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Welcome to the first of our newsletters, which we will publish on a quarterly basis giving updates of our news, highlights of each quarter and plans going forwards. 2017 was an interesting year for us, after a few changes at the end of 2016. Katherine Gudgin stepped in and gave sterling work following our Gala dinner in 2016. Katherine spent several months with us organising several events (and ourselves). She very importantly helped us with a cohesive plan with which to move forwards. After Katherine's departure we welcomed Luke Li on board in September.

Born and raised in Hong Kong Luke recently returned from an overseas education in the UK and has taken on TEF with great enthusiasm. We had a successful Elephant Week in November 2017 and there is a review of this later in this letter. Luke being on board is making a significant difference to the programme, allowing us to make definite plans and build partnerships. In this edition we will take a look at what happened in the first quarter of 2018 and announce a few of our plans for the year. We will also take a look back a few memories from 2017.

DID YOU KNOW? Elephants are in deep trouble. They are being killed for their ivory at an unsustainable rate of 30,000 a year. Approximately 2030% of Africa's elephants have been poached since 2009. The latest count reports that the number of African elephants has crashed to 415,000. 

THE IVORY TRADE BAN BY COLIN DAWSON The Elephant Society was formed in 2014 with the primary aim for pushing for a ban in the ivory trade and to educate people here about the plight of elephants and rhino. Along with many other groups and individuals we continued the struggle towards a complete ban in the ivory trade in Hong Kong, something achieved by a huge majority vote in Legco in January this year. However, the government has still given until the end of 2021 for the ban to be totally effective, something we simply cannot see any common sense in with elephants continuing to be killed in huge numbers and illegal ivory continuing to be found in Hong Kong. One thing the Bill did introduce is a significant increase in the penalties available to the courts for those found in possession of illegal ivory. To date penalties meted out are pitifully small and act as no deterrent at all. We strongly call for the Judiciary in Hong Kong to maximise penalties given to those found trading in or possession of illegal ivory. 

CHINA'S BAN ON IVORY TRADE On 31st December 2017 China successfully implemented its ban in the ivory trade, on time and 12 months after announcing that it would have a complete ban. The efforts of this are already being seen with the price of ivory dropping by 50% in the past four years. As we go to print news has emerged that the Trump administration has again reversed a ban on the import of elephant and lion hunting trophies on a case by case basis. This is a giant step backwards and we call upon those who are in a position to lead and effect change to actually do this and stand up for what cannot stand up for itself. Part of the challenge of implementing a ban is that the trade goes further underground. This is to be expected but efforts made to suffocate the illegal trade can spread far and wide. Part of our effort in 2018 will be to discuss more widely with corporates in Hong Kong discussing ways in which they can play their part in making it harder for the smugglers to get way with their illegal trade. We will be expanding our programme here

Photo by Tom Grundy/HKFP

over and above educating youth.


In keeping with our gentle move to include the issues of human / wildlife conflict into our programmes we have decided on a theme of Elephant Prints for 2018. This theme encompasses the need for elephants to be allowed to roam and we will be able to continue to bring art into helping educate for the need to preserve our wildlife. More news about this and plans around it will follow in the next newsletter.


A GALA DINNERTAKE A WALK ON THE WILDSIDE We are pleased to confirm our partnership with the African Wildlife Foundation (AWF) for our gala dinner this year, which will carry the theme of Take A Walk On The Wildside. For the fifth year in a row we will be holding the dinner at the Island Shangri-La and the date for this has been set for 16th November. The gala dinner is our primary source of funding and it's your support that allows us to continue our educational work. Further details will follow in a separate email in May but please book this important date for both charities in your diaries.  

Saturday March 10th saw the 6th Long Ducker at Harrow in Tuen Mun. On a blazing day over 1,000 pupils, staff and parents gathered to support this traditional day of charity and awareness while having healthy fun in the form of three walks / runs- Longer Ducker - a 15.5 km effort, the Short Ducker- a more gentle 6.5 km affair and the

Mini Ducker for the wee ones. The Elephant Foundation had a stand at the day and ably assisted by Henry Guy and Anastacia De Silva plus parents we raised over HK$10,000 for the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust through people adopting 23 orphaned animals at their sanctuary in Nairobi.

THE DAVID SHELDRICK WILDLIFE TRUST The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust is one of the two charities we support on the ground in Kenya. They provide a vital role in rescuing orphaned animals left in the wild, often as a result of their parents being poached. In 2017 the charity celebrate 40 years of its work and has successfully hand-raised over 200 infant elephants and reintegrated over 100 orphaned elephants raised in their care, living back in the wild.


Big Life was co-founded in September 2010 by Nick Brandt, Richard Bonham and Tom Hill. Since its inception, Big Life has expanded to employ hundreds of local Maasai rangers- with more than 40 permanent outposts and tent-based field units, 13 vehicles, tracker dogs and aerial surveillanceprotecting 2 million acres of wilderness in the Amboseli-Tsavo-Kilimanjaro ecosystem of East Africa. It was the first organisation in East Africa to establish coordinated cross-boarder anti-poaching operations.

LOOKING FORWARDS IN 2018 We are currently in discussions with a number of potential partners for this year. Understanding that most people are in Hong Kong for business purposes, The Elephant Foundation has a good platform to help firms build relationships with clients and market their services and products. This at the same time as expanding the knowledge of employees and clients alike of the plight of our wildlife and the environment it habitats. We welcome discussions with like minded partners who can help us reach those who would otherwise not be able to hear the message of conservation. 

AN EVENING WITH TRANSPERFECT In April 2018 The Elephant Foundation was invited to spend a few hours with the staff and clients of TransPerfect. The company was founded by Liz Elting and Phil Shawe in 1992. Having spent years working in the translation industry, they felt there was a need for a service-minded enterprise that could deliver complex projects quickly and accurately. More about TransPerfect, please visit In a social setting Colin Dawson spoke about the current situation of the ivory trade in Hong Kong and what's happening in the field of protecting elephants and rhinos. About 40 clients were present at the evening and we hope to collaborate further with TransPerfect on an ongoing basis. 

2017 REVIEW.... ART EXHIBITION WITH KATIE GRAHAM In January 2017 we held an art exhibition in conjunction with local artist Katie Graham. 50 guests enjoyed good wine which helped them generously purchase paintings produced by Katie. Part of the profits from the evening were donated to The Elephant Foundation and we look forward to continuing to work with Katie.

AN EVENING WITH COLLIERS In June 2017 The Elephant Foundation was invited to spend a few hours with the staff of Colliers.  Colliers is an industry-leading global real estate services company with 15,400 skilled professionals operating in 69 countries. To find out more, please visit Colin Dawson spoke about the ivory trade and whats happening in the field of protecting elephants and rhinos. About 30 staff were present at the evening.

GALA DINNER 2017 While the numbers at the dinner in 2017 and overall income were both down compared to previous years, the art exhibition and week overall were met very positively. The support given us has helped enormously in our main mission, that of raising awareness and we are energised for what's in store for us in the coming couple of years. As usual, the funds raised will go towards Big Life Foundation and our own operating expenses here. This will allow us to continue our educational programme in schools and prepare for our Elephant Week in 2019.


The Art Exhibition was part of our Elephant Week 2017. We were pleased to welcome (the) African Wildlife Foundation as a partner for this event. A huge thank you goes to Macey & Sons- not only for the loan of its great space but also their contribution help and support of our programme overall. The exhibition could not have been possible without the artists and a special thank you must go to those who have donated so generously.

SCHOOL VISIT DURING THE ELEPHANT WEEK 2017 A huge thank you to the following schools who supported us during our Elephant Week. French International School German Swiss International School Harrow International School ISF Academy Island School Kennedy School Korean International School Renaissance College St Paul's Co-Educational College


CONTACT US Please feel free to contact Luke or Colin at any time if you would like to discuss being a partner of The Elephant Foundation.

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