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EDUCATION 2017/ 2018

West Pomerania University of Technology in Szczecin/

2016/ 2017

Izmir University of Economic in Turkey

2013/ 2016

West Pomerania University of Technology in Szczecin

Bachelor project

EXPERIENCES 2014/ 2016

Member of fundation Animatica: Support and Developing young architects and architects students


Member of rendering Club in West Pomerania University of Technology in Szczecin


Date of birth: 25.09.1994 Citizenship: Polish Language: Polish native/ English fluent Skype: lukaszjdwulit e-mail: phone: +48 509 817 188 A fresh graduate from West Pomerania University of Szczecin, faculty of Architecture. A highly organised and efficient individual. Able to carry out quality work and ability to work under pressure. Open for a new challenges and new technologies

2015/ 2016

Intership in architecture studio: „Studio Bal”

07. 2016

Participant in the international workshop in Itally organized by „IAH”


Work as a 3D artist in EkoluxVis/ Gdańsk

SKILLS ArchiCad 3Ds Max + V-ray Illustrator Photoshop + graphic tablet Rhinoceros

C O N T E N T 1.Bachelor project 2.MultiEcoHouse 3.Poveglia 4.Italian campus for refugees 5.Development concept Victory Square in Słupsk

„Be not afraid of being called un-fashionable.” Adolf Loos

Project of single familly residence in Gdansk/ Bachelor project The site choosen for the project is irregualar and unarranged and from many years city does not know how to manage with it. The existing building is an old tenement house from XX century which is in very bad condition. The entire project took into account the lowest possible cost of ownership.It is divided into a daily zone which is on the ďŹ rst floor, a night zone on the second floor and also an ofďŹ ce zone which is located on third floor. The project is the resultant of many ideas ,atmospheric analyzes and a lot of sketches that shaped its geomety.

Ground Floor

First Floor

Second Floor

The following diagrams show the stages of the building’s shape formation according to the sun analysis during the spring equinox. According to Polish law the designed building cannot overshadow the existing building over 1,5 hour in city center buildings which rooms are intended for permanent stay of people during equinox .

South Elevation

West Elevation

North Elevation

Multi Eco House Our task was design a single-family house, which would combine maximum energy efďŹ ciency with clearly resonabe cost-effectiveness of the porposed solution in order to compare to houses which require at least the minimum regulations.The project also had to distinguish their unique aesthetics and provide the people of functionality and easy to use.

Team Maciej Piskała Krystian Juszczak

Ground Floor

Operation of Collectors and Photovoltaic Panels

Ventilation and Heat Pumps

Sunlight Scheme

Collecting Hot Air in The Greenhouse

Tube collectors cover 11% of roof surface.The use of Tesla’ panels which have 15% of clearance

Ventilation with recovery of hot air

The use of the accumulation wall - Trombe wall

ventilation pipe in walls and ceilings collection heated air from the greenhouse

West Elevation

south elevation

Poveglia The history of the island is the main theme-the most important factor that signiďŹ cantly affects the planning of the island, We want to build a bridge between the past and the present with proper respect for events that took place there. Paying tribute to the burial site of many people we try not to violate the ground.This gives the whole an illusory feeling of forms levitation and symbolically weave lines through memory of history.

Team Mikołaj Strzelczuk

Concept Plan sport/ park paths sport/ park paths amphitheatre dorms dorms dorms canteene/ cafeteria

park canteene/ cafeteria dorms dorms dorms water channel


classroom and laboratories classroom and laboratories


classroom and laboratories

cafeteria/ workstation zone guests hotel exhibition/ auditory hall

university ofďŹ ces classroom and laboratories dock

Concept Scheme

Clasroom and Laboratories Funcional Layout 01 - Laboratories 02 - Classrooms 03 - Classrooms 04 - OfďŹ ces 05 - Communication 06 - View Tower 07 - Common Hall 08 - Service Area 09 - Atrium


-100- 150 sqm -150- 250 sqm -300- 350 sqm -100- 150 sqm





Communication strap connection the whole island with bridges. Some of them are ports, allowing to get to the island from any side by boat without any problems.

Italian Campus for Refugees The goal of the workshop was to design temporary emergency shelters able to provide reception and ďŹ rst assistance services to all people who are in need becouse of natural disasters, war, poverty and race, religion, nationality and political reasons. Key parameters of the design was indeed the rationality in transport, assembling & dissassembling phases and the affordability and availability of the construction materials. The reference areas is the Mediterranean Europe.

Team Stella Michalopoulou Giulia Lavolpicella Claudia Cola

Ground Floor

Construction Steps

Unfolded Elevation


Perspective View

Development Concept Victory Square in Słupsk Victory Square in Słupsk is the best place to create a representative public space, which should become the friendly people and identify with city. The area of the square, which is currently devastated by the circular motion It should be completely reprogrammed in impeccably functional operating plan. Functional program should include square and areas adjacent to it, so that they can become a coherent form that will not compete with the dominant town hall and buildings of significant historic and architectural value, the existence of which is an important part of maintaining the true spirit of Słupsk.

Team Maciek Piskała

Concept Scheme


Key solution on the square will raise the land to gain amphitheater. In the south-eastern corner it will be raised to a height of 2 meters, gently falling to the west. While the north-eastern corner would be raised only about 1.5 meters to square, so the user can easily enjoy the historic buildings.

Łukasz Dwulit Portfolio  
Łukasz Dwulit Portfolio