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Industrial Design Portfolio Luke Hazlehurst

New Designers 2020 Kenwood Appliances Award Winner

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St Albans, Hertfordshire



I am a recently finished Design for Industry student at Northumbria University seeking the right employment opportunity to project me into a career in design! This portfolio presents a small collection of the projects I have been involved with including my New Designers 2020 award winning project Alveo. These projects demonstrate an array of my technical skills and creative human centred design approach. Enjoy!

A L V E O C u l t i v a t i n g f o r


l i v i n g

p r a c t i c a l

g r e e n s

p u r p o s e

Kenwood Appliances Award Winner “Luke Hazlehurst’s concept and presentation gave us the whole package. It was his thoughts on the full product ecosystem, from the product itself, to packaging, app and e-commerce solutions that gave him the edge above the others. As a proposition, Luke’s design addressed most of the points in our brief and would be in line with the Kenwood Brand.” - Sean Sweeney, Senior Industrial Designer at Kenwood Ltd

“Algae is the foundation of the next generation of farming and food.�

Miguel Calatayud, CEO of Qualitas Health

65% The net protein utilisation rate of spirulina

Spirulina is fast emerging at the forefront of superfoods. With a protein content of 65%, exceeding that of meat based products and 50% more iron than spinach, people around the world are becoming more interested in this nutrient rich microalgae. Spirulina is already being used as a supplement, helping to provide numerous essential nutrients to malnourished people in underdeveloped parts of the world.



Spirulina possesses a

The potential of spirulina is vast.

higher protein content than

Whether it is eating, drinking

meat. This makes it an ideal

or using in pharmaceuticals,

supplement for those lacking

it is a natural and less harmful

vitamins such as B-12.

alternative to existing products.

LENNIAL S MIL Being active is currently a growing trend. Having access to your own nutrient rich supplement can replace the need for other expensive protein powders on the market.

Utilising our research findings I sketched out various ideas. I looked into the form of the product, whether it would be a geometric shape or curvatious with soft details. I focused in on details such as is the product going to be a single component or will there be removable elements?

In order to learn more about how spirulina grows in terms of timing, colour and harvesting. I invested in a culture kit of my own to widen my knowledge on spirulina. For a 250 ml culture, you are able to start a cultivation of 3L. After 1 to 3 weeks (depending on how well your growth conditions are) you can dilute the culture the same way again. From this amount of culture you can harvest 3 grams. This is the equivalent of 5 servings of veg (equivalent vitamins and minerals).

Everything left over is returned to the culture through the lid in the top of the tank.

A L V E O works in a cycle, with all excess water and spirulina being reused in the production of the next harvest. The harvested spirulina is removed from the filter on the small discharge container and is ready to be used in smoothies, cakes, and protein shakes.

By offering people the ability to cultivate their own fresh spirulina, you are offering them the opportunity to live a more carbon neutral lifestyle. Home cultivation of spirulina reduces the consumers food mileage whilst helping to reduce commercial production of dried spirulina. The natural air purifying properties of spirulina improves the air quality in the home through photosynthesis. Wastage created from home cultivation can be reused in the production of the next harvest.

The Process. At this stage I decided to work on my storyboarding. With the model ready I created a storyboard showcasing how the consumer will harvest their spirulina in a simple 5 step process. I tried to make this as clear as possible so that the consumer would be able to follow the process with the correct instructions. Is it easy to follow and does it communicate well?

The Harvesting Process is quick and simple and can be followed using an easy step-by-step method. The spirulina will turn an opaque dark green once ready to be harvested. After the liquid has been siphoned through the filter, the harvested spirulina is available on the surface. If the process has been followed as advised there should be 1-2 grams of fresh spirulina. Before use the spirulina must be rinsed on the filter.

The Dial Screen operates using an interactive touch sensitive screen which has three simple command modes. By turning the dial you are able to access the different screens, how

TIME This screen shows the time since

far you have to turn for each is identified by

the last harvest. Displayed in days

small engraved decals on the outer rim of the

and hours the screen will turn

dial. Once turned to the required mode the screen will automatically adapt to the function

green when it is time for the next harvest.


DISPENSE This screen setting is used for


dispensing and filtering the

The ideal temperature for spirulina

spirulina. The flashing green icon

to grow is 30-34°C. This screen

should be swiped down and held

indicates the temperature and

until fully green, indicating a full

allows you to adjust as necessary.

discharge container.

A L V E O offers you the opportunity to use your own freshly harvested spirulina in a variety of ways through different recipes. These include green juice smoothies, cakes, breads and more. The recipes are presented in an attractive book and in the A L V E O App, or can be ordered as individual recipe cards to suit the needs of the consumer. The Care Package includes all the items necessary to maintain the A L V E O , including replacement air stones, filters, and a nutrient pouch. The Care Package is offered as a quarterly subscription service for ÂŁ20.00 per pack. Providing a saving of ÂŁ4.00 per pack through the use of the service.

The A L V E O Mobile App is designed to help the consumer stay connected to the product and the brand. The app helps to keep you in the loop with everything A L V E O , through notifications about your harvest, alerts to re-order parts, and if your latest subscription has been dispatched. The app acts as a platform allowing the consumer to build their own profile where they can store recipes and monitor their A L V E O , looking at temperature and time since last harvest all in the palm of their hand.

A L V E O is an at-home photobioreactor and cultivation tank which allows consumers to grow and harvest fresh, flavour free and ready to consume spirulina. Home cultivation of spirulina helps to reduce the food mileage of the consumer whilst simultaneously transforming carbon dioxide by photosynthesis into oxygen, aiding a better air quality in the home. A L V E O aims to bring a sense of wellness to both the kitchen and consumer by introducing this superfood of the future to the home.

pulse Design an interactive baby monitoring unit. The device and system must be user friendly and intuitive, with key interactions that integrate into your final solution. You must explore a technology that will drive your interaction and show how it is used within your final design solution.

In our research we found that many parents felt nervous and uneasy when they were unable to see or hear their baby...

...but found that if they are able to see some sort of representation of their baby’s heartbeat it would allow them to relax.

Emotional Bond.

New Technologies.

We are aiming to recreate the

We will be using an Electric Potential

emotional bond between mother

Sensor. This is a coin-sized device

and child. The dome looks at an

which will be placed inside the child’s

object being enclosed by arms and

mattress. It uses an electrode to

symbolises the mother hugging the

detect tiny variations in the body’s


electric field. This signal is then sent over phone lines or an Internet connection.

The Electric Potential Sensor picks up the baby’s heart rate and causes the orb to glow with the pulse. When the baby moves the heart rate will increase causing the arms of the device to open. The mother can then interact with the device by closing the arms with the action being symbolic of a hug. This triggers a soothing song to be played in the baby’s room.

The closed Pulse form is not threatening.

With the wings of Pulse open the device subtly resembles a set of wings

It contains smooth edges and the curved

or the open arms of a person. By closing these ‘arms’ you are trying to

form itself is non-intrusive. It is not

simulate the idea of hugging your baby, an interaction which anybody

complex and easy to operate.

sees as an act of love.

Electric Potential Sensor. The electric potential integrated circuit (EPIC) sensor requires no physical or resistive contact to make measurements. It enables products to obtain a detailed ECG reading by simply being held close to a patient’s chest or even through walls. The sensor can be integrated on a chip allowing for wireless communications capability. EPIC sensors can be easily cleaned, built into clothing to monitor stress levels or built into solid products without the functionality being compromised. The size makes an ideal solution for a heart rate monitor that is discrete in aa babies cot.

20 mm (d) x 5mm (h)

A pulsating light mimics the baby’s exact heartrate, giving the parent reassurance and highlighting physical activity. The heartbeat is tracked using an electric potential sensor, allowing an accurate reading without being in contact with the baby. The hug-like interaction and visual heart beat allows parents to feel an emotional connection to their baby without the risk of waking them.

Design a new way in which Kenwood can rebrand themselves to become more present in the current market.




As a student one of the most

A growing number of divorcees


satisying things I can do in

and a rise in individual young

life means that people are

terms of cooking is making

professionals has caused the

busier than they used to be.

too much. Having an overload

numbers of people eating/

Traditionally, cooking dinner

of food from one cooking

cooking communally to fall

could take up most of the

session means that I have a


evening and meant little else

meal that can be stored and eaten tomorrow.




could get done.




A solution to storing cooked

Is there a way we can make

A scenario where food can be

food that keeps it fresh.

cooking more sociable for

placed and left to cook so

Maybe something that can

people who live alone? Co-

other tasks can be completed.

assist with warming food.

cooking? Or maybe some way

Slow cookers/soupers etc. but

for people to turn the cooking

with an element that promotes

on even if they are out of their

working out/health fitness


as it cooks.

Taking Kenwoods kMix, which already has an existing market dominance, we looked at existing trends such as baking and how people could take part in these without huge upfront costs of buying products outright. We looked at the idea that you could buy this already popular product on a subscription service. You could recieve other benefits such as ingredients delivered straight to your door and monthly recipes all done on a mobile app.

With subscriptions being an on-trend way of cooking from home, we decided to exploit this market. Through a simple interactive app and with the help of social media to give the concept exposure this would allow people to jump feet first into baking. A bonus every so often, such as free experiences or cook along classes, are a way of encouraging people and giving them confidence while they bake using a reliable Kenwood product.

The kKit app is a simple and intuitive app. Connecting directly into Kenwood’s existing system it allows the consumer to start or access their subscription. A simple and easy to follow 8-step process allows the consumer to adjust features such as family size, colour of the kMix and number of portions. This means that there is never any wastage from over buying ingredients and results in a happy consumer.

When on the kKit app you are asked the size of your family and then asked to select the number of recipes you would like each month. You then choose which model of mixer will be required and your preferred colour. Finally, the consumer must enter their address and continue to purchase the subscription.

A monthly subscription service where you recieve a personalised kMix and adjust requirements such as portion sizes and the number of recipes per month. Families are given the freedom to adjust these specifications with a simple app and the packaging is small enough to fit through the average post box.


Using primary research methods for an established persona. Design a set of headphones for children.



8 out of 10 use some

Half of 8 to 12 year olds

form of portable music.

listen to music daily.


6 out of 10 prefer to use over-ear instead of in-ear.

James is from North West England and loves to play on his console. His favourite game is Minecraft but he loves any game where we can talk and compete with his friends. He prefers gaming to playing outdoors and his favourite colour is orange.

Utilising our research findings, we sketched out various ideas. We explored different strap designs, how earphones adjust and connectivity. We experimented with different materials such as card and hard foam, to mock-up models. Taking elements from each of our individual thoughts, we decided on two outcomes we felt best fitted the personas needs.

Following on from our initial ideation, we explored foam modelling. This allowed us to create quick mock ups, adjust sizings and refine details such as the removeable elements. We also wanted to make the headphones collapsable to enable ease of storage and portability for children.

We decided to create CAD models in order to communicate the concept. We tried to showcase all the exterior details, such as the large headphone cushions. Smaller details such as a charging port and LEDs indicating the power remaining, are found on the underside of the right ear piece.

An exploded view showing the various components that make up the model, including the over ear cushions and covers, adjustable forks and strap. With the ability to customise being a crucial part of this project, there will also be a chance for children to mix and match their design. This will include interchangable details on the ear covers in themes such as sports teams and superheroes.

The headphones have a smooth surface with minimal sharp edges to remove the chance of injury. To facilitate communication we included a built in headset. Adjustable ear pieces allow them to fit all head sizes and for ease of storage they are collapsible. To allow personalisation, we introduced interchangable parts on the sides of the ear pieces, taking inspiration from minecraft and other games.

Utilising natural airflow and a newly developed formulation. Design a new and unique way of distributing the formula around the home with consideration to surface area, refillable properties and sustainable materials. The product is aimed at homes within India and Brazil.

CONFIDENTIAL. Due to an NDA, further details surrounding the project cannot be exposed at the time.

During my second year of studies I undertook a three month work placement with Deadgood Ltd based in Newcastle. For 3 months I worked as a Design Intern. They produce modern and bespoke furniture, lighting and interior products to commercial projects globally. I worked on a number of projects including a lighting brief; looking into shadows and experimenting with upholstered lamp shades. I explanded my knowledge around areas including manufacturing and market analysis. This helped to improve my design process. I was also actively involved at Clerkenwell Design Week.

During my third year of studies I undertook a four month work placement with Studio Sophisti based in Amsterdam. During my internship I worked on NBANK a project to educate young children in finance. I successfully executed research, concepting, design and prototyping as an integrated part of this product. My work was supervised by Wouter Reeskamp, Creative Director at Sophisti.

CONFIDENTIAL. Due to an NDA, further details surrounding the project cannot be exposed at the time.

About me.

I am a determined and committed person with effective communication skills that thrives in a team environment as well as on individual projects. This stems from my time as an elite competitive swimmer, where I developed a strong sense of focus, drive and determination. Humancentred design is always at the forefront of my design thinking, I always aim to have a feel for consumer interactions as well as designing products which have real world applications. During my time as a competitive swimmer the highlight of my career was swimming at the 2015 British Swimming Championships amongst other national competitions. As well as this I enjoy travelling, including an interrailing trip around Europe and two months travelling through Australia and Bali. I also gained my RYA Intermediate Windsurfing qualification during a holiday to Greece

St Albans / 2015-16

Albans / 2008-15

Foundation Diploma Art & Design, Merit /

GCSE’s / A-Levels / St

Oaklands College

Beaumont School

Northumbria University Design for Inudustry / Newcastle / 2016-2020

the materials which they produce I had to create something which showed how versatile the materials were and the capabilities it has. The show was judged in Clerkenwell.

April - August 2019

During college I won a competition ran by Cadisch. Taking

Studio Sophisti

Cadisch MDA

March - May 2018


Deadgood Ltd


Thank you for your time.

Profile for Luke Hazlehurst

Luke Hazlehurst Industrial Design Portfolio  

I am a recently graduated Design for Industry student at Northumbria University seeking the right employment opportunity to project me into...

Luke Hazlehurst Industrial Design Portfolio  

I am a recently graduated Design for Industry student at Northumbria University seeking the right employment opportunity to project me into...