut this site nity and p is assion the subject an y have fo d the peo r the ple. For e ings by G xample, p era aintand others ld Laing, Speto, Tit i Freak were tagg ed/destro Pixadores. yed by th A e stormed th lso, the group of 3 0P e Choque Cultural G ixadores Paulo, in pro allery, Sa o institution test against the “m arketing, alization a nd domest Street Art ication of ” Then there is cil, banksy the other legend o f ( ). Visit his si stenhe does is te, what truly ama zing. The probably thing that encapsula tes Banksy juxtaposi best is his tion with the a stance, he does not se rt world. For inll his art in believing rather tha galleries, t art is the a reflectio re to be se n of socie en, ty, and in his case, o n

ely extrem e d n u o th ight s le, bu This m ly is a litt entary . l l e w robab omm ty as socie ious, and p is social c ‘I will not at t y s n lled s’, th prete off. Bank ece ca Simpson i p t i s i s e th is h Sten pull est. It ng I see on world of b s t peek i at rythi xplore the re I could y. e v e . He to e copy e wa ebsite ed me uniqu inspir h and his w orld in a c tw rnacilbos stencil ar rt inte what a l e i h c t n f into of ste asp o a tour I have a gr ent the g n i k like , I sp enbosch ter ta So af nd feeling rcurrent is ll a e he Ste nd it l d t a fi rt un decipher tion a t o l i n c id o en the st ek trying t . Sadly, I d as not the il. w e c et last w r ’s minds e problem ake a sten ht e h m l i i T c o . at m g ing sy t sten terest latively ea ontent. Th d and n i y r c re ve ne as the desig y; it’s hen qualit problem w e who has ologies. W n e p s, a o h u t y o y , an m No nsci ude to a stencil – are self-co the private r m e se er ils in red ov out it, stenc are created o out in labou ab at og

So t inks ks th an one th eived wor or studio. he Americ iously c e n m d o ser o n t s h fi i r s n prec u k e to th of yo e wor space bosch only ent in thes l n a e v l l e pr Ste lity so menta tening. ar dishe


The street is a unique and powerful platform; a frontline on which artists can express themselves, transmitting their personal visions directly to the public at the same level as official messages. No other art form interacts in this way with our daily lives using our urban space as its surface. DH We live in a land which boasts such a rich culture, heritage, tradition, etc. Everyone has, in some way or another, been affected or influenced by the likes of apartheid, the diverse culture, corruption, senseless murder and so forth. Come on, the president of our ruling party went through highly

controversial trials for corruption! There is an endless pit of social commentary waiting to be exploited by the frustrated artistes of our time. And yet, all I stumbled across were rants aimed at global themes. It seems the only person taking a bold stance these days is Zapiro, champion of ink. Who would’ve thought that a political party, with the blind support of more than half the nation, would feel so threatened by a single man’s sketch? And you questioned whether the pen is mightier than the sword… tsk tsk. Now you might say that obviously culture-copies exist because they are the result of a natural progression of cultural adaptation. With regards to “street level” art, the one thing that stands out above all is the aggressive anti-capitalist, anti-consumerist, activist mentality of it. Artists strive to create something that speaks independently – a unique take on life. So why are our artists so silent, why do they persist in creating art that hardly makes a statement other than, “I’m bored and uncreative.” Herein lays the crux of the issue: we have a rather ironic and mindless plagiarist mentality that only supports the argument that students are not connected with the world outside of their comfort zone. I did find a beam of light in the most unexpected of places. At the bottom of the well-walked Victoria Street, there is a collection of abandoned shops. These shops are boarded up and derelict, but the walls inside are covered in stencils and graffiti that are fresh and creative. Someone was pissed off. To whom we owe the thanks is largely unknown, but perhaps these people are realizing there is always an empty canvas, somewhere. Or maybe I’m just like everyone else – standing in the periphery hoping for someone else to say what we’re all thinking.



{60 for 2} Spiced Chicken Wraps with Coriander and Bulgarian Yoghurt.

Budgeting on a student allowance tends to leave splashing out on healthy and fresh food rather low on the priorities list. There are just so many more important expenses to support our lavish lifestyles! No one is denying the pleasure and satisfaction a franchise burger can bring, but for the same price you could have a homemade meal that is far more nutritious, quick to prepare and just as good. An initial investment is needed for kitchen essentials and flavouring ingredients (such as spices and herbs) but it is when you have stock of the staples that home cooking becomes noticeably cheaper. I have found the most cost effective way to maintain kitchen supplies is to pay regular visits to the parents with a few friends (preferably digs mates who will also benefit from the robbery). The middle-aged love to chat to young students and while your 27

buddies are engrossed in flattering conversation with mother dearest about the assured direction their studies have brought to their lives, it is time for you to sneak off to the pantry with a bag to fill. This method has worked perfectly every time, although I sincerely hope that Mavis’ absence has no correlation to the missing bottle of extra virgin olive oil. If you happen to have some moral issue with stealing from your parents however, it is going to be costly to buy the initial supplies but well worth it in the long run. When buying spices it is recommended you visit small local suppliers, such as Radi’s in Bird Street, as opposed to supermarkets, as not only are they superior in quality, variety and authenticity but are much cheaper. Experiment with your own spice blends, they are so versatile and can transform any bland ingredient into aromatic decadents or at least make it more interesting.

In a frying pan, heat the oil on a medium to high heat (that’s probably about number 5 on an electric stove and ¾ towards full on gas), get the pan hot as you want a golden colour on the meat. Combine all the spicing, rub it onto the chicken breasts and season thoroughly. Fry the breasts for about 4-5 min on each side. Remove from the pan and rest the meat for at least 5min before slicing into 2cm thick slices. Mix the yoghurt and coriander leaves. The rolling process might be a familiar one to you, only now on a bigger scale, but apply same concept: grab a wrap, place a mix of the salad ingredients just off centre, add seasoning, top with a few slices of chicken and a good few spoons of the yoghurt. Tuck the short side in, pull the contents tight and roll towards the longer end.

½ teaspoon ground coriander seeds ½ teaspoon ground cumin 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon ½ teaspoon ground star anise Salt and Pepper 4 large chicken breasts 15ml cooking oil Fresh coriander, chopped 200ml Bulgarian yoghurt 50g cherry tomatoes, halved 2 spring onions, sliced Mixed salad leaves 4 Tortilla wraps


FOTO NA DANS Q - How were you (behaved) in school ? A - I was very naughty at school, ek het baie kak aangejag. My friendship ring was not the best, and like many other kids my age, we were misbehaving and drinking long before we were 18. During high school something big happened to me that made me realise I must make a drastic change in my life. Q - How did you act upon that? A - I had felt that there was a change due in my life, and this event was almost like the catalyst that made me step up to the plate and make a conscious effort to enforce that positive change. Straal, track 7 off the EP is loosely based on that “next step” one must take at a point in your life. Q - That sounds like you were forcing yourself to change? A - I suppose to enforce this change I over-compensated and did stuff I wouldn’t usually do to ‘announce’ this change. I realised that I had to make a bold statement in order for people to take this change seriously, and to know that this was a positive change in my life. It’s made me the person I am today, and I’m very glad for it. Q - And when did you first pick up a guitar? A - I guess around Std. 7. My neighbours at that time were two crazy brothers, and the older brother played the guitar. Not an acoustic, he played an electric, loud and blaring! Q - Did it piss you off? A - Ja! At first I was irritated, but then I was baffled at these sounds coming from his room. The whole idea of playing an instrument and creating something fascinated me, since at that point I didn’t have any other creative outlet like drawing, etc.

Q&A With Le Roi


“When my girlfriend and I were out and we had to communicate, we would mouth words and use gestures. People really looked at us in a weird way and pointed as if there was something wrong with me.”


Q - Your first public performance? A - John Haveman, who now sings and plays guitar in Flux in Motion, approached me to play More Than Words by Extreme with him at our school’s talent show. Initially, I wasn’t keen, but he convinced me to come over to his house that afternoon to give it a try. We weren’t friends at all at that point, but somehow we just clicked when we practiced the track. That was the first time when music established a connection between me and another person. Q - Now recently the doctors told you that you can’t speak for a month in order to heal the infection on your vocal chords. What did you expect from the month ahead of you and how did you approach the vocal sabbatical? A - At first, it didn’t seem realistic. I couldn’t possibly envision myself staying silent for a month. I thought it was a joke, and I asked the doctor, ‘How on earth can I function without speaking?!’ He bluntly answered, ‘Well, you’re not the first. Get yourself a notepad.’ Unfortunately, the only way for my vocal ability to function properly again meant that I had to not say a word for a month. So my notepad never left my side. Q - I can imagine being without your voice can make you feel a bit useless. A - Yes, definitely! When my girlfriend and I were out and we had to communicate, we would mouth words and use gestures. People really looked at us in a weird way and pointed as if there was something wrong with me. Q - Since you couldn’t speak, weren’t your interactions with others interesting? A - Oh yes, definitely. Every time I wanted to say something, I would have to remain quiet and start writing. Because of this, you find yourself first reasoning as to whether what you have to say is important enough. For the first time, I couldn’t just speak freely; it had become an effort to communicate. Q - And then with regards to your own song writing? A - I realised that I would often say things in a more complicated way than was necessary, in a way that made sense to me but not others. My focus changed in the sense that I became more descriptive. Q - The lyric structure on Pantomime Op Herwinbare Klanke seems to have changed since Intervensie. Do think this was a natural progression? A - Yes, it was a natural progression, but myself and Neil (Foto Na Dans’ guitarist) also spoke more about the lyrics and song writing. For Pantomime, we focused on making sure the message or ‘theme’ was carried throughout the whole song. We have totally different approaches to writing, so if we blended our efforts it would result in a more rounded song. Neil is a sub-conscious writer in that he will just start to write and write and write, and then take various segments and piece them together. In the contrary, I would focus on a topic and try dissecting it. Neil just paints the picture immediately, whereas I try visualising the image and then colour it in. Q - What music have you been listening to lately? A - In Rainbows from Radiohead, Neon Bible from Arcade Fire, Narrow Stairs from Death Cab. Also Ratatat and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. Q - I pity the fool who says Foto Na Dans is just another Fokofpolisiekar. Do you think the EP will make people realise this is not the case? A - The thing is, Fokof is the only reference that people have in Afrikaans rock music. If a person listens properly, they would hear that our sound is definitely not Fokof. Q - If the band had never came into your life equation, what would you have wanted to be doing. A - My ideal would be to work with animals. I want to be able to experience as much as possible in life and travel a lot.







As you sit down and connect to the maze of information with the hope of retrieving the required answer, you could be amazed at the incredible extents of this man made creation. Beyond the educationally necessary vast range of academic journals, newspaper articles, reviews, graphics and other cyber leafs, the mere fact that you, in your semi personal space can see all this content at will, is rather extraordinary. And at the forefront of it all is non other than Google, the search engine that takes all this information and makes it universally accessible and useful. Now the ease of access is just splendid. Now combine the power of the worlds leading search engine google, with a simple concept that could save enormous amounts of energy and what do you get? The result is nothing more than amazing. Mind blowing really. The result is Blackle. Blackle was created by Heap Media to remind us all of the need to take small steps in our everyday lives to save energy. Blackle manages to save energy based on the fact that its display is predominantly black and therefore needs less power than your ordinary “white screen search. The beauty is that it’s powered by google custom searches. So if you’re the one to be thinking about this sort of thing, you may be the one who thinks a bit further and considers the implications of all this on this place we call home – our planet Earth. We know we should switch off lights when leaving a room and remember to do the same to chargers when not in use, but do we consider the power usage of the Global Infrastructure? Not only motherboards with dual-processors and the scenery spanning telephone lines, but billion dollar satellites and even more lucrative underwater cables needing constant servicing. The human’s business machine is growing tentacles reaching into the furthest crevices. Fortunately, as proven by the English language, there are always the exceptions. Blackle is one of those exceptions. The premise is simple, but the results are saving our planet. For proof, and an effortless means of helping a cause, just go have a look.

11 37



Friday 31st October at Springboks @ Uperlevel. Free drinks/Promo girls/enough said.

Email “� with your team name, and the names of each member in the team.






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