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Photoshop Skills Development The difference in quality between my original college magazine I made and the final copy of my music/lifestyle magazine is outstanding now that I have looked back at my work. I have developed many different techniques through Photoshop that have made the quality of my magazine much better, not only have I learnt how to use Photoshop to a high standard but because of using the programme my photography skills have improved, I now spend more time adjusting the angle, the lighting and the background before I take my pictures so I can edit and create a much better looking picture. This is evident from the two cover photos, the original image on the left has a strange green like glow around the edges from the poor quality of editing by me, but the other picture is very difficult to be able to tell that it has been edited. Even though my skills in Photoshop have improved and has been a major factor toward the improvement of my magazine other factors have also helped, my ability to analyse and look at other magazines to take ideas from and to see how they have been created has meant that my magazine now has a look that is to a professional quality. Although this sort of research and development took time, it has benefited because my new magazine is not only much higher quality than my original college magazine it is also suitable to my exact target audience.

My development of my Photoshop skills has had huge effects on the overall quality of my work, using tools such as the colour selection tool, has helped me to keep to my colour scheme so that all the reds/whites/blacks are all exactly the same shade of colour/tone. With this my final magazine is easier to look at because of lay-out and colour design. Without the use of this tool all of my words would have been either exactly the same colour or would have been all slightly/completely different this would make the words difficult to read or boring to read. This tool has been helpful on many of my other pages as well and has meant that I can use the colours throughout my pages and keep the professional standard.

Other tools such as the rubber tool have also enhanced the quality of my magazine. This tool has become especially helpful when editing my pictures as it gives me the ability to remove bits that stick out randomly and erase the backgrounds and give the pictures a much smoother finish. By extending my knowledge of how to use this tool I have found ways to be able to make the image outline look natural and make the pictures look like they belong on the page. Previously as can be clearly seen in my original magazine this was a problem as there was a green tinge around the outside of my main cover image. If I had not been able to use this tool my picture is likely to have had quite sharp edges as when taking out the background the magic wand tool does not erase smoothly and leaves sharper edges.

The magic wand/quick selection tool is a very helpful tool that can erase large parts of work around parts of an image quickly and easily, this is helpful when deleting backgrounds from pictures but as I have mentioned previously leaves a sharp outline that then has to be smoothed using the rubber tool, these two tools together are what have majorly improved the finish of my pictures. This tool can also be used to select certain words or shapes if you need to change the colour of something or remove some of the image. This tool is extremely helpful to save time when cutting/editing and without it, adjusting my images would have taken a lot more time and been far more difficult.

The spot healing brush tool doesn’t have a very wide range of uses and does exactly what it says, when editing pictures of people it is helpful to remove any blemishes on their faces and if they have shiny places or red places it can be rubbed over to make the image have the “perfect” look that is seen in magazines every week. Although this tool doesn’t do many different jobs the job it does do really helps to make a professional and quality looking magazine as we cannot take pictures of real supermodels we need to be able to edit the pictures to look to the standard a famous person would on the front of one of these sorts of magazines.

Photoshop skills  
Photoshop skills  

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