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Luke Benjamin Ralston Architecture and Design Portfolio 2016

Resume Contact (317) 474-5066

Education Ball State College of Architecture and Planning University

- Minor in Construction Managment

Graduating in May of 2017

2104 W. Euclid Ave. Muncie IN. 47304

Software Revit

- Accumulated GPA: 3.5 - College of Architecture and Planning 2016 Academic Deans List

Architectural Travel Foreign 15 Week Polyark World Tour: 2016 Spring Semester

- Traveled across 3 continents, 30 countries, and 80 cities focusing on the impacts of the global design culture. For more information visit

Dynamo 123d Make Green Building Studio Rhino

- Bachelors of Science in Architecture

Department of Techonology

Domestic 5 day field study of San Francisco Bay Area

- Studied San Francisco, Oakland, and Berkeley - Visited SOM’s San Francisco Office and Pyatok’s office in Oakland


7 day field study of Michigan Rust Belt

Adobe Photoshop

- Studied Detroit, Flint, Ann Arbor, and Grand Rapids

Adobe Illustrator Adobe InDesign Adobe Premier Adobe Audition

References Prof. Rod Underwood

Dr. Dan Woodfin

Dr. Wes Janz

Chris Johnson

Professional Experience Arch/CM Corgan Associates - Dallas, Tx. Internships

- Developed and organized Architectural Specifications along with Construction Administration. - Supervisor: Chris Johnson, Director of Technical Design Services - Earned 355 AXP Hours

Brenner Design Incorporated - Indianapolis, IN.

- Assisted with Architectural design, Interior design, and Construction Management/Administration - Supervisor: David Young, Head Project Manager - Earned 486.5 AXP Hours

Other Clapper Reality

- Field Measured and developed As-Built plans of multiple commercial buildings - Supervisor: Marsh Clapper, Owner (317) 502-5460

Ball State Boys and Girls Club of Muncie University

- Audit of the Muncie Boys and Girls Club with a group of Architecture and Construction Management students - Supervisor: Janet Fick, Constuction Management Prof.

Ball State University

- CAP CRC Print Shop Employee, Supervisor: Helen Turner - CAP Software Instructer and CAP First Year Mentor - Kinghorn Residence Hall Front Desk Employee and Hall President, Supervisor: Rita Wiley - C.L.A.S.S. Incoming Freshman Mentor 2014 - 2016

Skills/Achievements Cripe Competitions Finalist (2016) - IHLA Competition Finalist (2015) - Furniture Design - Amateur Photogaphy - Graphic Design Video and Audio Editing - 6 Half Marathons (from 2012 to 2016) - Tri-Indy Olympic Triathalon (2015)

Table of Contents Bringing Them Home

Arch 401

The Polyark World Tour

Spring 2016

Impetus, Indianapolis Urban Design

Arch 402

Multi-Hazard Relief & Refuge Center A Human Perspective

Arch 301

IHLA Immersive Campus

Arch 202

Arch 401

Bringing Them Home 2016 CRIPE Competition Muncie, IN Arch401 Fall 2016 Professor Joseph Bilello

This project was designed and developed in conjunction with classmates Zach Bradby and Nick Moskwa. I worked on every aspect of the project from preliminary design concepts to final graphic production. For the final graphics I created the exploded axonometric, the wall section, detail section, energy diagram, floor plan, elevations, physical model photographs, the interior unit render, and post photoshopping on the garden experiential render.

Water Tanks

“Bringing them home� is a regenerative development focusing on housing homeless Veterans in Delaware County. Our design utilizes community based fine arts and gardening initiatives to facilitate the recuperation of our homeless heroes. In order to continue to serve our veterans and repay the debt that we owe them, our design features both net zero energy and waste systems that not only create a sustainable program, but also generates an income for future initiatives and expansions. Main Entrance


yt Av e.

Community Building

Gabion Wall Barrier


Hearth Fire Pit Retention Pond Reflection Alcove

Gabion Wall Barrier





Southern Wall Section (callout B)

Interior Render


Physical Model Scale 1”=1’

The Polyark World Tour Spring 2016

3 Continents, 30 Countries, 80 Cities, 15 Weeks

Lisbon - Evora - Seville - Fez - Granada - Madrid - Barcelona - Nice - Milan - Venice - Florence - Rome - Vatican City - Pompeii - Dubai - Abu Dhabi - Singapore - Kuala Lumpur - Siem Reap - Angkor Wat - Hong Kong - Shanghai - Suzhou - Xian - Beijing - The G chwitz - Budapest - Vienna - Salzburg - Munich - Prague - Amsterdam - Brugge - Ghent - Paris - Normandy - Omaha Beach - Londo

- Patras - Olympia - Nauplion - Athens - Cairo - Luxor - Nile - River Cruise - Valley of the Kings - Valley of the Queens - Aswan Great Wall of China - Ulaanbaatar - Terelj National Park - Moscow - St. Petersburg - Helsinki - Stockholm - Berlin - Krakow - Auson - Salisbury - Stonehenge - Bath - Malham - York - Edinburgh - Glasgow - Belfast - Giant’s Causeway - Dublin

Sketches from the World (The Polyark World Tour, Spring 2016)


Indianapolis, IN Polyark World Tour (Arch 402) Professors Rod Underwood & Les Smith

Modular Space Frame

Modular Solar Parking Shade

Elevated Zoo Walkway


Focusing on De-Isolation as a Catalyst for Regeneration Emboldened by what I saw on my travels around the world, I focused on the redevelopment of the GM Stamping Plant site area in Indianapolis. My site quickly grew and enveloped much of the South Western riverfront. Perforating the hard barriers that isolate my site was required In order to spur development along the poorer districts surrounding the abandoned plant. In cultures spanning the globe the lines between culture and architecture blurred. I developed a perspective of the world which consisted of hundreds of countries with unique ideas, all of which striving to become the next big thing. My project lays the foundations for the dramatic expansion of Indianapolis on its way to becoming a global city.

Zoo Pavilion Form Development

City Market & Shops in Existing Stamping Plant Craneway

Open Range Zoo

Tensile Elevated Walking Path

Washington st. w/ Metro & Bus

Zoo Entrance Pavilion


Pedestrian Bridge alternate View

Pedestrian Ramp over Swale

Pedestrian Bridge over White River

Swale Drainage to River


Overlook into Zoo

Cantilevered Walkway over River

Cantilevered Paths

Muli-Hazard Relief & Refuge Center Byron Bay, AU Arch401 Fall 2016 Professor Joseph Bilello

A multi-hazard response center paired with a hostel, community center, and light-rail station in Byron Bay, Australia. The aim of the design was to create both a physically and socially resilient structure. Physical Resilience has to do with the buildings ability to resist wind, fire, flooding, and climate change. Social Resilience is how the building is accepted and enjoyed by the city of Byron Bay.

aa Two Two

One One aa

Hazard HazardStation StationLiving Living Hazard HazardStation Station DN UP



Public PublicOffices Offices

bb Light LightRail RailStructure Structure UP






Outdoor Outdoor Vertical Vertical Circulation Circulation (Hazard (HazardStorage Storage Beneath) Beneath)


Community Community Wellness Wellness Center Center DN



Hostel HostelOffice Office UP



Hostel Hostel Water Water Collection Collection Courtyard Courtyard

Water Water Collection Collection Courtyard Courtyard

North North

Public Public Offices Offices








bb Three Three Hazard HazardStation StationOffices Offices





atform Rail Pl Lightl Platform Light-Rai


Private PrivateOffices Offices

Public Public Offices Offices


Light-Rail Light-Rail Offices Offices


Community Community Tech TechLab Lab





Hostel Hostel Water Water Collection Collection Courtyard Courtyard





Hostel/Emergency Housing Sleeps eight, can adjust to sleep ten in emergency

Hazard Staff Living Space Restroom

Desk w/Computer


d Bunk Be

Lockable Storage

Equipment Prep. Room Bunking / Social Space

Showers and Restrooms

Hide-a-bed Sofas Food Prep./ Dining Elevator

Community Tech. Lab

Hazard Offices and Command Public Computers

Covered Observation Walkway Conference Room

Desk / Work Space

Briefing Space


Wellness Center Below

Absorbative Greenery Soil River Rock Gravel Perforated Structural Piping

Pipe to water Storage Pump

A Human Perspective Indianapolis, IN Arch301 Fall 2015 Dr. Wes Janz


Restoring trust and understanding between the Public, those In-Custody, and the Justice System.


Reinterpret the traditional approach to Court House / Court Room design using the guiding principles of Grace, Personal Accountability, Equality, and Natural Light.


A Progressive Court House / Court room that is designed for the People, the In-Custody, and the Justice System to interact at an equal level.

New Civil Courtroom Design

Triangular Lightwells

New Criminal Courtroom Design

IHLA Immersive Campus

Indiana Hardwood and Lumbermans Association Competition An exoskeleton of cable stayed structural systems define the building’s form. Celebrating hardwood, the structural system is composed of recycled glulam columns, rooted in the ground, supporting the canopy of roofs with steel cables. The base of the columns pull away from the building further emphasizing the light, elegant structure. Once inside, under the canopy of roofs, exposed glulam rafters run along the ceiling, highlighting the inwardly sloped floating form. This external structure system allows the building to have little to no interior columns or structural walls. Because of this the floor plan is incredibly open and adaptable to multiple events. Also, the increased amount of glazing, along with a series of shades, block direct summer sun, but allow warm winter light to heat the building. A geothermal pump system in the lower level contributes to heating the space as well. Martinsville, IN Arch202 Spring 2015 Dr. Dan Woodfin

Floor Plans

A. Main entrance B. South-facing deck accessible by cafe C. Gift shop D. Cafe/register for gift shop E. Ramps desceding 2’ to museum level F. Adaptable museum space G. Auditorium (descending 10 feet below museum level) H. Steps and ramp to grade level exit to amphitheater

I. Enclosed walkway through building to amphitheater J. Adaptable exposition space K. South-facing outdoor exposition area L. Exposition prep-shop M. Men’s & women’s restrooms N. General office O. Manager’s office P. Conferance space Q. Training shop

R. Lecture space S. Men’s & Women’s restrooms/locker rooms T. Mill manager’s office U. Catwalk overlooking saw mill below V. Saw mill W. Saw mill finished lumber exit X. Coat storage Y. Mechanical space & Geothermal Z. Exposition storage space

1. Incoming road 2. Grass pavers for use by the public 3. Paved road for heavy traffic (logging trucks) 4. Public parking spaces 5. Employee parking 6. Existing tree islands serving as picnic space 7. Bus Parking 8. Public drop-off

Site Plan

9. Main entrance 10. Walkway through to amphitheater 11. Log drop-off and pick-up round-about 12. Covered finished lumber storage 13. Saw mill employee parking 14. Incoming lumber drop-off 15. Lumber debarker 16. 3 acre hardwood plantation

17. Public viewing boardwalk 18. Gaming pavilions & water pool 19. Amphitheater 20. Service for expo center and trash removal 21. Prevailing wind direction = Section Cut

Building Sections and Elevations

Thank You

Luke Benjamin Ralston Architecture and Design Portfolio  

A collection of design work that I have completed over the past four years at Ball State's College of Architecture

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