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Travelling in the Heart of land • JUUPAJOKI • JÄMSÄ • KEURUU • MÄNTTÄ-VILPPULA • ORIVESI • RUOVESI • VIRRAT Travelling in the Heart of Finland 1


When on holiday: enjoy with your Heart


Is it time to go on holiday, open your senses and breathe peacefully? Let your holiday heart decide; feel the tingle of anticipation. Raise the mood of everyday life. The Heart of Finland is an area of seven municipalities in Pirkanmaa and Central Finland by Finnish Lakeland. Here you will find all the ingredients for a wonderful holiday. Differing accommodation, events, things to see, local delicacies, culture... Whatever choices and content you’re looking for, Finland’s expressive nature will create a striking setting for your holiday – according to season! This Heart of Finland brochure makes planning a holiday inspiring and effortless. It provides concise summaries and background information. When you need more comprehensive information, open our website

Heart of Finland

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Even with an extensive offering, there are always favourites. Here are some of our destinations that frequently emerge in lists of favourites. They include a number of nature experiences, local events and diverse cultural activities. Use these as tips for preparing your own holiday programme! You will find more options on the pages of this brochure.

Take a trip to the Heart of Finland!

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Travelling in the Heart of Finland

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Tampere Helsinki

1 Serlachius Museums: Art Museum Gösta and Gustaf Museum 2 Mänttä Art Festival, top-class exhibition of contemporary art in the summer 3 Mänttä Music Festival, top pianists 4 Mäntänvuori outdoor area: observation tower, wine tavern, hiking trails 5 Vilppulankoski tourist district and recreational fishing area

2 Travelling in the Heart of Finland

RUOVESI – RUGGED NATURE AND FAMOUS CULTURAL LANDSCAPE 1 Helvetinjärvi National Park and Helvetinkolu Photo: Koskelainen 2 Walking Route in the Church Village 3 Siikaneva Conservation Area 4 Witches’ Trial 5 Poet’s Way, S/S Tarjanne’s ship route (Murole canal, Ruovesi Ship Wharf and Visuvesi canal)



1 Hotel Keurusselkä in the middle of nature 2 Old Keuruu area 3 Paddle wheeler Elias Lönnrot cruises on Lake Keurusselkä 4 Five churches – eldest from the 1700s 5 Himmaan Huippu belvedere

1 Himos – year-round holiday centre: ski resort, festivals, golf, husky safaris and other activities 2 Moose Manor, Hirvikartano – Finland’s only private moose zoo 3 Felt factories and factory outlets 4 Wanha Witonen canoeing route 5 Sauna Village




1 Kallenaution kestikievari museum inn 2 Shoe museum in the Juupajoki ravine area shaped by the ice age 3 Cultural landscape route Kopsamo–Salokunta 4 Nut-shaped octagon Juupajoki Church in Kopsamo 5 Beautiful Kopsamo–Purnu canoeing route, 19 km

1 Woolly Sock Running Finnish Championships – fun for the whole family 2 Pukala’s revitalising forest – Southern Finland’s Lapland 3 Hörtsänä arboretum, over a century-old park home to various flower and tree species 4 Rönn Amusement Centre – dance pavilion atmosphere, love stories and restaurant delicacies 5 Art Centre Purnu on the shore of Lake Längelmävesi

1 2 3 4 5

Toriseva ravine lake and nature trail Laivaranta & steamship Tarjanne Killinkoski old factory complex Heritage Village Herraskoski rapids Travelling in the Heart of Finland 3


Experiences for all senses



Do you belong to the growing group for whom the important content of a holiday is different cultural experiences? The Heart of Finland contains many cultural gems that have a distinctive locality, and also internationally acclaimed and significant events. The wide range includes music from classical to popular, diverse visual arts events, exhibitions, design and living cultural heritage.



musicseu mu




Nut-shaped Juupajoki Church

4 Travelling in the Heart of Finland

International felt exhibition, Kivipankki, Jämsä



festivals theatre


arts and crafts


ual art At Mänttä’s magnificent art sites, art, architecture and history are combined in a unique way. The Serlachius Museum Gösta is a pearl of new wood and glass architecture, and it shelters one of the biggest private art collections in the Nordic countries.


The 18th-century ceiling paint in the Old Church of Keuruu

Mänttä Art Festival, Mänttä

Purnu art exhibition, Orivesi Photo: Laura Lehtinen

Murole Church, Ruovesi

Midsummer Market, Virrat

Travelling in the Heart of Finland 5


Kallenaution kestikievari

Kirstin galleria

Kallenautiontie 327, 35500 Korkeakoski Tel. +358 40 751 8779 or +358 40 527 4688 |

Ittemäentie 56, 34800 Virrat Tel. +358 50 327 3845 |

Café of tasty pastries and historical Inn museum! Kallenautio started functioning as an inn in 1778. It offered accommodation also for many dignitaries like author Zachris Topelius. The inn stopped operating in 1928 when cars became common. The museum is situated in Juupajoki by the road 66 on its original location. There are quality art exhibitions and also a gift shop selling handicrafts. In Kallenautio you can find also a popular domestic animal farm. Open everyday from 21 May to 21 August 2022, from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. (Midsummer Eve from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.). • JUUPAJOKI

Kirsti Koro’s artwork presents the colourful world of nature and plants. The gallery’s surroundings can be seen in the paintings, and the landscape, in turn, creates a background for the artwork. In addition to paintings, art cards based on Kirsti Koro’s work are sold at the gallery. Entry to the gallery is free. Groups are also welcome. The gallery is open by appointment, so please get in touch to set up a visit in advance! Come enjoy art in an energising natural setting. •

Mänttä Art Festival

Taito Pirkanmaa ry, Taitokeskus Mänttä Taito Shop


Pekilo, Tehtaankatu 21, 35800 Mänttä Tel. +358 40 259 9194 |



Itätorikatu 4, 35800 Mänttä Tel. +358 3 225 1454, +358 50 592 9039 |

Mänttä Art Festival is Finland’s most exhaustive summertime look at contemporary art. The summer 2022 exhibition is open from 12 June to 31 August. The exhibition is curated by Markus Kåhre and represents visual artists but also musicians, writers and artists working in theatre and circus. The Festival will showcase artists who represent the diversity of the Finnish contemporary art scene. The main location of the event is Pekilo, at the root of the highest factory chimney in Mänttä. •

Crafts in our lives, crafts in products and services. In the shop and in the exhibition gallery is displayed and sold Finnish quality design. Own product lines which include jewelry, textiles and glass. The crafts and arts centre provides diverse opportunities for amateurs and professionals to develop their skills and familiarize themselves with the Finnish handicraft field and the different materials. •




6 Travelling in the Heart of Finland


The Old Keuruu Area

Koskenjalka Shoe and Leather Museum

Kangasmannilantie 2–4, 42700 Keuruu Tel. +358 40 572 5640, Tourist Information |

Koskitie 43, 35500 Korkeakoski Tel. +358 50 401 5792 |

Old Keuruu is an old and idyllic cultural environment. It centres around the old parsonage and its storehouse and stone cowshed, which testify to a centuries-long history.

The first Finnish shoe factory began manufacturing shoes in Korkeakoski in 1897. The factory was known for its military boots and clogs, among other products. The building nowadays houses the Shoe and Leather Museum, with old machines, tools and over a thousand pairs of shoes telling stories about shoe fashion and shoe manufacturing over a hundred years. The premises also feature an art gallery. Both are open from 21 May to 21 August 2022, Wed–Sun from noon to 6 p.m. (closed on Mon and Tue). The museum is part of the historic Korkeakoski factory area next to the unique Juupajoki ravine. •



Keuruu Museum, housed in the old stone cowshed, puts on exhibitions around the year. Guided tours to, for example, the wooden churches in Keuruu and Pihlajavesi, are organised by prior reservation. Read more at Visit Tiltaltti Shop, located in the stone cowshed, to find gifts, delicacies, local souvenirs, wonderful accessories and fashion items for women. Read more at Keuruu Tourist Office – operating out of Tiltaltti Shop – provides hints and tips, guidance, brochures and maps to help you plan your holiday programme. Bicycle rental in the summer. Read more at

Restaurants and entertainment in Old Keuruu • Pappilan Taverna – tasty lunch, á la carte restaurant and café delicacies. Summer terrace, band performances, catering and conference services. Fully licensed. • Restaurant Pappilan Pidot – open daily in the summer, before Christmas and during events, otherwise by prior reservation. For opening hours, see • Pappilan Pakopelit – escape room (also available in English) KEURUU


Killinkoski Old Factory Inkantie 60, 34980 Killinkoski Tel. +358 400 453 054 | Fb: Killinkoski Wanha Tehdasmiljöö

A ribbon factory milieu of cultural and historical value in Virrat. Into Centre portraying the life of master photographer I.K. Inha and the Nyström cultural family, the ribbon industry museum, Camera Museum of Finland, museum collections (voluntary fire brigade, barber/hairdresser of the past, photography atelier and collection of educational materials, nostalgic toys, architect Josef Stenbäck and illustrator Marjaliisa Pitkäranta etc.), extensive flea market halls, cafeteria, factory outlet and changing art and photography exhibitions in the summer. Free admission. Guided tours for groups by order. • VIRRAT


Travelling in the Heart of Finland 7


Serlachius Museum Gösta

Serlachius Museum Gustaf

Serlachius Museums Joenniementie 47, 35800 Mänttä Tel. +358 3 488 6800 |

Serlachius Museums R. Erik Serlachiuksen katu 2, 35800 Mänttä Tel. +358 3 488 6800 |

The Serlachius Museum Gösta offers an interesting display win­dow to art in the middle of beautiful lake landscape. The Art Museum is spread over several buildings, a sculpture park and forested island. The exhibitions feature art from the Golden Age of Finnish art and contemporary art from Finland and abroad. The award-winning pavilion is a sight in itself, a fine example of Finnish wood construction. Gösta, a restaurant of pure flavours in the heart of the museum, is among the best of European museum restaurants. • MÄNTTÄ-VILPPULA

Serlachius Museum Gustaf is located in the former head office of the forest combine G. A. Serlachius Ltd built in 1934. The historic, beautiful building houses exhibitions on four floors: industrial history and art combined. Stories have the main role in the museum. In the exhibition “Paper Devil” the visitors get to know the colorful life of one of the pioneers of the Finnish forest industry, G. A. Serlachius, on a dramatized route of eight scenes (languages: Finnish and English). By request, groups can enjoy the immensely popular, humorous drama tour “Working with the company” (offered in Finnish, Swedish, English and German). • MÄNTTÄ-VILPPULA

Shop Huopaliike Lahtinen

XXIII Mänttä Music Festival

Partalantie 267, 42100 Jämsä Tel. +358 14 768 017 |

Virkamiehenkatu 4, 35800 Mänttä Tel.+358 45 636 0560 (Anni Pokki) |

The factory shop of the Finnish felt boots manufacturer offers felt related experiences for the whole family. Felt boots of all sizes, different kinds of felt slippers, wide range of other felt products as well as collections of shoe designer Aki Choklat and designer Jonas Hakaniemi. Welcome! •

Established in 1999, the Mänttä Music Festival is Finland’s leading annual piano festival. In addition to presenting worldclass international musicians, the festival aims to showcase pianists of the new generation. Since 2011, international piano master classes have been organised in connection with the festival. •







8 Travelling in the Heart of Finland

Choose for your list... Heritage Village, Virrat

Choose something to see and do for your list. The history of the Heart of Finland contains fascinating stories that are intertwined with places and attractions. • ORIVESI ARCH CHURCH (Kaija and Heikki Siren, 1961) is significant, modern church architecture. Built adjacent to the 18th century belfry, which was saved when the fire destroyed most of the old church in 1958. Keskustie 17, Orivesi

• RUNEBERG’S SPRING in Ruovesi entices visitors to reflect on whether this was really the place and source that inspired national poet Runeberg to write his famous poem Lähteellä (Spring). Runebergintie, Ruovesi

• FORMER LIFE AND WORK styles are vividly present in Virrat, Heritage Village. The museum houses and their stories cover time from the early 1800s to the 1960s. Open in summer. (Groups all year.) Herrasentie 16, Virrat

• THE HISTORY of the Finnish Civil War remains present in Vilppula. The dividing line went through its centre: the north side is white, the south: red. A guided history route takes you to a time that shook Finland. Keskuskatu 21, Vilppula • THERE ARE MANY charming places to visit in the Tehtaanjärvi lake area of Juupajoki’s Korkeakoski, like Koskenjalka shoe and leather museum, a small church Pikkukirkko and the magnificent river Juupajoki’s ravine valley. Koskitie 43, Korkeakoski

Keuruu Old Church

For more information

Sauna Village, Jämsä

• SAUNA VILLAGE! More than 20 historic smoke saunas await bathers In Jämsä’s Juokslahti. Public or private sauna bookings are available. The Sauna Village can be explored independently or with a guide. Pataniemi 420, Jämsä • VANHA KEURUU opens up Keuruu’s local history and culture. The region’s museums, exhibitions and churches form an atmospheric whole where a few hours seem to go by in an instant. Kangasmannilantie 2–4, Keuruu. Travelling in the Heart of Finland 9





Camping Nyyssänniemi is a popular meeting place in Keuruu Photo: Satu Kajosmäki

There’s a lot going on in here! The events in the Heart of Finland offer life and experiences for every taste. For the more detailed times and venues, visit our website

Himos Park – full-service event park. The Himos summer festivals are large-scale events that attract crowds from all parts of Finland. Photo: Iskelmä Festival Himos, Nelonen Media Live

Kallenautio, Juupajoki

10 Travelling in the Heart of Finland

Himos Trail, Jämsä Photo: Antti Saarimaa

Events in the Heart of Finland MARCH


• Killinkoski market days VIRRAT

• Keuruu–Multia ski tour

• Ruovesi Witch Trial



• Track and field event

• Mänttä Art Festival

• International Felt exhibition



• Celebration to mark the arrival of S/S Tarjanne VIRRAT

• Himos Midsummer Festival JÄMSÄ





SEPTEMBER • Old Keuruu Autumn Market KEURUU

• Juupajoki Day JUUPAJOKI

• Mänttä Food Festival MÄNTTÄ-VILPPULA



• Mänttä Music Festival

• Orivesi Christmas season opening

• Himos Trail running event

• Entisten Nuorten Bileet (Ex-teen party)


• Soiton paikka festival



• KesäVirratSoi music festival

Mänttä Music Festival, Mänttä

• Mänttä Organ Week • Venetian event KEURUU

• Children’s activity day

• Orivesi and Eräjärvi market

Event organizers reserve the right to make changes and cancellations.




• Festival for Light Classical Music




• Orivesi Old Houses and Gardens

Ex-teen party, Camping Nyyssänniemi, Keuruu


• Dance Pavilion Festival


• Rally Finland

• Keuruu Market



• Jämsän Äijä market


• Midsummer Market



• Keuruu Night Marathon


• Kalevan Kierros Rowing Event

• Iskelmä Festival Himos – Finnish music event

• Himos Metal Festival

• Jysäri festival

• Keuruu Midsummer Festival


• LaivarantaRock • Lyly’s Summer Saturday and Finnish Rooster Crowing Championships




• MuksuFestarit children’s festival VIRRAT


• Witches’ Night

• Old Keuruu Christmas market KEURUU



• Music! Ruovesi chamber music festival RUOVESI

Further information about the events

• Finnish Championship in woollen socks running ORIVESI


Finnish Championship in wool socks running, Orivesi

Witches’ Trial, Ruovesi

MuksuFestarit children’s festival, Virrat

Travelling in the Heart of Finland 11


Breathing in natural well-being


Exercising in nature is caring for the body and mind as heart rate and blood pressure drop, stress decreases and mood improves. Forest excursions and moments of silence encapsulate the idea of less is more. The Heart of Finland offers a variety of nature experiences. If your heart rate doesn’t need calming, canoeing, fishing or mountain bike trails await. When winter comes: you can go cross-country and downhill skiing.

walks in the woo



fishin aurora




Pleasantly by canoeing, Juupajoki

12 Travelling in the Heart of Finland

Kievari Rantapirtti Inn, Jämsä (Koskenpää)




The Helvetinjärvi and Isojärvi National Parks offer impressive experiences and the enchantment of untouched nature. It is equally rewarding to take the initiative in your own hands: to lure a big fish, go for a kayak paddle or get your energy up on a brisk Nordic walk.

skiing adventure


cofiee at campfire


Photo: Koskelainen


The joys of cycling, Keuruu

Tight lines! Mänttä-Vilppula

Pukala outdoor recreation area, Orivesi Photo: Jussi Valkeajoki

Siikaneva, Ruovesi

Photo: Georg Misiewicz

Activities in marina, Virrat

Travelling in the Heart of Finland 13


Hopealinjat, Hopearavintolat & Höyrylaiva Tarjanne Laukontori 10 LH 2, 33200 Tampere Tel. +358 10 422 5600 |

Hopealinjat 12 and Hopea­ ravintolat offer lake tourism experiences in Finland’s most beautiful lake landscape. Our cruises will take you to Lake Pyhäjärvi, surrounded by green ridges, the blue open water of Lake Näsijärvi and the gentle waves of Lake Vanajavesi. Our ships set off from the Laukontori harbour to destinations including Viikinsaari, Visavuori and Hämeenlinna. We traffic from the Mustalahti harbour in Tampere via Ruovesi to Virrat on board the historical steamship S/S Tarjanne. Our package combines delicious meals, friendly service and magnificent lake views. See and experience Lakeland! • RUOVESI

Toriseva gorge lake and nature trail Torisevajärvientie 493 (Kt 66), Virrat

Toriseva’s gorge lakes flow next to road 66, about 5 km from the centre of Virrat in the direction of Ruovesi. The lakes in the deep long trench are Alainen (Lower), Keskinen (Central) and Yläinen (Upper Toriseva). Their breathtaking scenery entices you to stop and explore magnificent views. The 6 km long Toriseva nature trail winds through the area’s forests, the edge of the creek and on top of the steep Alainen Toriseva cliffs. The trail begins at Alainen Toriseva’s coffee house – open in summer. •



Helvetinjärvi National Park

Vilppulankoski marina

Location and arrival instructions, see website |

Kirkkotie 5, 35700 Vilppula

Helvetinjärvi National Park is a rugged wilderness and forest area in the Ruovesi municipality. Helvetinjärvi covers an area of approximately 50 km². In addition to a day trip hut and campfire sites, the park offers marked trails and camping sites. Helvetinkolu, at the south-eastern tip of the lake, is a rift valley 40 metres long, 2.5 metres wide and 38 metres deep. Helvetinkolu is one of the park’s most popular destinations. Along the way, visitors can also get acquainted with Lake Haukkajärvi and its sandy beaches. •

Within the tourist district you’ll find a marina, kid-friendly beach, popular traffic park and playground, beach volley field, bookable sauna and beach restaurant. The fishy Vilppulankoski rapids, where you can fish both for trout and salmon, are located within a walking distance. There are fishing platforms for physically challenged by the rapids. Within the Vilppulankoski tourist district is located also a tidy caravan area. •


RUOVESI 14 Travelling in the Heart of Finland


MÄNTTÄ-VILPPULA VisitHeartFinland visitheartfinland

Ruovesi marina Laivarannantie 5, 34600 Ruovesi Tel. +358 3 486 111 |

The harbour in Ruovesi features a steam ship connection on S/S Tarjanne to Tampere and Virrat. There is a marina with diverse services at the harbour. The services include a fuel supply point, septic tank emptying, water outlets, bathrooms and showers and approximately 100 berthing places. There is beach with a 9-metre jumping tower next to the harbour. In the summer, a beach restaurant and restaurant ship offer restaurant services. Crafts shop Rantamakasiini is located by the lake. The Ruovesi harbour and its services provide comfort. Come and enjoy the Finnish summer! • RUOVESI


Juha Happonen’s Fishing Guide Services Harjunpääntie 167, 35990 Kolho Tel. +358 400 547 098 | +358 44 362 2563 |

Guided fishing for groups of up to 100 persons in the pure fishing waters with a diverse fish stock. Possibility to fish for planted or native trout on rapids and for genuine wild fish on lakes and ponds. We organize also fishing camps for physically challenged, fishing related courses, program services, seminars and fishing competitions. We provide two Tracker catamaran boats, a jigging boat with V-shaped hull and fishing equipment needed. • MÄNTTÄ-VILPPULA


Himmaan Huippu Observation Tower Matkalantie 159, 42820 Riiho Tel. +358 400 391 075 Riihon kylä facebook

Himmaan Huippu observation tower in the village of Riiho, Keuruu offers beautiful views over forest-lake landscape. It has a campfire with firewood and bio-toilets, plus a 60-person hut available for rent. The village association opens Cafe Torni – known for its home cooked delicacies – in the summer. A 600m nature trail with fun activities suitable for children surrounds the area and is suitable for people with physical disabilities. Winter attractions include high-quality, cross-country ski trails of 1.5 to 16 km. Owned and operated by the Riiho Village Association. • KEURUU


Travelling in the Heart of Finland 15


Active holidays in nature Enjoy the fun of outdoor activities in the Heart of Finland. The region’s diverse forest nature, changing water courses, routes and sports facilities mean you find new things to do every day!


Walking and hiking Eräpyhä Recreation Area, Orivesi Rugged Eräpyhä is one of Finland’s natural jewels. In the old wilderness area you will find Nunnankirkko Sacrificial site, which may date to the Bronze Age.


Eräpyhä Recreation Area, Orivesi

Juupajoki Gorge, Juupajoki

Hiking trail (3 km), beach, lean-to, campfire, toilet and boat landing berth. Wheelchair accessible from the carpark (200 m) to the lean-to and beach area.

Hyvärisenlampi Nature Trail, Mänttä-Vilppula (Kolho) A nice family trail in Kolho. Along the path there are task boards, which provide fun ways to learn about the trail’s nature.


Easy, a 1 km nature trail on duckboards and bridges, 2 lean-tos and campfire sites.

Siikaneva’s routes, Ruovesi Siikaneva is the largest unified swampland in Pirkanmaa and the county’s most important protected swamp site; suitable for day trips when snow-free. Marked routes from 10 to 2.5 km on duckboards. Depart and arrive at the carpark.

16 Travelling in the Heart of Finland

Juupajoki Gorge, Juupajoki Formed during the ice age, this nature conservation area is a 30metre-deep gorge through which a river flows. 3 nature trails of differing lengths. Wheelchair accessible observation tower and lean-to.

Mäntänvuori Nature Trails, Mänttä-Vilppula On the threshhold of Mäntänvuori town is a natural recreation area consisting of old forest, swamp areas and diverse natural vegetation. Three nature trails (1 km to 5 km) and a wheelchair accessible path to the top and observation tower.

Canoeing! Kopsamo-Purnu canoeing route, Juupajoki and Orivesi The popular canoeing route from Juupajoki’s Kopsamo to Orivesi’s Pitkäjärvi takes you through some of Pirkanmaa’s most beautiful landscapes. Length 19 km. Suitable for all canoers. Quiet stretches of river, short stretches of lake and two rapids around which a canoe/ kayak is carried or swam.

Bicycle trails Top routes for gravel cycling, Keuruu Find the right bike and let’s go! In Keuruu you can enjoy the atmospheric gravel tracks. Explore Keuruu’s wonderful gravel cycling routes online. Route lengths 19-45 km.

Sorvajärvi Nature Sports Trail, Jämsä The sand and gravel surfaced bike route is ideal for exploring mountain biking. The route has hills, duckboards, speed curves and jumps. There is also a lean-to and a campfire site. Length 3 km, the wide path is also suitable for other types of exercise.

For more information

More sports and exercise opportunities Maauimala Sports Park, Jämsä A family favourite. Easy to get to, a variety of activities, a new sun terrace and, of course, the refreshing swimming! Also, Finland’s largest outdoor Bukk Off Ice skill training track for lovers of hockey games, a Pumptrack, playing fields and exercise equipment.

Sports Park, Virrat Versatile exercise and sports for everyone all year round. Whether you are looking for recreational activities or more challenging sports, we have it all. Padel, tennis, frisbee golf, parkour, skateboard area, outdoor gym, downhill biking etc. In winter, a ski slope, trails and outdoor ice.

Keurusselkä Sports Park, Keuruu A lot nice things to do – all year round! Enjoy moving around in stunning landscapes alone or in groups. Extensive trail network, two frisbee golf courses (9 and 18 hole), adventure track, sled hill, set orienteering routes, lean-to and forest church.


Mäntänvuori Nature Trails, Mänttä-Vilppula

Keurusselkä, Keuruu

Travelling in the Heart of Finland 17


Good food and sweet dreams Pleasant accommodation and tasty food are essential for a good holiday. For many, they can also be the basis and content of the entire holiday. The Heart of Finland accommodation and food services producers ensure that the core of your holiday is in order. Our hotels and cabins are ready and waiting. Or would you prefer farmhouse accommodation? When it comes to food, we always do our best: local food from the wild and local producers find their way to fine dining meals and also more traditional fare.

cabin holida








Kallenautio, Juupajoki

18 Travelling in the Heart of Finland

Restaurant Patapirtti, Jämsä


ays wellness





A good holiday? Why not try a relaxed cooking session, outdoor life, an evening of board games, café treats, heating a lakeside sauna, going on a joint rowing trip or something altogether different! Choose suitable accommodation, and the countdown to your holiday can begin.


local food

rm accommodation


Pappilan Pidot, Keuruu

King’s Room, Honkahovi, Mänttä-Vilppula

A host of delicacies, Orivesi

Helvetinjärvi National Park/ Haukanhieta, Ruovesi

Cottages Jussilan Lomamökit, Virrat

Travelling in the Heart of Finland 19


Hotel Sointula / Restaurant Vallesmanni

Kievari Rantapirtti Inn

Koulutie 5, 35300 Orivesi Tel. +358 400 517 998

Petäjävedentie 448 42440 Koskenpää Tel. +358 14 767 116 and +358 400 323 854

Hotel Sointula is a cosy hotel in the heart of the park area of Orivesi Campus. Our customers value its peaceful environment, customised services and good transport connections. The room rate always includes parking, wireless internet and a plentiful breakfast. Our rooms are of good hotel standard and praised by our guests for their cleanliness. The on-site restaurant Vallesmanni serves on request and can be open every day of the year. •

Welcome to central Finland’s rural landscape and Rantapirtti Inn. The comfortable rooms, cottages and camping area offer accommodation for all tastes in summer and winter. Events and celebrations for 90 people find a home at our fully licensed inn while summertime offers space for up to 200 diners. Our cuisine favours domestic ingredients such as game, fish, mushrooms and berries. For the treatment of acute hunger, we recommend our praised pizzas and venison burgers. We also do much more to keep you entertained. See our website! • JÄMSÄ






Farm Uusi-Yijälä, Restaurant Patapirtti

Mäkelän Lomatuvat Cottages

Jyväskyläntie 848, 42100 Jämsä Tel. +358 45 651 1405 |

Mäkelänjärventie 372, 35500 Korkeakoski, Ruovesi Tel. +358 40 743 2236 / Mikko | +358 40 036 9866 / Teija |

The farm of Uusi-Yijälä offers: • Peace of nature and experiences of an organic farm • Authentic Finnish delicacies in restaurant Patapirtti • Berry wines of the farm • Pampering accommodation in a rural hotel • Possibilities for canoeing and fishing • Services of Himos winter sports centre

Nine wellequipped cottages are rented all year round. B&B accommodation in cottages, meals on order. Over 30 percent of guests from abroad. Service languages: Finnish, English and German. Ask also our meeting services. •


Come and see! • JÄMSÄ

20 Travelling in the Heart of Finland



Ruovesi Camping & Adventures

OriCamping Oy / Säynäniemi camping area

Haapasaarentie 5, 34600 Ruovesi Tel. +358 44 241 4520

Säynäniementie 100, 35300 Orivesi Tel. +358 41 314 4395 www.säynä

On Ruovesi’s beautiful Haapasaari we have everything you need for a holiday! Sandy beaches await summer fun, water games and beach volley. You can also rent bikes, kayaks and SUP boards, and saunas are available for every trip. We also tell you when there are events on the traditional dance stage. As well as tent and caravan camping, we offer ten winter holiday cottages open all year round. There are 30 electrical outlets in the caravan area. In summer, our café’s terrace (fully licensed) is a popular meeting place. •

Säynäniemi camping site is located in a place of natural beauty on the shores of lake Längelmävesi, 40 km from Tampere. The campsite is a cozy, peaceful and child-friendly. It has cabins, tent and campervan places, a guest boat harbour, a restaurant-café, children’s playground, beach and a wide range of activities for the whole family. There are 48 places for motorhomes and caravans. Caravan spaces can also be rented from us for winter storage. We wish you a warm welcome. •





Kinkamon pirtti

Koivuranta Camping

Kinkamontie 80, 42700 Keuruu Tel. +358 40 595 8260 |

Tehtaantie 13, 35990 Kolho (Vilppula) Tel. +358 40 187 4451 |

Kinkamon Pirtti in Keuruu, by beautiful Lake Poskijärvi, is ideal for rest and relaxation. In addition to yearround cabin accommodation, you can enjoy tree lodging in Tentsile a Tentsile tent under a starlit sky, the mystique of a smoke sauna and nature experiences suitable for the whole family. You can also go fishing or canoeing or hike to a nearby lean-to where you can make yourself coffee on the campfire. Learn more about the life of reindeer and follow the elf path in the forest with younger family members. To cater to the needs of workplaces, we offer refreshing wellbeing events for employees, jointly with our partners. • KEURUU

Here you can stay comfortably and affordably! A cozy holiday cottage for 4–6 persons in the beautiful lake landscape. On the area there are also electric pitches for camping cars and good bathroom and service facilities. Bed & Breakfast accommodation! •




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Hotel Keurusselkä and Keurusharju Apartments

Restaurant Hirvikartano

Keurusseläntie 134, 42700 Keuruu Tel. +358 14 361 1000 | |

Heinäseläntie 381, 42100 Jämsä Tel. +358 400 488 779

You will stay comfortably in the renovated rooms of Hotel Keurusselkä and in the holiday apartments of Keurusharju. Hotel rooms are for 1 to 4 people; the apartments have six beds and a sauna. Pets are welcome. There is plenty to do nearby for those who enjoy the outdoors, e.g. frisbee golf course, camping shelters, nature trails, beach with saunas and illuminated trails in winter. Cycle, hike, paddle, relax in the spa and then treat yourself to a taste experience in our hotel restaurant and finally let the beautiful lake landscape soothe you for a refreshing sleep. Welcome to enjoy yourself! • KEURUU

People come to Hirvikartano (Moose Manor) to enjoy delicious, rustic gourmet food. You can also take a guided tour of our zoo and get to know our domesticated deer up close. Restaurant Hirvikartano, located at Hirvivuori near Himos, is a fully licensed restaurant. We offer skillfully made, unpretentious rustic delicacies. Our kitchen prepares mouth-watering á la carte dishes, including game food. The restaurant seats 80 and has space for 120 with the summer terrace. •

Restaurant Gösta

Hotel Tarjanne accommodation

Serlachius Museum Gösta Joenniementie 47, 35800 Mänttä Tel. +358 40 708 5572 |

Virtaintie 35, 34800 Virrat Tel. +358 41 461 0165 |

Our beautiful scenic restaurant is located in the heart of Art Museum Gösta. Elegant yet casual, Restaurant Gösta is known for its pure flavours and first-class, locally sourced ingredients. Under the lead of chef Henry Tikkanen, the restaurant offers a menu with options ranging from burgers to art menus. In the summer, the Art Museum also hosts a cosy lunch café, Autereen tupa. •

The cosy and well-appointed Hotel Tarjanne is located in the centre of Virrat, next to the market square and shops. You can stay comfortably and cheaply at Tarjanne all year round. Our largest room can accommodate up to six people. The rooms have a toilet, shower, kitchenette and a refrigerator, making our hotel ideal for independent travellers. A flat-screen TV is also provided as is free WiFi and free private parking on site. Breakfast can be ordered in advance for a minimum of 10 diners. The sauna can also be booked for an additional fee. • VIRRAT




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Wine Tavern Vuorenmaja

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Vuorentie 70, 35820 Mänttä Tel. +358 3 389 1616 |

European style wine tavern on top of the hill Mäntänvuori offers 35 places inside the cottage, plus terraces. The menu includes wines from small European wineries, selected beverages and delicacies of European kitchen. The delicacies of Vuorenmaja combined with the unique atmosphere and history will make your visit unforgettable. In summer open daily, group reservations possible all year round. •



Mäntän Klubi & ArtHotel Honkahovi

Hotel Alexander & Cafe Alex and Shop

Tehtaankatu 33, 35800 Mänttä Tel. +358 3 474 5900 |

Kauppakatu 23, 35800 Mänttä Tel. +358 3 474 9232 | | Web shop:

Mäntän Klubi and Honkahovi provide accommodation, happenings, tastes and experiences for all your senses in our top destinations Clubhotel Mäntän Klubi and Arthotel Honkahovi. We arrange an unforgettable corporate event, a party of your life, a unique art and culture experience, diverse program services or an accommodation at our unique rooms. •



Stay comfortably in the center of Mänttä! Hotel Alexander is located near the services and museums of Mänttä, and it is a perfect base for visits and sightseeing in the area of Mänttä-Vilppula. Café Alex in the downstairs lobby offers sweet and salty delicacies and specialty coffees, and has the longest opening times in town! The room price includes weekend brunch. At the hotel boutique, you’ll find the international brands of women’s fashion, home décor, jewelry and bags. Hotel guests receive a 10 % discount! See •


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Peltolan Luomutila


Poukantie 162, 35700 Vilppula Tel. +358 44 525 3539 |

Länsi-Himoksentie 4, 42100 Jämsä p. 020 711 9200 |

34 Come to live in a rural setting in the idyll of a rustic farm with all mod cons! Peltolan luomutila’s bed and breakfast lodging is open all year round. The rooms and apartments in the old granary fit 2–4 guests. Sauna is available in the evenings. A beach and barbecue are at your disposal, and a chimneyless sauna is available by order for groups. Our farm also serves food for groups. We appreciate organic and local food and ecological solutions. Welcome to enjoy a genuine rural environment and homely service. •

Himos has a leisure centre that offers a diverse programme of events and activities for all ages all year round. We have dozens of activities and outdoor and exercise options! The quality accommodation at HimosHoliday includes cottages, villas and a hotel. There are also many places to eat delicious food in and around Himos. Enjoy your stay. •






Cottages Jussilan Lomamökit Oy

Camping Nyyssänniemi

Vaskuuntie 4, 34740 Koro, Virrat Tel. +358 10 279 4240 |

Nyyssänniementie 10, 42700 Keuruu Tel. +358 40 700 2308 |

Well equipped holiday cottages in a beautiful lake scenery by Näsijärvi along the Poet’s Way ship route. Our cottages are suitable for winter use and are rented all year round. All our cottages have Wi-Fi, outdoor hot tub and barbecue hut. Accommodation for up to 22 persons. Activities from paintball to quad safaris and trail riding. •

The homely Nyyssänniemi camping area is situated on the shore of the beautiful lake Keurusselkä, two kilometres from the centre of Keuruu. We have 22 cabins, 45 electric outlets for motorhomes, tent pitches and also igloo and tentsile tree-tent accommodation. Our restaurant (fully licensed) is an 18th-century log house and its terrace forms the heart of the campsite. There is a play area, mini golf, a beach and beach volley. Kayaks and SUP boards as well as two beach saunas and a fireplace room are available for rent. We also organise celebrations and sauna nights year-round. •




KEURUU 24 Travelling in the Heart of Finland

Iso kirja / IK Hotel & Camping Heikkiläntie 177, 42700 Keuruu Tel. +358 40 622 7172 |

Nestled in the stunning scenery of the shores of Keuruu’s Pohjoisjärvi lake, Iso Kirja Hotel & Camping offers many things to see and do for families with children and those who want peace, security and space. The area has sites for making campfires, plus jogging and walking trails, beaches, saunas and a high-quality Finnish Championship frisbee golf course. You can stay in log cabins, the campsite, or in other types of accommodation. During the summer season, SiCafé serves as a reception for the campsite but at other times the campsite operates as a self-service camping. • KEURUU


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Hotel Liera / Hopea Aurinko Ruovedentie 11, 34600 Ruovesi Tel. +358 44 0738 840 |

Hotel Liera is located in picturesque surroundings of Ruovesi in the immediate vicinity of Lake Näsijärvi. You can drive to Ruovesi and Liera from Tampere in an hour. Once there, you will find inspiring nature and rural peace. Our hotel has 7 spacious rooms. Reservations can be made by phone or through our website using the online form. A separate sauna section with meeting facilities can be booked either together or separately. Coffee service with small sweet and savoury treats is available for sauna or meetings. • RUOVESI


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Isojärvi National Park

Tourist information in the municipalities of the Heart of Finland i


Juupajoki library Kirkkotie 1 35500 Korkeakoski Tel. +358 50 432 4020



Mänttä-Vilppula Tourist Information Hallituskatu 23 38500 Mänttä Tel. +358 3 488 8555



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Taitokeskus Orivesi (Craft and arts centre) Keskustie 37, 35300 Orivesi Tel. +358 50 355 9272 i


Jämsä Tourist Information Keskuskatu 17 (relocating to Keskuskatu 2–4 in spring) 42100 Jämsä Tel. +358 50 372 0069



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Tourist Information Virtaintie 26 (Virrat town hall) p. 03 485 1276 (Open during town hall opening hours)

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