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2010 Luke Xavier Derivan Portfolio

The word “ The correctly set word is the starting-point of all typography. The letters themselves we have to accept - they are shaped by the type cutter or the designer. The relationship of the letters is the job of the dresser in the foundry. He has to achieve the right regularity and rhythm and his work is as important as the engraver’s. Many good types have recently been spoiled by tight dressing. This forces the compositor to make good the larger sizes with letter spaces. Apart from this, letter-spacing is always harmful. The letter-spacing of capitals, although technically the same, is not considered as letter-spacing in this sense. A normally set word is always the most legible; letter-spacing only reduces its legibility. The unspaced, evenly flowing word is also the most beautiful. It is a compact shape, an essential requirement in the new typography. It is also more economical—letterspacing takes time, is expensive and weakens the word-shape. For all of these reasons it should not be used to artificially alter the length of a word just to fill a specific space, nor emphasis in ordinary text setting.”

—Jan Tschichold (1902-1974) Assymmetric Typography, New York, 1967, translated by Ruari Mc Lean from Typographische Gestaltung Basel, 1935.

The perfect paragraph - Homage to Jan Tschichold

Broccoli campaign

Eat Broccoli Become Strong Like Bool

“I Pity the fool who don’t eat no Broccoli” -Professor T

American Association of Broccoli

The billboards that didn’t make the cut

American Association of Broccoli

Variations on Poster Design for Madame Butterfly production by New York City Opera

Circus Dog Bar branding (final rendering & Application)



CIRCUS DOG Circus Dog Bar branding (Concepts)

The evolution of finessing the simplicity in design. Ghost Soldiers movie poster

Incorporating the subject matter while keeping imagery simple. The story is about an escape from a Japanese prison camp by a band of American soldiers.

Book covers for the popular StarDancers trilogy

Celebrating our Immigrants - Stamp campaign - USPO

Poster series celebrating 3 Shakespearean works Macbeth


Titus Andronicus

Book jacket for Jihad: A History of Terrorism by Ahmed Al Mansur

Graphic Identity used for William Kentridge’s exhibition Five Themes currently on view at MoMA.

Marketing for Five Themes includes subway signage/posters; a mailer; and a campaign where chalk is used in the style of the graphic identity to point directly at the MoMA exhibit from the streets.

A complete record of travel, transportation, and general homeostasis for

Graphic Self Portrait





Stationery system for Man With a Van

DIRECTIONS: Remove cap and spray directly on part to be lubricated. For chains, derailers, cables and pivots; also for exercise equipment and in-line skates.

WARNING: CONTENTS UNDER PRESSURE. Contains petroleum distillates. DO NOT use near fire or flame. DO NOT expose to heat or store at temperatures above 120˚ F. HARMFUL IF SWALLOWED. If swallowed, DO NOT induce vomiting. DO NOT breathe vapor or mist. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. NOT FOR MOTORIZED VEHICLE USE.

Utility © 1995 Utility, New York, NY 11001 A division of Bell Co. Made in USA 409

Packaging design for Utility products: Front & back Bike Lube


Utility Š 1995 Utility, New York, NY 11001 A division of Bell Co. Made in USA 409

Wood Glue

Household Rubber Gloves WARNING: Plastic packaging may cause suffocation. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN

Utility Š 1995 Utility, New York, NY 11001 A division of Bell Co. Made in USA 409

Rubber Household Gloves

MARCH 26, 2007

Palin: Shooting The Proverbial at FOX

A Nation at Risk: Can Anyone Make Pakistan Safe?

Rags to Riches: Jay Z Among Top 10

Health Care: Explained By A Five Year Old. What can daytime media-types possibly offer us in the wake of health reform? NOTHING! BY CATHERINE MAYER

Health care TIME cover

w w w. t i m e . c o m

Luke Xavier Derivan would like to thank Robert Best RoRuss D’anna & Julia Hoffman

2010 Portfolio  

Junior BFA Portfolio 2010

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