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About me: I am a BA product designer studying at Nottingham Trent university. I have a passionate drive towards design and can communicate

extremely effectively on team projects One of my major strengths as a product designer is my ability to sketch ideation drawings and innovate upon existing designs with speed and clarity for observers. With an organised routine in place I can transfer these skills to work effectively and add value to many organisations.

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Project 2

Project 3

Research led Project

Starpack Brief

Designing For Production





PROJECT 1 Introduction

Sleep Apnoea This brief is to design a product which will help Patients who suffer from sleep apnea to improve their experience living with this condition. Obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA) is relatively common and is explained by the NHS as a condition,

“where the muscles and soft tissues in the throat relax and collapse sufficiently to cause a total blockage of the airway; it's called an apnoea when the airflow is blocked for 10 seconds or more.” This condition is treatable using the following method using a continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) device – these devices prevent your airway closing while you sleep by delivering a continuous supply of compressed air through a mask. The requirements of this brief are as follows; The product must be able to be easily produced and mass manufactured. The product must improve the users experience sleeping/getting to sleep whilst dealing with this condition. The product must not alter the medically approved equipment or the process of using medical devices, as this could possibly have ramifications on the user’s health if not regulated properly.


PROJECT 1 PROJECT - Research -

Researching manufacturing methods of components of C-PAP machines

PATIENT INTERVIEW Excerpt from the interview conducted on Andrew Brian Irwin of his experience with sleeping using a C-pap machine to regulate his sleep Apnea.



PROJECT 1 PROJECT - Design Works -


PROJECT 1 PROJECT - Final Render -

Rotating axel centre allowing for easy manoeuvring of tube

Gripped top allows for safe, secure storage of Mask when not in use.

Stopper plate prevents tube from falling

Support strut improves stability if user pulls on product.

Back plate lies flat against walls, is easily attachable with no wall damage

PROJECT 1 2 PROJECT 4 3 STARPACK Brief -Research -

Brief The Brief To design and develop a new, exciting and eye-catching range of at least three tins for either teas or coffees. Students will need to create a fictitious brand targeting the quality retail sector, including duty free areas at airports and the higher-end retailers such as John Lewis, Selfridges and M&S. Points to consider • Marriageability as a set of three luxury tins • Innovative use of decorative and graphic elements • Re-usability as a secondary pack • Shelf impact • Consumer appeal as luxury gift packaging

PROJECT 1 2 PROJECT 4 3 STARPACK Brief - Design Works-

PROJECT 1 2 PROJECT 4 3 STARPACK Brief - Design Modelling -

PROJECT 1 2 PROJECT 4 3 STARPACK Brief - Final ModelHinge opening lid with large diameter for large hands

The hinged sections are set to the back to allow a recognisable motion to open the tins.

Singular sheet of tin used for the cylindrical structure.

Tin handles allow for easy of access whilst remaining within the minimalist

The base plate made from solid oak allows for a sturdy and stable support

The base plate is inlayed to ensure a snug fit for each tin in the set

Designing For PROJECT 3 12 PROJECT 4 Production - Design Works-

Designing For PROJECT 3 12 PROJECT 4 Production - Final Design Render•

Completely stackable segments

Aluminium and white birch frame is very sturdy

• •

Customisable height for improved customer experience High quality materials Movable dividers for more user control of space usage.

Email - Telephone number - 07895 367 019

Product Design Portfolio V2  
Product Design Portfolio V2