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In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products.?

Luke Keeler

Locations • The locations we used were inspired by modern grime films and TV shows; such as This Is England, Skins and A Clockwork Orange. We used these too challenge the generic conventions of other noir thrillers such as The Third man. We did this because when the Third man was created the locations used were representative of the time, therefore we wanted too make our film representative of our culture in 2014.

Images of locations • • • • • Anglia Square

Grapes Hill Bridge

Characters •


Harry (Luke Keeler) Harry is an enigmatic presence in the film. Much like Harry Lime in the Third Man (where he got his name) he is not seen in the film for very long and is dehumanised to create a mystery around him. He wears a Green coat with a hood too remove all visual site of him to create a non human ora around him similar too the gang in A Clockwork Orange. We used this convention of thrillers for Harry as it is useful when trying too create a character that has not got humanistic traits. The characters do challenge traditional thriller conventions, however, as all the characters are teenagers, where as in thrillers such as The Third Man, Essex boys and A Clockwork Orange the main protagonists are all fully grown adults. We did this because it would open up thrillers too people of our age as they will be more able to relate to our characters in a modern culture rather than people they will see as different too them as they are older and have a different appearance too themselves labelling them as older.

Generic Costume •

For all three characters we used post-modern fashion as people would wear in real time. We did this because it uses the thriller conventions set out in the 40’s when suits and hats was the fashion, likewise denim jeans and hoods are fashionable today, this is why the characters are dressed in this way. Harry’s costume is a Green Parka jacket which is all that is visible when he is on screen. His hood is up as to dehumanise him creating an enigmatic presence around him similar too Harry Lime in The Third Man. However Harry’s costume challenges generic costume conventions in noir thrillers as he is dressed smartly however more as a MOD/Skinhead sub-culture, similar too Jimmy in Quadrophenia, as opposed too a suit such as generic noir thriller characters as seen in Once Upon a Time In America.

Camera Angles •

When filming the murderer Tobias, we used a lot of low angle shots and close ups of him too show his power and authority too connote that he is a dangerous individual. The research we did into thriller helped us to use this thriller convention as we saw a lot of close up shots in Once Upon A Time In America of Deborah in the opening scene in the bedroom. We used this because the close ups made it easy too see her vulnerability and the fear of her surroundings. Likewise in our production the close ups made it easy too show the hatred and danger in Tobias’ facial expressions.

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Evaluation Question 1