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LUKE HANNON Industrial Design Portfolio

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CADUS Smart Wine Cooler

ARIDA Womens Hair Volumiser


Culinary Herb Growing Kit







Mobile App

Soil Powered lighting

Hobbies and Interests

CADUS Wine Climatiser

Breif: Design an ‘Internet of Things’ product to be used in the modern home.

Ideation Simplicity Driven

People who enjoy wine want to experience their purchase at its absolute best, the ideal temperature. Need for a product which maximises the taste of the wine by adjusting the temperature.

Prototyping Blue Foam, Pro-lab, Acrylic

Blue foam stech models were used to develop the form.

Development User Experience

Cadus is controled via the Cadus App. User registers their bottle with the apps barcode scanner. App tells the product the ideal drinking temperature for the particular wine and heats and cools acordingly. Wines are saved to the app for future reference.

ARIDA Group Project - Hair Volumiser

Breif: Redesign a hair volumiser for professional women on the go.


Observational Analysis

How does the user interact with the product? What are the users needs and expectations? How well does the product suit the environment?

Product Analysis

Product Disassembly How is the product manufactured? What technology does the product use? Materials and processes?

Current form too bulky, need for a more compact product more appropriate for the user.

Need for more compact product. Current product does not make best use of space, by condensing components the product can be made lighter. Current internals provide sufficient power. Sliding button makes power level hard to select.

Ideation Research Driven

I used the insights gained from observational analysis and product disassembly to design a product that better suits the users needs. Need for a less bulky, more compact product that better fits the environment in which it is used in.

Manufacture and Technologies Internals, Mechanism and Materials Hair Volumiser and Hair Dryer brought into one due to the design of a rotating joint. This gives the Compact Twist Pro multiple functions for the woman on the go. Smaller and lighter than original product making it easier to travel with.

Manufactured in a nine casing components. No screws required for assembly making manfacture cheaper.

GROW IT Herb Growing Kit

Breif: Design a culinary herb growing kit which maximises the use of the packaging.

Ideation Research to Concept

Brand research into semantics and existing products led to the discovery of recurring visual trends within Benson Group.

Keywords chosen from the brand: Quality Integrity Fresh Reliability Concept, a waste free product that portrays the quality of the Benson brand. The use of a white background with minimal colour palette evokes the simplicity and freshness of the product.

O2 GIVE Mobile App

Breif: Create a mobile app which gets more students involved with volunteering and fundraising.

User Research Persona

Wire Framing Concept – an App that students can advertise their own fundraising / volunteering events. They can also search for information on other events that may be of interest to them. Wire Framing was used to develop two paths through the app; searching / signing up to events and hosting events.

User Testing Fran is a 20 year old University student. She is a member of her student halls committee with a focus on encouraging as many students as possible to get involved in volunteering and fundraising opportunities She enjoys what she does and sees volunteering as a chance to socialise with friends.

Using card cut outs of the wire frames I tested the user journey with members of my user group. This allowed me to get feedback on the experience.

“Could the app link to social network sites?” “Student’s tend to be put off when they feel they have a big commitment.”

Prototyping Axure

Using Axure I prototyped the app to test the functionality and user experience.

O2 give is an app to get more young people involed in fundraising and volunteering within Universities. Users can either host and advertise events or sign to events they are interested in.


Brief: Within a week, design a product that supports domestic PV systems.

Ideation Innovation Driven

Engineers working in South Africa have created a phone charger powered by soil. They managed to obtain 75 - 400 mW from one of their soil cells. Can this technology be brought into the home to support PV systems?

Zinc and Copper Electrodes 0.625 Volts per Soil Cell Sustainable Homes Reduced Carbon emitions in the home. The economic benefits – reduced energy costs and less drain on commercially produced electricity. Soil power encorages composting, as compost is preferable for producing electricity.


Solar powered in day.


Soil power at night.


Compost fuels the soil cells.


Less power purchased off the Grid. More sustainable home.

Soil powered lighting reduces the need to buy electricity off the grid when solar power isn’t available. It provides a second source of renewable energy in the home. The lights double as an indoor Mirco Garden for urban homes.

About Me Interests and skills 07868535109

About Me

Hiking My latest challenge is to climb the Inca Trail in Peru with a target to raise £3000 for the Epilepsy Society.

I’m Luke, a second year Industrial Design and Technology student at Loughborough University, currently looking for a 12 mounth placement opportunity from 2016 - 2017 to advance my career. I am a self motivated, hard working individual with a broad inventory of creative skills which include Sketching, Painting, Modelling and CAD, as just a few of the many examples. Industrial Design allows me to bring these skills together to produce high quality design solutions. I approach design from an innovative angle to produce products that considers the whole user experience.

Canoeing After completing a 5 day canueing expedition for my Duke of Edinburgh Gold award I have taken it up as a hobby.



Cycled for Solihull Cycling Club and currently cycling with Loughborough Students Cycling Club.

I have my own unique spontainious style and focus on colour and texture.


Mountain Biking

I love seeing the world and visiting new places.

A member of Loughborough University’s MTB team.

Art Work

Tiger 1 - Oil on Canvas Times Square - Acrylic on Canvas

China Town - Oil on Canvas

Tiger 2 - Oil on Canvas 07868535109

Industrial Design Portfolio  

I am a second year student at Loughborough University currently looking for 12 month placement to enhance career.

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