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Bryony Pritchard

Since graduating from B.A (Hons) Art and Design (Interdisciplinary) in 2007, there isn’t a day that goes by when I am not thankful for those 3 years of exploration, play and development. I always had an interest in many art forms, approaches and disciplines. During the course I was allowed to find my own way through the path of an interdisciplinary practice. I was well supported by the staff and facilities, plus I was given ‘space’ to think and reflect through interesting modules. Like any good degree, there were times when I felt a bit rudderless, but I believe it was those challenging moments that have really equipped me for life after the degree because that’s when you learn those vital skills, which see you through. Now, when somebody asks me ‘What do you do?’,

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I still find it hard to shrink my practice into one sentence. Sometimes I don’t know where bits of my practice start or end, it all blends onto each other really. But I think there is strength in this because there are more possibilities, which is really exciting to me. My projects have quite a range to them, I love collaborating with different people; this has led to some exciting work opportunities and residencies abroad; most recently in Sweden. In my independent work I enjoy mixing it up – so coordinating creative projects for festivals and charities, designing and illustrating CD artwork, delivering installation performances, or leading family workshops in galleries to name a few. Maybe it’s that desire for constant researching/learning/committing/being flexible/ balancing/reflecting which the course equipped me for.

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