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* YCN Student Awards 2011/12 *



Understanding of customers habits on a human level. Considerate

In short, sends healthy snacks by post, hence our tagline ‘nature delivered’... We started graze in 2008 as a way of offering office workers a tasty (and nutritious) alternative to those 3pm temptations like crisps and biscuits. Think of us as providing ‘pleasurable health’; we create really tasty, exciting recipes using natural, wholesome ingredients. It’s a win win situation. HOW GRAZE WORKS Grazers choose their favourite food from our range of 100 nutritious

Engagement with the product will help to truly understand it.

Tone of voice isn't all about commercial gain, it seems to be more about making it better for everyone. A collective benefit, sitting somewhere near innocent smoothies.

snacks, we handpick them a box and pop it in the post, first class, straight to their door. Bam. Better snacking is as simple as that. To really get graze you need to try a box so, if you’re not already a grazer, go to and use the code YCNFREE to try one free graze box and another half price. We’re seriously proud of our graze box but 3 years on we think it could be even better. That’s where you come in.


The challenge is a genuine challenge that will need some out of the box thinking!

Part A: The graze box is the embodiment of the graze brand; it’s charming, natural, honest, and premium, but we think it can work even harder and bring more excitement to the food inside and to the brand as a whole. So part A of your challenge is to refresh our graze box. All the surfaces can be changed but the structure (size, shape and the way it’s put together) can’t.

Great opportunity if it the brief is won, a central and intrinsic part of the brand.

Part B: We like our logo, it says friendly and has charm, but we’d love it to be more distinctive and unique. * 1 of 3 *


* YCN Student Awards 2011/12 *

So, part B is to redesign our logo. Make graze stand out from the crowd and better communicate what we are all about. Part C:

This brief is about communication that stands out. A challenge that needs a creative answer.

Part C is a bit different... We want to see how these new elements would work in a direct mail marketing campaign. We see it as a really interesting medium and we’re looking for a creative solution that will stand out from ‘junk mail’ and make people leap onto the internet to sign up. TARGET AUDIENCE

A target audience I have never focused in on, presenting another challenge but a good kind of challenge.

The average grazer is female, 25-45 and works in an office, but we have grazers both male and female and of all ages, so be careful not to exclude anyone. Also remember that boxes get sent to people’s homes as well as places of work. CREATIVE CONSIDERATIONS Part A: Grazers appreciate the subtleness of the graze box, especially in the work environment where personal mail may be frowned upon. So a musical, neon, sequined box might not be the best solution.

Considerate. Open and relaxed.

The textured brown board has been a key part of the graze brand from the start. We love the natural rough texture and the effect of printing on the surface. However, if you think you have a better solution and brilliant reasons to back it up, go for it.

Humorous tone of voice, relaxed. This helps with the creative process, they really know what they want as a client. Having the Graze box needs to be an experience.

We care for the environment just as much as we care for our grazers, so please bear this in mind. Every graze box goes on a journey through the post so when it arrives it shouldn’t look dirty or unappealing. We want people to jump for joy and shout ‘huzzah!’ (and other such exclamations) when their box turns up in their post. Use the box as a way of highlighting the tastiness and healthiness of the food contained; the box and food should work together in delicious harmony. Remember to allow space for the address and postage paid stamp. A paper serviette is included in every box. Consider this another canvas to work on. Part B: The word graze often causes confusion – people spell it greys and grays. Could the logo help with this in any way? Our tagline ‘nature delivered’ plays a key role in explaining what we do, so we’d prefer it if this was included in some way. graze is a modern digital business: our boxes are ordered from our website but all our products are sourced from nature. How can you portray the two elements ‘online’ and ‘nature’ within the logo? The logo should be versatile; it appears on almost everything we produce. Don’t forget the .com (dot com).

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* YCN Student Awards 2011/12 *

Part C:

Encouragement to be innovative, I like this a lot.

Visually there are no limitations. Be innovative, explore materials, experiment with layout. Do everything you can to make sure that whoever’s doormat this lands on, it screams ‘Read me!’ (though perhaps not literally, that might be a bit scary). In terms of content, you must make sure you explain what graze is, what graze does and what graze has to offer. How you do this is up to you. We currently run a promotion alongside the majority of our marketing, which allows new customers to try a box for free. Consider how a promotion may work within this particular media.

DELIVERABLES, ARTWORK AND ADDITIONAL INFORMATION For guidance on how to submit your work please adhere to the main deliverables information in the Student Awards section of the YCN website. Any additional supporting information referenced in the brief can be found in the supporting project pack on the YCN website –

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YCN Choice 1 - Graze  

Engagement with the product will help to truly understand it. Tone of voice isn't all about commercial gain, it seems to be more about makin...

YCN Choice 1 - Graze  

Engagement with the product will help to truly understand it. Tone of voice isn't all about commercial gain, it seems to be more about makin...