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“Caret periculo, qui etiam cum est tutus, cavet” Publilius

Maritime Safety & Security Ltd TRAINING CENTER


“Caret periculo, qui etiam cum est tutus, cavet� Publilius

Since 2009 the annual amount of pirate incidents has crossed 400 ! Only in 2010 there were reported

1270 seafarers who experienced hostage

situation. Some of were taken from the board of vessel. ABOUT 40% OF THE VESSELS ARE NOT REPORTED AS HIJACKED Pirates are braver, better armed and more ruthless as never before. Using crews as human shield they negotiate ransoms for months. In the meantime to soften shipowners the torture and even murder the captives with no mercy. Currently the Gulf of Aden and Somali Basin are not the borders for the pirates. They hijack vessels in Omani and even at Indian waters! Recent reports about killed seafarers at the West Coast of Africa indicate that local pirates can kill as well.

“Caret periculo, qui etiam cum est tutus, cavet� Publilius

SECURITY CONSULTING Rich experience of our experts are people with practical experience both with military and merchant maritne background. What is more some of them have already experienced who already experienced.

SHIPP PROTECTION - DEVICES AND MEASURES The service includes consultation for selection active and passive means of protection on the board as waterguns, razor wires or anti rocket launcher missiles fence.

SHIP CITADEL This solution is strongly recommended by BMP 4 Guidance. Our experts who have already survived pirate attacks (MV BELUGA NOMINATION and the other vessels) consult the best room for that. What is more the

citadel will be properly supplied regarding the risk of staying there for longer time. THE CITADEL SURVIVAL SET In case of pirate attack and need to shelter in the citadel,

the box can supply

liaison with management and naval forces and goods of first need for crew. Content of the box can be adjusted to individual order.

“Caret periculo, qui etiam cum est tutus, cavet� Publilius

TRAINING COURSE Goals of the course: -





commanding the crew during pirate incident; -




behavior in the time of negotiations with pirates; - Getting attendants to known what to do in case of rescue operation; - Realization the issue of hostage Benefis for participants: - getting to known with threat of pirate attacks at sea - getting to known with the ways of dealing with pirate attack - getting to known with knowledge of commanding the vesseland crew to minimize losses in case of pirate attack and longlasting hostage situation - obtaining certificate after course

situation and providing tips how to survive long-lasting hostage situation

“Caret periculo, qui etiam cum est tutus, cavet” Publilius

DAY I Theoretical course: - Political situation in Somalia and its affect on current piracy threat and plausible connections with local and global terrorist organizations; - Hostage situation as a result of pirate attack. Analysis of threat, hijackers



aspects of hostage situation; - Case study of VLCC Sirus Star or MV Beluga Nomination—ship and crew commanding to minimize all

DAY II Practical training:

threats and lossess; - Will take place on the board of vessel for proper stimulation of environment; -

Attendants will play the role of

hostages; - On the simulation there will be co n d u cte d

fo l l o wi n g

e l e m e n ts :

boarding, take over of command, hostage




operation for release the unit and crew.

For practical part of the course, there will be used weapons with dummy rounds and firecrackers.

“Caret periculo, qui etiam cum est tutus, cavet” Publilius

Our trainers and experts: LCDR (R) Sebastian Kalitowski- former team leader of special combat divers unit of Polish Navy „Formoza”- Polish Navy Seals.






maritime tactics used by counter terrorists and security of ships, port facilities and psychology of terrorist activities. Founder Our methods:

and chairman of MS&S. CPT. Piotr Budzynowski* - Master


- Good preparation for this kind of

MV Beluga Nomination. He and his crew

threats cannot be provided only in

experienced the most ruthless aggression

theory. Our trainings put emphasis

from the Somali pirates among all the

at practical knowledge;

pirate attacks in 2011 and survived three months captivity. CPT.



Niski* VLCC






hijacked by pirates at high seas, far from

- Information gained for training courses is fresh thank to constant and professional analysis or both piracy and terrorism at sea issues;

high-risk area. All crew came back home

- Our programme is based on

and vessel was not damaged significantly.

international materials as BMP-4

MJR PhD Angelika Szymañska– Military

and updated after consultation with

psychologist responsible for preparing


soldiers for stabilizing missions. Expert in

experienced pirate attacks and long

PTSD (Posttraumatic stress disorder).

lastng hostage situation.




- The experts of MS&S have long and various experience in their professions not only at military field * Presence of the captains depends on their shipping schedule

but in merchant marine too.

“Caret periculo, qui etiam cum est tutus, cavet” Publilius



Strict schedule and high cost of

Training center is situated in

transportation for all crew to the place

Szczecin - Polish port city, situated in

the where courses will be conducted

north—west Poland.

may take very long time and cost a lot.

We take care of high quality not

Our team is ready do come to the

only of the contents of the course but

port where crew and vessel stay or

for the pleace where training course

come to another place comfortable for

are conducted as well. Our lecture hall

shipping company.

is in the four star venue where

Duration of the course can be adjusted to the shipping plan.

attendants can get accommodated as well.

“Caret periculo, qui etiam cum est tutus, cavet” Publilius

Maritime Safety & Security Training Center Since 2007 we conduct professional maritime security training courses for Vessel Protection Teams. As the second company in the world we prepared special antipiracy training course for seafarers who do not have tactical experience.


ISO 9001

GL Systems Certification

We take care of quality of our services. That is why we have introduced quality management systems for anti terrorism and anti-piracy training courses.

CONTACT Address: Maritime Safety & Security Sp. z o.o. ul. Dêbogórska 22 71-717 Szczecin-Poland Phone: +48 91 433 63 60 Mobile(24h): +48 602 71 08 49 (£ukasz Droñ) e-mail: skype: maritime-security

Member Signatory: International Code of Conduct for Private Security Service Providers

Member of:

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