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The Rotary Club of Kabul City Request for Proposals of a Partnership Grant Website: Email:


Executive Summary The Rotary Club of Kabul City (RCKC) is a growing civil society organization which works to foster a culture of volunteerism and connectivity of like-minded groups and persons committed to the improvement of Kabuli lives and civic spirit. The RCKC is looking to extend grants of up to 1000 USD to smaller sized Afghan organizations with a specific financial need for an established and self-contained project. Organizations are requested to provide a written application, details below, from which 4 applications will be short listed after RCKC executive review. Short listed applications will be invited to present their project at an RCKC weekly meeting. The presentation will be approximately 15 minutes plus an additional question period. It is expected that the selected organizations will receive their funding approximately in mid – May.


The Mission and History of the Rotary Club of Kabul City and Rotary International “To build a sustainable foundation for Rotary in Afghanistan, to promote community service, encourage ethical leadership, stimulate professional successes, and spawn friendships amongst community leaders. Our members will follow this mission locally, and also by reaching out to the international Rotarian community for exposure, support, and partnerships.” Initially established in July of 2012, the club developed its membership to a full roster of 20 members required for official chartering as the ‘Rotary Club of Kabul City’ June 30th, 2013. We are currently the only active Rotary Club in all of Afghanistan, and amongst only a half dozen ever chartered in Afghan history! While Rotary International began in 1905, it now has over 1.2 million Rotarians who make up more than 34,000 Rotary clubs in nearly every country of the world. We all share a dedication to the ideal of Service Above Self.

II. Technical Application / Proposal The purpose of these grants to provide financial support for a specific concern as a direct stimulus to an already existing project/cause, or to finance the immediate launch of a project/program. The criteria for the grants is quite open as the RCKC itself is growing and wishes to create new partnerships. Specifically, the RCKC is looking for competent benefactors that have an ongoing presence in Kabul, but can provide immediate outcomes with these funds. Applications which are directly focused on Kabul will receive priority, as will applications regarding youth, health and education. Examples may be: The hiring of an employee for a set term to provide a specific function to your organization. The financing of a specific program at a school, the purchasing of a particular piece of equipment for a hospital. A public awareness campaign at the community level, regarding health or education. The sponsorship of a training project or event of particular need. Application Requirements

***Please note that all applications must be submitted in English and are due by March 28st, 2014. Presentations may be conducted in Dari/Pashtu with translation provided by RCKC. Section One Organizational Details a. Organization Name:

b. Project Location:

d. Organization President / Chief:

c. Project Name

e. Contact Information:

Section Two Background and Justification (500 - 1250 Words or 2-5 Pages) In a paragraph formed narrative, please expand on the following points: I. Background and Justification of the Project  A brief introduction to the organization, its past partners and projects as well as the purpose for which the funds are being requested. II. Immediate Objectives of the Project  The project’s expected achievements in terms of effects among intended beneficiaries. III. Expected Results of the Project  In quantitative terms, to the extent possible, what the project will produce both directly and indirectly. IV. Project Implementation and Management  Who will be responsible for planning and management of project operations and what arrangements will be established to effectively coordinate with other relevant programs and activities? This section should also discuss whether project operations are expected to continue, or expand to other areas or sectors, once the current phase of assistance is completed. This could include plans for introducing self-financing provisions to ensure continued viability of operations on project completion. V. Relevant Experience and Capabilities of the Project Implementing Agent  The type and level of resources that the Implementing Agent will provide for project planning, implementation management and follow up. Organizations will be notified by the end of March of their short listing and a timetable will be established for each selected applicant to come and present their idea to the club members and guests. Presentations will be given at an RCKC weekly meeting, to which all are invited to attend. Presenters can chose to showcase their project in any way they like, no specific style is required, but they will also have to field questions confidently.

Rotary club kabul city rfp  

The full PDF of the RCKC RFP for Small Grants

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