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University YMCA

Turn in application to box on front desk.

Student Board, Coordinator and Staff Application General Information Name _________________________________________________________________________________ Current address ________________________________________________________________________ City _____________________________________ State _________________ Zip code_______________ Preferred Phone __________________


Permanent mailing address________________________________________________________________ City _____________________________________ State _________________ Zip code_______________ If you will be outside the Twin Cities area during the summer, what date will you be returning?__________

Education Major___________________________________________________ Minor ________________________ Anticipated graduation date _______________________

Time Commitments (outside the University YMCA for 2010-2011) Semester 1

Semester 2

Work (hrs/wk)



School (credits)



Other Activities (hrs/wk)




Positions: Please circle all interested in. Y-Buddies:

Coordinator (3)

V-Staff (10-12)


Coordinator (2-3)

V-Staff (4-5)


Coordinator (4)

V-Staff (20-22)


Coordinator (2)

V-Staff (1-2)


Coordinator (2)


Coordinator (2)

Trip Leader (8-10)

V-Staff (2-3)

Student Board Member (8-10) ** Numbers of Coordinators and V-Staff is subject to change: these numbers are an estimate from previous years

Application Deadlines   

Student Board Friday, March 11th Coordinator Friday, March 25th Staff Friday, April 1st

Time commitment: **Note Times lists are different based on the program, please see ‘Program Descriptions’ for specific program requirements 

Student Board and Coordinators – 15-20 hrs. /wk. (Fall); 10-15 hrs. /wk. (Spring)

V-Staff – 10-12 hrs./wk. (Fall); 5-10 hrs. / wk. (Spring)

Along with your completed application, please write a brief essay (This essay can be as short or long as you need to adequately express your thoughts) addressing the following: 

Your reasons for applying for the position indicated

What experiences, skills and areas of interest you will bring and why you will be a good fit for this position

 How you hope to benefit from this leadership role and what are your current and future personal leadership goals

 Your vision for the program you are applying for in 2011-2012- what you hope to add, change or enhance

Please also answer the following questions on this form. 1. Given your other commitments (school, work, etc.), how will you balance your responsibilities for the year?

2. Attendance is REQUIRED at the U-Y’s Fall Volunteer Staff and Program Retreat, September 9th-11th, 2011. Will you be able to attend this retreat? (Attendance is required for the entire weekend)

3. Attendance is REQUIRED for Student Board and Coordinators at a senior leadership retreat on August 27th, 2011. Will you be able to attend? (This retreat will be about 4 hours in length)

4. Are you willing to be supported, challenged, poked, and pushed, nurtured and respected? Are you prepared to wash out your own coffee cup and help keep the U-Y clean?

Application Deadlines   

Student Board Friday, March 11th Coordinator Friday, March 25th Staff Friday, April 1st

Have you ever pleaded guilty to, or been convicted of, a criminal offense?

Yes _____

No _______

If yes, give dates and circumstances _______________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ Volunteer status with the YMCA of Metropolitan Minneapolis will be contingent on satisfactory clearance of a criminal history record of convictions. A conviction does not serve as an automatic bar to volunteering. The recency and job relatedness of the criminal conviction will be considered in making a decision. I authorize investigation of all statements contained in this application. I understand that misrepresentation or omission of facts may result in dismissal. Further, I understand and agree that my volunteer status is for no definite period, and may be terminated at any time with or without cause, and with or without prior notice. Signature ____________________________________________________ Date _____________________

Thank you for your application! You will be contacted to set up an interview with program staff. Applicants will be evaluated and chosen based on their application, interview and the quality of their work this past year.

Application Deadlines   

Student Board Friday, March 11th Coordinator Friday, March 25th Staff Friday, April 1st

2011-2012 UY Student Leadership Application  

General application form for all v-staff, coordinator, and student board positions. Student Board: Due March 11th Coordinator: Due March...