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PROSPECTUS A grassroots basketball coaching and mentoring programme based on a system of coaching using grids.

Two young players from the School of Hoops showing off their skills at ‘FamFest,’ our annual community basketball event.

01 INTRODUCTION ‘School of Hoops’ is a grassroots basketball coaching and mentoring programme for children and young people based on a system of coaching using grids. The initiative is run by Family Resource Centre UK, a respected and trusted charity that has been working in the provision of outsourced support services for children and families for over twenty years. The School of Hoops programme is rooted on simple but sound principles that aim to teach young people how to combine individual skill and responsibility in order to play and succeed as a team. As players learn how to work together towards a common goal, they gain valuable life skills and begin to understand how families and communities can function more effectively together.

Anything that brings kids off the street and provides support for them and their families is benefiting more than the game. Michael Martin Commonwealth Bronze Medalist and Captain of the Guildford Heat

02 OUR PHILOSOPHY We believe in instilling good habits and sound fundamentals from an early age, that’s why we work with players as young as five. The teaching of fundamental skills has many layers that are often overlooked or underestimated. We take time to develop these skills and integrate them into each session. This approach has proven successful away from the basketball court too. We have found that by instilling a focus from an early age, ensuring players enjoy their first experience of the sport in a safe environment that is well structured and with appropriate boundaries; we are able to curb many of the issues relating to young people today. We adopt an organic, as opposed to linear, approach because each child presents different challenges and adopts different styles of learning. In order to get the most out of our players, our coaches must learn how to work with the players they have.

Going beyond basketball Our belief is that basketball, and sports coaching generally, can be utilised as a tool to positively affect change in communities across the globe. Our aim is to instil principles, through basketball, that will benefit our players beyond the basketball court. Many great minds have referred to basketball as ‘a metaphor for life’. The lessons learnt on the court so often translate into our everyday lives how we learn to react in training informs our daily decisions. Therefore, if we are given correct boundaries and appropriate discipline, we stand a better chance of coping with life’s many challenges.

03 OUR APPROACH School of Hoops’ understanding of grassroots basketball is second-to-none. They’ve found a winning formula for fostering better, teamorientated, players and people too. Kevin Cadle, Sky Sports

Below left A team of young players celebrate victory at the School of Hoops Junior Basketball tournament

The School of Hoops programme adopts a purist, grassroots approach, providing a foundational and academic base from which players become a graduate of the system. Our approach enables coaches of any level to break down complex skills into manageable layers, taking individuals that have never played before and filtering them towards team play in competition basketball. By focusing on sound principles, as opposed to merely drilling, our aim is to foster inventive coaches who have the ability to adapt their approach to the players they are coaching. When coaching large numbers, many coaches are tempted to break the rules of the game for the sake of simpler organisation. Instead, we employ a system of coaching in grids which enables the coach to control the parameters of the drill. Once the coach understands their final outcome, we’re able to adapt traditional drills to ensure everything remains game applicable.

04 SOME OF OUR SECRETS Layers Coaches are taught how to break down the teaching of complex skills into manageable layers. By doing so, coaches develop realistic expectations of their players whilst players receive clear and consistent feedback to help them to improve.

Complimentary skills Our journey towards ‘team play’ is reinforced by the teaching of ancillary (complimentary) skills. This teaching of ancillary skills makes players aware of the role of their teammates and releases the pressure on the individual performing the skill.

Protecting our players Many players’ athletic careers are halted due to injury, not lack of ability. It is vital, therefore, that players experience no injuries or physical harm at an early age. Coaches are encouraged to consider each athlete individually.

Recognising and incorporating phases of development Introductory, practice and performance phases are covered in every session and each phase can be incorporated within the GRID. Depending on where we are in the team’s development, the time and emphasis applied to each phase can vary.

Young players from a local Primary School take part in our annual Primary Schools Basketball League in front of a crowd of several hundred supporters.

05 SERVICES Mainstream schools We have been coaching in schools and colleges for more than 16 years, running extra-curricular basketball, national curriculum lessons and teacher training. School coaching ranges from: • Early morning sessions • PPA time (Planning, Preparation and Assessment) • Lunch-time clubs • After school (extra-curricular) sessions We also coach within the National Curriculum, meaning we coach not only those who show a committed interest in basketball, but also those developing a diverse love for sport.

Learning Difficulties and Disabilities Our experienced coaching team also take classes in specialist Learning Difficulties and Disabilities schools, where we are able to work with children with a variety of Special Educational Needs. As with mainstream schools we are able to provide various types of class: • Early morning sessions • PPA time (Planning, Preparation and Assessment) • Lunch-time clubs • After school (extra-curricular) sessions.

Teachers We even teach teachers! After seeing their student’s progress, many teachers purchase a series of coaching videos and teacher packs to assist them in delivering curriculum lessons. We can also provide workshops for teachers, introducing them to the School of Hoops teaching methods.

Workshops, camps and holiday clubs School of Hoops can put together a variety of holiday activities, workshops and camps for you. From half day sessions through to 5 day workshops, we can cater for all school age groups and abilities.

Leisure Centres We work with many Leisure Centres, providing regular practice sessions and opportunities for games. We are continually looking to expand the reach of our work in Leisure Centres, making basketball even more accessible. If you are interested in making basketball available in your school or local community with School of Hoops, please contact us.

06 CONTACT US Family Resource Centre UK Central administrative office: 75 Milford Road Reading, Berkshire RG1 8LG Freephone: 0800 328 9148 Telephone: 0203 371 0959 Email: For more information please visit:

A Charity Registered in England and Wales No. 1078331. A Company Limited by Guarantee No. 3841084.

School of Hoops Prospectus 2011/12  

2011/12 services prospectus for grassroots basketball coaching and mentoring programme, School of Hoops.

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