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SPHERE DEFORMATION Starting with a Sphere, I used a cage edit to make a series of deformations. Then I explored different ways of recording the process and the series of deformations.

Luke Brigman Fall, 2016 Professor Joseph Choma

TILING PATTERN Beginning with a 2D tiling pattern, I put it through a series of deformations via a grid. From there I took the new tiled pattern, applied it to a 3D cube and gave it a thickness, creating a structure.

Luke Brigman Fall, 2016 Professor Joseph Choma

34.78° N, 82.31° W

June 20th at 10 am

June 20th at 12 pm

June 20th at 2 pm

September 22nd at 10 am

September 22nd at 12 pm

September 22nd at 2 pm

December 21st at 10 am

December 21st at 12 pm

December 21st at 2 pm

RENDERING Using the structure from the Tiling Pattern, I applied materials, shadows and human scale using Rhino and photoshop

Luke Brigman Fall, 2016 Professor Joseph Choma

VESSEL OF LIGHT A studio project focusing on the use of light as a design element. The site also mandated the project to be restricted to a long narrow site.

Luke Brigman Fall, 2016 Dr. Peter Laurence Professor Andrea Mihalache

SUBTRACTIVE DESIGN SPHERE SUBTRACTIVE DEFORMATION DESIGN An exercise in using geometries to create subtractive design spaces and ways to let in light. Learning that using simple geometries and a boolean difference operation can create interesting spaces.

Luke Brigman Fall, 2016 Professor Joseph Choma

(Image produced by Ethan Gooch, group member)

RACE TO ZERODESIGN SUBTRACTIVE A group project that was entered into the D.O.E’s natiional Race to Zero competition.

Luke Brigman Spring, 2016 Chad Everhart

Luke brigman work samples  

A collection of work samples to be viewed at the Career Expo

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