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What’s your reason ? Carthage is a special place to thousands of alumni, parents, and friends of the College. Each person has a unique reason to love and support Carthage. What is your reason ?

My reason is belonging. “Carthage will always be home. I give to show my appreciation for Carthage giving me everything!” – Kristin Brandt ’14

My reason is flexibility. “We give to the Carthage Fund on a monthly basis. Giving monthly is a benefit to us for budgeting purposes and allows Carthage to have funds for specific needs at the time it needs them most.” – Susannah and Creston Hart ’67

My reason is financial aid. “I give back because of the financial support that helped me during college. Whether my gifts are used for scholarships or other priority needs, I know it benefits the people who have the fortune of calling Carthage home.” – Fletcher Paulsen ’15

My reason is empowerment. “As a student, when I worked in the call center phoning alumni asking for their support, I started making donations to Carthage. I knew that, even though these donations were small, when combined with other gifts, they were helping future students to be able to have the same opportunities I was having. As an alumnus, I continue to give annually. The amount I give varies based on where I am in life, but I still always manage to make a gift. I feel strongly about this, because Carthage helped make me the person I am today — so I now feel compelled to help lift up the future generation of Carthaginians. It is important to me to see Carthage and its students continue to be successful.” – Derrick Collins ’05

Carthaginians show their support by making gifts by mail, online at, over the phone with a student, and by setting up a monthly recurring gift to impact students year round.

make your gift today for financial aid, a student organization, an athletic team, or your academic department. Share your reason for choosing to impact students and future generations of Carthaginians.

Visit or make your gift with the enclosed envelope.

My reason is great mentors. “I volunteer my time for Carthage students because of the excellent mentor I had at Carthage.” As a student, I received a Clausen Scholarship, which was much more meaningful than I could have imagined at the time. Mr. Clausen and I wrote letters back and forth during my time at Carthage and many years after. He inspired me with each letter and conversation we had and inspired my career in public service.” – Emily Kuhn ’99

What’s your reason ? Relationships built with your professors? Friendships you made at Carthage? Late nights studying with friends in the library or evenings in the residence halls? Competing on an athletic team or participating in a student organization? Tell us on the enclosed gift envelope! We’ll share your stories throughout the year.

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Kickoff Mailer 2017