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Things That Suck From Cat Litter to Brains

Wires • Messy • Annoying • Confusing • The more I list what’s wrong with them the more I realize how much they resemble me

Unwanted Excess Noise • Doesn’t allow for concentration • Distracting • Slows your work down if it even gets done at all • Deteriorates work ethic • Could cause you to fail a course or lose/miss out on a wanted job/position

Sleeping In On Accident Due To Ignoring Alarm Clock • Can potentially make you lose your job • Miss out on something important • Creates more problems to deal with • Adds stress

Not using 100% of brain capacity/power • Hard to be a genius without all of your brain. Duh. • Examples: • Uuuuuhhhhhhhhh • I can’t think of any more reasons • What’s a better idea? • Re-reading the same gosh dang thing four times because you keep zoning out • Deja vu • Deja vu

Cleaning cat litter (Cat litter boxes) • Disgusting • Pain in the butt • Gets old fast • Makes a mess on the floor • Smells • Inefficient

Travel Mugs • Keeps drinks too hot too long • Or let’s heat go too quickly • Gives metallic taste to drinks • Can be clunky.

Inventing Something Better The Dynamo (Dynamic Travel Mug)

Travel Mugs Suck Right Now The travel mug is globally used, and is somewhat practical, but not as useful as it could be. People using travel mugs often complain about their drink being too cold or too hot, or losing its perfect in-between temperature and taste, so why not make a mug that will keep your beverage perfect for your preference?

Introducing: The Dynamo® Mug™ The Dynamo® Mug™ is the perfect travel mug that heats and cools your drink to your personal preference, and will even stir it for you if your sugar settles to the bottom or decide to add something more to your beverage.

How It Works: Heating The DynamoŽ Mug™ uses a compact heating pad stored on the bottom of the travel mug, separated from the battery with protective casing that allows it to heat the beverage inside safely.

How It Works: Dynamic Cooling The cooling is carried out by using the water filled DynamoÂŽ Cooling Compartment* (Patent Pending) that surrounds the mugs interior to evenly disperse the desired temperature sent from the cooler.

*Stored in the very base of the mug underneath the heating pad.

How It Works: Dyna (Pronounced Dye-nah) The stirring magic is performed by a unique mixer named Dyna. This mixer uses a coiled spring attached to a spinning base to quickly and properly stir in all components of your drink.

How It Works: Dynamo® Mug™ Controller. Of course, you need a way to use these features, so we created the Dynamo® Mug™ Controller. This application allows you to select the exact desired temperature of your beverage with a single gesture, as well as turn on and off the mixer inside or just use the timer feature to have the mixer turn on for however long you want whenever you want. (Example: Turn on for 5sec every 10mins) (Available on all devices and OS’s)



Aperture Cover Dynamo Chassis Heating pad

Protective casing With cut-outs for fan and charging port


Charging port and port cut-out

Lithium Battery

Dynamo Cooling Compartment (Filled with water)

Dynamo Cooling Compartment Water Tubes (To help transfer temperature)

Cooling fan vent

Timer 0 Hrs

2 Min

0 Sec


1 Hrs




+ Temperature



Inventing something better  
Inventing something better