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Road from Coonagh to University By: Luke Hogg Limerick City councillors are hopeful construction will begin, on a new road linking Coonagh with the University of Limerick, next year. The Coonagh Knockalisheen Distributor Road will begin at the Coonagh Cross Roundabout and travel around the city towards the University. The road has been planned for some time and City Councillors now believe it will begin construction in 2012. Fine Gael Cllr for Limerick City North, Michael Hourigan, has said that work on the road will “hopefully get started by 2012.” Cllr Hourigan added that the road is “essential for Limerick” and would be a “huge benefit to the city.” Another FG Cllr for Limerick City North, Cormac Hurley, said there had been “plans for a long time” when talking about the road and said that it would be a “great asset” for Limerick. The road is being planned by three Local Authorities, Limerick City Council, Limerick County Council and Clare County Council. Cllr Hourigan said that, “Limerick City Council have finished planning” and “all authorities have the plans ready and we are ready to get the work started.” Cllr Hurley believes that the road will elevate traffic congestion in Limerick City, with people who live in the north of the city avoiding the centre of Limerick when travelling to the University. Cllr Hurley said the road “is bound to elevate traffic” and help with the current “difficulty getting onto the Dublin Road.” Cllr Hourigan hopes the road will encourage the University to establish a presence in the city centre, saying “hopefully the University will move more of the campus into the city.” The councillor hopes this will provide a boost to the city centre and to the Limerick area. Councillors have yet been unable to put an estimate on the number of jobs that will be created during construction. ENDS

Coonagh to University Road News Story by Luke Hogg