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BACKGROUND Marks & Spencer is famous for innovation, convenience and the quality of its food, and is often the first place you think of when shopping for a special occasion like a party or picnic. Anyone attending a summer event like Wimbledon or an open air classical concert will be familiar with a sea of M&S cool bags brimming with picnic food. THE CREATIVE CHALLENGE Your brief is to create the ultimate picnic pack. It could be themed around a type of picnic or event, or around the type of food included eg. a romantic first date or anniversary picnic, a Spanish picnic, a picnic for an open air classical concert, a foodie’s gastro picnic etc.

Really well thought out breif, lots of options but one ultimate outcome.

You should include everything needed for the perfect picnic: food (sweet and savoury), drinks, cutlery, plates, napkins etc. Think about the occasion, then devise the menu and decide on the physical packaging for all the food items and design of each item. Consider the overall carrier. It could be a picnic hamper, a cool bag or even just a cardboard box, but it will also need to be designed within the theme.

Don't make it too corporate, it should feel like a treat but have a bit of soul to it.

Consider physical packaging; your design needs to be fit for purpose while creating minimal waste/refuse. The customer should feel like this is a fantastic treat and that M&S have thought of everything to make the occasion perfect. TARGET AUDIENCE

Define your own target audience

We have a wide customer base so you can aim this product at anyone from young, affluent singles or couples, families, older people whose children have left home etc. Consider who your target audience will be and tailor the picnic to that group. * 1 of 2 *

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MANDATORIES Your design must include the M&S logo which is available in the project pack. CONSIDERATIONS Consider print process and number of colours – all packaging should

Specific guidelines, brief aimed at creative image makers. Encouraging teamwork and collaboration.

be printed from a maximum of six colours per item. Consider whether you will use four colour process (plus two specials if needed) or all specials. Bear in mind that M&S is a brand which is known for Quality, Value and Trust and we have a strong eco policy (refer to the Plan A website, so all designs should be true to the brand. Consider teaming up with other students - designers or illustrators. A physical pack designer could team up with a graphic designer - or an illustrator or photographer could be commissioned by a designer to create imagery. Teamwork is not essential but is much more representative of working in a commercial environment. DELIVERABLES, ARTWORK AND ADDITIONAL INFORMATION For guidance on how to submit your work please adhere to the main deliverables information in the Student Awards section of the YCN website. Any additional supporting information referenced in the brief can be found in the supporting project pack on the YCN website –

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We have a wide customer base so you can aim this product at anyone from young, affluent singles or couples, families, older people whose chi...