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* YCN Student Awards 2011/12 *


BACKGROUND The Fedrigoni family has been part of the paper world since 1717, when the San Colombano paper mill was set up in Vallarsa-Rovereto, Italy. Over the years, Fedrigoni have consistently been at the forefront of the paper industry, pioneering the techniques and processes that make paper the beautiful, versatile medium it is. Fedrigoni has been refining the art and science of making fine-quality special papers, producing striking surfaces, tactile textures and vivid colours - paper that can be pressed, bent, cut and folded into almost any form you can imagine. Fedrigoni papers are ultra functional and, at the same time, wonderfully expressive. They can shock and surprise, or soothe and reassure. They can demand your attention or retire gracefully into the background. THE CREATIVE CHALLENGE

The focus on this brief seems to be on a fully integrated marketing strategy, and not graphic design. Is the idea to focus on one deliverable idea, or a range of marketing?

Fedrigoni’s ‘Imaginative Colours’ launched in October 2011. The challenge is to create a campaign which will ensure the entire UK design industry hears about the paper selection tool, and is inspired to use the papers for their very next project! You must create a fully integrated marketing campaign. This may include direct mail, PR, advertising, newsletters or events/promo launch. However, it must showcase paper and its tactile usage so digital is not preferred. Your idea should show how you would promote the ‘Imaginative Colours’ paper selection using various channels to reach our target audience.

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Top fashion labels and boutique publishing houses seems to be the only specifically mentioned target audience yet research indicates they cater for a broader range of design lead clients.§

* YCN Student Awards 2011/12 *

TARGET AUDIENCE Our UK market: top fashion labels, boutique publishing houses, businesses with global reputations to protect and enhance. The people who use our paper are some of the most demanding customers you’ll meet anywhere so it’s no surprise that they expect our paper to perform to some very demanding tasks. ‘IMAGINATIVE COLOURS’ TOOL The tool consists of four fan style paper booklets, divided into sections of: warm, cool and neutral colours. The tool contains a total of 262 samples of paper which enable graphic designers to choose the best shade and or most suitable surface for their next publication, packaging design, brochure, label, etc... CREATIVE REQUIREMENTS We’re after a fully integrated campaign, full of originality. You are free to respond and create communication or content in any combination of mediums you wish. We are open to new ideas, as long as you can fully demonstrate how your work will promote the ‘Imaginative Colours’ tool across numerous channels, you’re well on your way! MANDATORIES Our only stipulation is that you promote and showcase our ‘Imaginative Colours’ range of papers. Remember that while we appreciate we are in a digital age; we are a paper manufacturer and wish to keep this medium alive! SAMPLES We will offer standard packs relating to the ‘Imaginative Colours’ tool. These packs will contain 6 varied sheets of paper. Email: with your address details. RANGE INFORMATION For information about our product ranges visit or visit our London showroom... Fedrigoni Showroom 36-38 Diamond House Hatton Garden London EC1N 8EB. NOTE TO STUDENTS AND TUTORS While Fedrigoni UK has and will continue to support emerging talent, we ask that you do not send additional requests for samples to our extremely busy sample department for anything other than the standard packs. Fedrigoni UK do not require students to use strictly our paper to illustrate ideas. You will not be penalised for using other papers. If your idea is selected, we will of course provide the paper required to produce the promotion. * 2 of 3 *


This is worrying, i would rather have to adhere to strict guidelines, the words 'None really' don't strike me as professional neither do they inspire me.

* YCN Student Awards 2011/12 *

BRAND GUIDELINES None really, our logo can be blue, black or white. Our UK strap line is ‘A place for Paper’, but you don’t have to use it. In addition, any outer packaging design ideas should be in black to match our current materials. DELIVERABLES, ARTWORK AND ADDITIONAL INFORMATION For guidance on how to submit your work please adhere to the main deliverables information in the Student Awards section of the YCN website. Any additional supporting information referenced in the brief can be found in the supporting project pack on the YCN website –

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You must create a fully integrated marketing campaign. This may include direct mail, PR, advertising, newsletters or events/promo launch. Ho...