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My University Adventure Our journey began at 9.55 when we got the coach with Mr Osborne from school to Kingston University. We were all raring to go to Kingston University to find out what it was like. We ventured onto the coach all excited as if it was Christmas. After about 30 minutes we finally arrived. It looked massive and was surrounded by woodland. The ambassadors, who were all students, met us from the coach. They took us into a room at the university and we were set tasks. One of these was to arrange ourselves into alphabetical order without speaking. We then played games learning about all the crazy courses they do at University. There are loads! We then walked around the campus which was massive. We saw the lecture theatre which could hold 500 students! We also saw the library which had loads of computers and the student union which is their pub. Our final task involved team work and communication. We had to design our own university, but it had to be imaginative and crazy. Our wacky and crazy design was a Zoo University. We named it Zoo Tycoon University. We were all in charge of a certain aspect of the project. This task was a lot of fun. We had to assess each other’s projects and our group won. The trip was very enjoyable. It gave us a great taste of what university is like and the subjects we would be able to study. My biggest highlight of the trip was meeting our ambassadors and learning what sort of courses we can take if we choose to go to University. By Richard Jones 7R

A Trip to Howletts wildlife Park to film "ROAR" On the 11th June 2007, the Year 7 Gifted & Talented group took a trip to Howletts Wildlife Park to be filmed for the BBC children’s programme “ROAR!” The journey there was okay although it was very foggy and it was spitting with rain. I sat next to Danya and we had fun taking pictures. It was quite a long journey, as we had to go to a place near Canterbury. When we eventually got to the park, the weather had improved. Once inside, we all received a T-shirt that had “ROAR!” printed on the front and a hat. We all looked silly but we didn’t really care. The downside was the T-shirts didn’t have sleeves and we were all freezing! We split up into our smaller groups; each group had an animal to “Ask the Keeper”. The first animal that we saw was the African hunting dog. As this was one of the animals that a group were being filmed with, we left them to it and continued to look around. Next, we saw the Gorillas; these were my favourite animals in the park as you could really relate to them, and they did some very funny things. There was even a baby one that was completely bald, apart from its bottom; this

was because its mum pulled out his hair, but not on his bottom! Nobody knows why she did it!! We even saw them being fed some seeds and nuts. Then we reached the honey badger enclosure, as this was the animal that my group were filming with. We stood and waited for the camera crew but the honey badgers didn’t emerge. Eventually, the keeper came along with the camera crew. The keeper fed them and they came out and ate. Although they looked cute, the keeper said that they we were even more dangerous than the lions! Filming begun and we were with Rani a CBBC presenter, so she helped us but it was getting colder and we had to constantly look happy and enthusiastic which is difficult when you are cold and hungry (and your feet really ache!) We all had to ask the keeper three questions; we were there for a while as we had to do lots of re-takes!! In between filming, we had lunch, looked in the gift shop and played in the children’s play area. After the filming we split into two halves and were allowed to wander the park. Finally, we all got Rani’s autograph and we had pictures taken of us. It was soon time to go home, it was a really enjoyable day and “ROAR” will be shown in September. By Aliza Catlin (7S) “ROAR” Report We arrived at 10.00am at the animal park in Canterbury. Jessica, a helper at the park, welcomed us. She gave us “ROAR” hats and T-shirts. After we had all got changed into our clothes we were greeted by Rani who is the presenter of the show. My group were with the African hunting dog, (the other groups were with honey badgers, bongos, gorillas and elephants). We went over to the dog enclosure and were told what to do. We also met the head of carnivores, Jim Vassey, who let the dogs out as it was feeding time for them. We asked Jim lots of questions. The funny bit of filming was when a dog tried to eat my finger, Rani said “I would have run a mile.” Miss Barry then took us to see the monkeys. Then we had lunch and split up to explore the zoo. After having a group photo with Rani and the crew, we headed back home. It was a great day out! Lewis Whitlock (7H)

Year 7 Accounts from G&T Trips  
Year 7 Accounts from G&T Trips  

Year 7 accounts written after trips with the G&T group.