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Whether it’s the music we listen to, the food we eat or fetishes we get off on, perhaps we’re all just yearning for the guilty pleasures that by others’ standards are looked down upon. But we aren’t other people, we are ourselves. We like what we like and shouldn’t change our pleasures based on someone else’s level of attainment. If I want to dance to Britney Spears’ new album while drinking an iced mocha with 2% non-organic milk, than by golly I’m gonna do it. Spare me the redicule and I’ll do you the same. Own your pleasure. Chances are others will envy your confidence. -lukas

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dessert |diˈz ə rt| A sweet course eaten at the end of a meal. I don’t think so. When it comes to guilty pleasures of the food sort, eating dessert is definitely on the top of my list. Finishing an entire bag is especially on the agenda if it happens to be a bag of Sweet Bricks. This family owned and operated buttery toffee production is produced in San Diego, California by three siblings in the Perez family. An original family recipe is the base for this guilty pleasure, though you can expect seasonal flavors such as Dark Chocolate Cherry and Pumpkin Spice to tantalize your taste buds. Sweet Bricks is a true family business built from the ground up with a heartfelt story that started to help out a struggling family with ill parents. As if this wasn’t challenging enough, just two weeks before a grand opening of a physical location for Sweet Bricks their building burnt and almost destroyed the three’s dream location. But sweetness finds a way! The siblings aren’t giving up. After much debate they are back in full force, filling orders, churning out new flavors and rebuilding an even yummier Sweet Bricks. So go ahead, eat dessert first. What’s beyond the first course might be easier to swallow with something sweet! by lukas volk photography lukas volk

I get it. It’s a trendy word for the hipster vegan crowd. But does it really have to be GASTRONOMY?! I mean seriously. Seriously. Who decided that the word gastronomy and images of food sound appetizing together?

Maybe it’s very American of me, but when I pass an awning of a restaurant with “gastronomy” printed on it, all I can think is what articles I’ll be reading on the toilet later. Just some food for thought. by lukas volk

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by christopher duran photography lukas volk

“I’ve been found inhaling In & Out

in my car licking grease off of my fingers, exposed and unprepared.”

French fries, taco supremes and double cheese burgers . . . they’re foods we no longer admit to eating. As we become more nutritionally aware, fast food chains have become taboo. Who outwardly admits to eating a Big Mac in 2011? One would be judged harshly and understandably so. Such habits simply do not hold up to the level of sophistication we aspire to and the standards we set for our frienemies and friends. Nevertheless, these establishments remain in operation

and continuously profitable. The question is: who are their loyal patrons? The answer – we all are.

off of my fingers, exposed and unprepared. I’ve given them ammo to attack at the first sight of body fat.

greasy cheese. Don’t patronize the Wienerschnitzel in your gayborhood for goodness sakes. You’ll be too easily spotted, which begs the question – who decided to open such a “fat factory” in this location anyway?

Now that it’s out in the open, let’s talk about harm reduction to your dignity. With a healthy dose of discretion, one can continue to indulge in genetically modified value meals with reckless abandon. If you get an unbearable craving for Taco Bell, you’ll need to go a little out of your way for refried beans, starchy carbs and

Yes, I do have my secret drive-thru moments and, admit it friends, you’re not so innocent either. Whether we are self-medicating with french fries to treat a broken heart, or we are unable to resist the low price/ convenience of Del Taco, it’s all too easy to buy foods fried in hydrogenated soybean oil. Well take comfort my friends.

You’ll need to drive to the next nearest location, and if you must park and enter the restaurant, make sure to bring your BIG sunglasses and baseball cap. The good thing is, almost all of these “restaurants” have menu’s online, so know what your ordering

You’re not alone in your shame. I’m sacrificing my pride so you don’t have to, because it’s what Jesus and Oprah would do. I’m also hoping you’ll learn from my mistakes. During the past few years, I’ve suffered from the embarrassment of being spotted by acquaintances at the Hillcrest Jackin-the-Box in broad daylight, bed head and wearing uncoordinated garments. I’ve been found inhaling In & Out in my car licking grease

beforehand to expedite your experience. Don’t look or talk to anyone. Order quickly and politely. Any trace of bitch, and you’ll be discovered. Wait for your order in a fairly hidden area near the front (usually the seating area behind the condiments). What happens if you run into someone you know? First off, be considerate of the fact that, like you, he/she doesn’t want to be seen, though a discrete nod of acknowledgment is better than leaving someone unsure if they were spotted or not.


image of you unwrapping a hot dog and wiping chili cheese sauce from The uncertainty can be tortuous. Speak of your sighting to no one, and hope they do the same. My last bit of guidance may the most important for you to follow. Do not eat this “food” out in public. An image of you unwrapping a hot dog and wiping chili cheese sauce from your face will be the hardest for anyone to erase from their minds. It’s like a speeding ticket on your driving record. It’s hard enough keeping up appearances without such blaring disadvantages. Albeit deplorable, it’s just so mercilessly delicious, so don’t be too hard on yourself. Life is too short to deny yourself completely, but practice moderation, my dear ones. You don’t want to make yours even shorter.

your face will be the hardest for anyone to erase from their minds. ”

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“Nasty Pig designs, manufactures and retails innovative clothing and edgy products for the masculine, sexually self-assured man who wears his confidence on his sleeve. Our customers love the progressive attitude expressed by our functional, durable product, and it has been our honor to serve them for over a decade. Since 1994, Nasty Pig has been in the business of making customers, not sales. By putting the needs of our customers before their wallets we never need to compromise the high level of integrity that we demand of ourselves.� –

nasty pig tackle shorts & takedown jock

nasty pig take down jock, heisler short & leg harness

nasty pig ny street hoodie & hook’d up tube socks

This month’s WWMD is more of an idea to save two of your favorite things, that old pair of college underwear and those jeans that grab your ass just right. Don’t let holes ruin either one! In just five easy steps you can rescue the cotton that has traveled the world and boldy gone where no pantalon has gone before. Cut a patch of fabric from holey underwear large enough to cover hole in jeans.





Cut a piece of hemming tape long enough to go around the edge of underwear patch.

Lay down your precut hemming tape around the hole on the inside of your jeans.

Place the patch of fabric from holey underwear on top of precut hemming tape.


For this WWMD project you will need the following supplies: Pair of scissors, an old holey pair of jeans, an old holey pair of underwear, clothing iron and hot iron hemming tape. by lukas volk photography lukas volk step5

Press hot iron firmly on top of underwear patch until bonded. You just saved your cotton favzies!

We’ve all been there, greased up hands, old clips of Rock Hudson playing in the background (oh wait maybe that’s just me) just on the brink of orgasm when that hookup finally decides to call. If only you’d used the Lube Shooter by KinkLab you could have used your clean hands to tap that new iPhone 4Gs touch screen to answer the call. The Shooter. Relatively cheap and packing three different applicators, this lube accessory is a most have for the OCD sexaholic. The toy’s tagline couldn’t be more true, “Puts lube between the chicks, not on the sheets.” The Lube. LubeXXX the “Men’s Only” lube is a hybrid with a water and silicon base. Manufactured to look and feel like real cum, the color and texture echo ejaculate like non other. The bonus to this slippery liquid is just that, it stays slippery long after application. So go ahead, use a shooter and fear not the slippery mess of LubeXXX. Your trick will thank you. by lukas volk photography lukas volk


acts for me is equivalent to some guys writing an invoice in a cubical, LOL.”

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How would you define a guilty pleasure? I would describe a guilty pleasure as something you probably should’t be doing, yet you enjoy it so much you do it anyway. Almost like eating an entire bag of chips! Some of the general public might look at sexual acts as a guilty pleasure. Obviously this is not the case for you being an adult movie star. What are some of your guilty pleasures? Sexual acts for me is equivalent to some guys writing an invoice in a cubical, LOL.  It’s my job!  With that being said, having sex in a bar or public environment would be one of my guilty pleasures.  Something about the freedom of just “being all out there” if you will. Do you have any super embarrassing guilty pleasures that you won’t admit to, i.e. could someone catch you in the act of cross dressing and singing show tunes? Haha, well I have yet to ever dress up in drag, and my singing is more of a death wish then a guilty pleasure.  Lately, I have been finding myself looking out of my windows in my high rise peaking into the neighbors houses, LOL.  Call me a voyeur (or a creep!), but I like to watch people do things, especially when they think nobody is watching. What’s the most compromising/ potentially embarrassing situation you’ve been in? I don’t get embarrassed too often.  I mean I’ve had sex in bars, on camera

for years, with people watching etc. My “core,” if you will, is pretty damaged from all the things that I have experiences.  So for something to happen that would out right embarrass me would have to be pretty intense and incredible.  I am sure I will tweet about it when it happens (cough @ShaneFrostXXX Cough)! Are you ever turned on by being in a shameful position? I never was until I did a few “Bound in Public” scenes with Kink. Some of the things they have me do is VERY shameful, yet it is so much fun! Why do you think people have hang ups about allowing themselves “pleasure?” I think many people think the idea of having “shameful wild sex” is hot, but they would never do it as society frowns upon it, and they just CAN’T be that “gross” inside ... can they? It’s the same thing for porn. If I had a dollar for every time someone messages me on Grindr, A4A, FB, etc. with a negative “slut,” “STD freak,” “Disgusting Shameful Person” comment, just because I do porn ... Yet I can guarantee that they, at some point, watch porn. Double standard, right?  Or the ones that say, “I never watch porn.”  Your a gay man ... reality check. Maybe you do not watch it often, but to the ones that say “never,” I would like a lab tech to go through their computer. People like to project the “wholesome” image, because it makes them feel good about themselves. I find that the ones that are true to themselves, know who they are, know how to let go and have fun with life -- they are

the happy and polite ones. I find that the ones that do not know how to let go, the close minded ones and the judgmental ones -- those are the ones that are not happy in life, and nine times out of 10, those are the ones that are rude and quick to judge. It makes them feel good. I don’t know about them, but I would rather fuck to feel good then to make fun of someone and judge, but hey, I’m just the “dirty porn star.” When was the first time you remember “pleasuring” yourself? (a.k.a. When did spanking your monkey start happening?) I was young that’s for sure,  10, perhaps 11.   I would hump my bed because it felt good.  I am not sure when I figured out that my hand feels better then the bed, lol.  I am glad I did figure it out though! Did you have any teenage fantasies? ANYTHING that involved Jonathan Taylor Thomas and me was pretty much a go.  We share the same birthday, so I was assured that we were soul mates! Has age changed your opinion on any guilty pleasures? Yes.  When I was younger I used to be the one who would have these guilty pleasures, do them on the down low, and then judge the people who would be open about their guilty pleasures.  As time I realized I was a hypocrite and an asshole for doing so.  Now, I am just all out there! You only live life once, so I like to live without regrets.

by lukas volk photography lukas volk

I have a theory, a ‘peeory’ if you will. I believe there are sex trends that now occur due to the age of the internet. These trends are like any other fad, one day it’s six inch stilettos the next day it’s 3 inch wedges. In the current moment, we happen to be in the days of Urolaginia or as the gay community refers to it, Water Sports (WS). It was another ‘so true’ evening for me when all of the sudden I kept clicking on profiles that mentioned WS. This wasn’t like click, oh look he’s into WS, that’s funny. This was more, click, click, click, click, OMG WHAT IS GOING ON?!? All of the sudden one in four profiles I browsed mentioned WS. Had I missed some important secret gay society meeting where all the trendster gays decided golden showers were the new hot thing? I was intrigued and disturbed at the same time (more disturbed that I knew nothing about this fetish). Skip ahead to four nights later, when my initial shock had time to wear off and I could focus on

the original task at hand, getting off. I met a nice gentlemen online who wanted an NSA hookup, as did I, so i made my way to his casa for a perfectly safe rump, or so I thought. I arrived to conversation lasting more than three sentences long. Major red flag for any hookup.* Our dialog carried into hooking up which I was completely turned off by until we hit the subject of WS. Suddenly I sat up and probed his brain for information harder than my mister winky would have been doing to his bum bum. “What is this all about!?!” I blasted him. He continued to tell his long drawn out tangent stories, but at this point it was research so I was interested in what he had to say. The kind sir went on to explain that he was a nurse and knew quite a bit about infection: the HIV, the gono’ and all the other goodies in the STD pot. He continued with the analysis of ejaculate and how it carried more potentially harmful contents than urine, in fact it is usually so sterile that in poor battlefield conditions the U.S. Army recommends

peeing on a wounded soldiers open sore rather than using potential dirty water to clean the area. Maybe it’s the Army’s doing in this month’s sex trend? I still didn’t get it. Yes, granted cum might have potentially harmful contaminants in it’s gooey splatter, but it was still the grand finale of sex. It’s the prize at the bottom of the Cracker Jack box that frankly I just don’t want to give up for a golden replacement. Nurse chatty interrupted my skepticism again with more explanation. “So you know how cum is warm?” “Yes,” I replied. “Well urine is the same temperature. And there is a lot more of it!��� So there it was, nurse chatty’s peeory on why this was trending. Pee is sterile and more abundant, so why not enjoy the warm liquid a bit more? I wasn’t buying it. I still had my doubts so I decided to take a general consensus with my more sexually active and open minded friends. And for the record, the closest WS event that took place at nurse chatty’s crib was him holding my junk while I went #1 in the piddle pot. As my more sexually liberated friends sat around the picnic blanket playing boggle I posed the question. “Why do you suppose water sports are taking off in the gay sex scene?” There were a few fine answers

that I could buy into. One of which was generation X-Tube. X-tube has spread new sexual fetishes that might never have been thought of to the backest of back woods. Anyone with an internet connection can now see men sticking alien objects into their bum holes, women piercing their nipples with thumb tacks, orgies held in bars and nightclubs. If you can think it up, chances are that encounter is recorded and broadcast to the pervs of the world. Generation X-Tube is bored of the same old horizontal mambo. We crave more excitement, more taboo, more adventure that will get the water cooler gossip buzzing again. The fact that WS is so popular right now might be due in part to the many returning wounded service men and women or maybe it’s because so many porn companies are making it more mainstream, or again perhaps it is just the internet freeing us from sexually taboo acts. Whatever the reason, my theory of sex trends still stands. This month we’re seeing an increasing trend in water sports, at least in the gay arena. Next month, who knows? Maybe we’ll all be licking toes? For my sake, let’s hope not.

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What the fuck is wrong with cursing anyways? I mean, really. If an alien space craft landed on earth to observe the human race, do you really think that swear words would deter them from wanting to communicate with us? If you step back and observe a language or how people interact, swear words are really just another form of communicating a point. Though these words probably aren’t your 25 point wins on the scrabble board, when it comes down to it, they are just letters forming sounds that most likely make some people feel better. For some, using profanity is the ultimate guilty pleasure. But why? I suppose if a person is hyper religious, swearing could be an ultimate guilty pleasure. Profane, by definition, states the word is “relating or devoted to that which is not sacred or biblical; secular rather than religious.” Personally, I think that’s just bullshit. For me, a good swearing session usually has the same effect that one might reach during the “om” in meditation. In fact, I am sure many have seen a study by professors Richard Stephens, John Atkins and Andrew Kingston in the headlines where the press makes an ambiguous claim that “swearing can reduce your pain and stress.” Though I tend to agree with this, the study was limited to just 67 undergraduates whose hands were immersed under ice cold water for a stress test. The observation found that the students’ perceived pain was greatly reduced by allowing the participant to use profanity throughout the experiment, allowing them to keep their hands in the ice cold water longer.

Interestingly enough, this study begins with a thesis paragraph stating that “the use of offensive or obscene language occurs in most human cultures. People let off steam, to shock or insult, or out of habit. Cathartic swearing may occur in painful situations, for example giving birth or hitting one’s thumb with a hammer.” This observation made a light bulb turn on in my head. If you’ve ever read anything by Eckhart Tolle you probably won’t get past a chapter without him discussing the “pain body.” In my 27 years on this planet, I’ve observed that those with rather large pain bodies often choose to curse more frequently when having a simple conversation. I’m not talking about the occasional f-bomb to describe that douche-nozzle who cut you off on the freeway. No, I am talking about the person who would sound something like, “I went to the fucking grocery store to get a bullshit piece of bread. Do you know that shit costs fucking $5 nowadays. Man, fuck that shit.” On face value alone, it appears to me that these type of people have huge pain bodies. If one takes the original thesis of professors Stephens, Atkins and Kingston study beyond just physical pain, but emotional pain, perhaps this is why there is a rather large population using profanity instead of big juicy adjectives to describe basic communications. Maybe it’s time I take a look into my own pain body once again and find out what the fuck is going on. by lukas volk photography lukas volk

issue 7.3 - guilty pleasures