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Alternative Composer Researcher Luke Crumb The Law Of Resonance When we hear a story, we automatically tune and want to know what happens next, my alternative frequency research brought me to state that Resonance is: - The phenomenon by which, in certain conditions, the amplitude of the vibrations of a body tends to increase beyond all limits. - The power to evoke images, memories, lasting emotions. - The condition in which an object or a system is subject to an oscillating force with frequency (or more) close to its natural frequency. When we say "I'm in tune with that person," we simply declare the state of resonance. The entire universe is governed by this law. I created the 8HzMusic style with the aim to induce, prolong and maintain the resonance of the infinite love, the fundamental frequency of all living beings, basing on the principle of the law of resonance, discovering that the human being is not in tune with the frequencies currently used in most modern music. And the speech is much broader, because this change of frequency occurred: - Several centuries ago in a curious and research purposes; - during the last centuries in a gradual and forced world governments which have established the standard tuning between multiple instruments with the frequency of 440Hz. The frequency 440Hz is not in tune with the human being and even with other forms of life on this planet and of the universe. "The whole universe is a set of harmonic resonances arising from a single sound, a real hologram which conforms according to the ratio of its harmonics or in accordance with the relations between the subtle energies and slow vibrations". Prof. Alessio Di Benedetto

Alternative Composer Researcher Luke Crumb - The Law of Resonance  

Luke Crumb is an Italian indie alternative pop rock singer songwriter performer composer producer researcher Luke Crumb's Articles about His...

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