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One of the images that I used in the creation of my magazine and is the picture I decided to use for my double page spread after a lot of editing to make it suit the design and lay out of my page. I could have chosen a few of my other images but the facial expression and lower angle of this picture I felt was suitable to give the person a look of importance.

One of the images that was considered for my double page spread but I decided against because I didn’t think the stance or the look that the picture promoted was suitable for what I wanted in my magazine.

This is the image that I used for my front cover before editing. This picture promoted the sort of rebellious behaviour that I was reflecting in my magazine, the lighting and the angle of this picture also seemed appropriate and good enough to be used as my cover photo.

Although edited this image was the original picture that I took for my front cover but was of poor quality and the lighting was not good enough to be able to edit and as can be seen when it was edited it was a poor quality. This made me then take a new photo and consider things like lighting and angle when taking my 2nd set of photos.

This is the image that I used for my contents page. I then managed to edit out the background by using the magic wand tool and the eraser tool to give the image a smooth outline and fit onto my contents page.

This is one of the images I considered using for one of my pages because the people in the image are of the age in which my magazine is aimed at and look happy.

This image was taken to show the rebellious, fun, active lifestyle that I was trying to promote in my magazine but I decided against using because it was a little bit blurry in places.

This image was used in my final pages as a small picture on my contents page, I used it as it shows the rebellious fun active lifestyle that my sort of audience could relate too.

This image was also used on my contents page, I chose this image to show that my magazine also has a smaller female audience and to show to the male audience that pictures of females that you would typically see in a lads mag, may also be included.

This image similarly to some of the other images was taken to promote the fun active lifestyle of my audience.

Original images  

original images from my media coursework

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