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This project was a 4 day collaboration project with students from Kansai University in Osaka, Japan. The prompt was to design a Japanese tea house in the context of the anthropocene. We situated our tea house in the Tosabori river, literally in it. In the midst of a bustling metropolitan area, the Water Sabi tea house provides a complete escape from the urban environment. Windows into the space allow the light and color of the polluted river to cast ever changing shadows in the tea room, while landings in the stair case leading down to the tea room feature windows at high and low tide, providing one last connection before descending below. Not all connection is lost below however, as the tokonoma reaches above the water, and the structure, providing a constant light. In Japan I worked without a computer, in watercolor and pencil (Above) Upon returning home, I revisited the project in Rhino, V-Ray, and Photoshop (Right)

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Luke McCann Architecture Portfolio 2019  

Luke McCann Architecture Portfolio 2019