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How Do You Create a False Sense of Speed? The Friend of The Civilian. Porsche: Fusing Tradition With Modernity Bentley Mirabeau: Making The World a Smaller Place Land Rover: Iconic Heritage Meets Youthful Exuberance Fixing Our Broken Home. BMW: Blending Function with Form.. Citroen: Honest Design Mini: Undesign. The Reduction of Easy. Mans Best Friend Where Would the Automotive Industry be If Equids Never Existed? Miscellaneous: Doodles of The Mind.


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HOW DO YOU GENERATE A FALSE SENSE OF SPEED? Fascination with speed, and subsequently efficiency in time, has led to the birth of some of mankind’s most cherished innovations including the automobile. If however, this desire to move with power was to be reduced by the political jargon associated with global warming, how could the automobile re-create this sense of excitement whilst travelling at a measly 20mph?


THE FRIEND OF THE CIVILIAN. This semi-autonomous mechanised unit is dispatched in war torn regions to provide assistance to the innocent inhabitants of such areas. It provides food, water, medicine, live interaction (via the intercom) and a selection of basic surgery procedures afforded by the surgical arm. The Airdrop Civilian Aid Unit is the citizens ally.

Leg restraints Multi-tool autonomous surgical arm Hammerglass surgical arm cover Surgical equipment storage Arm restraints Collapsible operating table (stored in the rear. Manual set up)


HOW CAN I HELP? The intercom allows civilians to get in contact with an advisor, which can help direct the user around the mech, or can relay information in regards to what the civilians need in the next supply drop.

Loose supply loading bay Crowd control grenade dispenser Intercom unit Communication antennas Face/eye scanner Supply dispenser Ration packs

FUSING TRADITION WITH MODERNITY. This Porsche was developed around the idea of creating an aggressive form using broken surfaces and strength in structure to subsequently bring new light to the already successful and distinguished brand.


MAKING THE WORLD A SMALLER PLACE. Group Project Members: Joe Ginniff Jonny Culkin Tom Lumley

With an ever growing consumerist world, the desire for something graspable and meaningful acquired via privileged lifestyles has risen in the recent decade. The re-shuffling of our ideals has led to our experiences becoming our true desire. So how do we provide such emotional experiences? Well the idea here is to create a unified embodiment of togetherness whilst allowing for a more personal driving experience without sacrificing the importance of either elements. Our answer is the Bentley Mirabeau

EVER LASTING BAND’ Transitioning from driver centric experiences to family orientated ones, this graphic band helps to create a space appropriate for both the family man and the driving enthusiast.

ICONIC HERITAGE MEETS YOUTHFUL EXUBERANCE. Land Rover's 3 box platform has opened up opportunities for a world of discovery. A new ‘fun’ experience is being stimulated, subsequently pushing the brand into new markets chasing this youthful explorer of the 21st century. This 3 box platform is Land Rovers aesthetic direction of the future. Not an overhaul of the brand, but instead a playful expansion of its ideals.



FIXING OUR BROKEN HOME. LEVs (Luxury Electric Vehicle) are transportation units owned by the likes of Silversea. The once reliant cruise ship market took a turn in the early years of 2060 with global warming being desperately apparent, cruise line companies and other luxurious markets were forced to indulge in the ‘Fix Our Broken Home’ project. A scheme initiated by governments to help tackle the environmental issues before us. LEV's take the riches philanthropists ways and mixes it with scientific efforts to try and help patch up the problems we've caused.

BLENDING FUNCTION WITH FORM. The idea of bleeding the lines of function and form was the fundamental force driving this design forward. From the earliest stages of the project I wished to create a cohesion between the two, which would eventually lead to the 'Blue Blade. The motorcycle itself pays homage to the shark inspired forms employed in the current BMW motorcycle design language.


HONEST DESIGN. The basis for this sketch project was to design a truck which adhered to the issues of its size, and thus its expected aesthetic, and by employing a more product or Citroen Cactus styling design cue, this vehicle retains the value of honest design, instead of claiming that this is in fact a streamlined sports car..

UNDESIGN: THE REDUCTION OF EASY. How can an interaction based design complement its owners lifestyle? The Mini Adventure explores a means of connection which is based around physical human interaction. Less ergonomic, but more to love. Removable back packs, vertical access luggage space, a climbing entrance, an open cabin area and a removable bench all help in creation of this unique experience.




MANS BEST FRIEND This project is the encapsulation of a Land Rover designed around mans greatest companion, the dog. Functionally orientated around the daily activity of walking your dog, this vehicle conforms to requirements otherwise unforeseen in your normal passenger vehicle. all whilst taking aesthetical inspiration from stacked wood sculpture forms - such as the Fred Perry HQ reception space.

Dog Comfort Corner Treat Dispenser


Tennis Ball Launch Control/ Ball Feeder Wet Weather Apparel Hook Allocated Backpack Area w/ hook Welly Boots Compartment Tennis Ball Dispenser Dog Supplies/Cleaning Gear Dog Goggles And Lead Mount

WHERE WOULD THE AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRY BE IF HORSES HAD NEVER EXISTED? This project is the exploration of what if, not what is. It's about challenging the status quo, and what better way to do that than write a new history with new mediums and influences, where a new 'car' can emerge. These new design facilitators would be primarily based around the way in which social perceptions evolve and drive 'design' as a whole. For if we live in city that has self sustained ideals, how does the car fit into this society? This fictitious world sees the bicycle adopted earlier, transnational economies collapsing under 'green' ideals and 3d printing facilitating an era of biomimcry. The BIOS-1 design is a testament to the factors that seen its birth.


s. 4 sto 000 len bc . by ali en or se H

2132 World Demands Bio Car

A 3Dprinting future aligned with a bio present and a bicycle past seen the introduction of the BIOS-1. A very weird car.

The Idea



Autonomy, a reduced cabin area, small mechanicals (via reduced technical requirements) foresees the completion of the bio theme. The reduction of self obsession and instead a focus placed on the external world fulfils the necessities to be mans first true bio car.



The BIOS-1 design as a whole is a homage to its surroundings. Biomimcry through the seating design and construction acts as the users first contact point with nature. This leads to a food producing unit via the seats spine, which is symbolic both in its composition and form of mans dependency on nature.


How To Grow Apples On Your BIOS-1

So apparently this thing can grow stuff.

Towards the front of the vehicle you'll find the fertilizer box.


Pop that open, add some bio-super-growfertilizer, and then wait.

With a bit of luck, you'll get some rain. Green rain or conventional rain will do the job.

The growth aid system will make an appearance each day - encouraging organic growth.



1735mm 1982mm





MISC. Doodles of the mind.


Trimoto (group project) Collaborative piece with Jordan Gendler

Luke Robus Portfolio2014  

Automotive Design Portfolio.

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