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Animated Gif The green choice, the smart choice.

The green choice, the smart choice.

Green Development This was a group project about switching over to renewable energy. The point of this project was to create a hypothetical campaign for the Green D evelopment R I company. F irst w e had to pick a target audience. Residential life was our f irst i dea but t hen w as shown to be almost counter p roductive. W e decided t hat our best audience would be large companies that could afford t he equipment and save money in the near future.

Decreased cost, increased efficiency 2017


Saving Two-Fold


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Switching over to renewable energy can save your business money in the long run. With costs of installment at an all time low, and costs of electricity at all time high, theres never been a better time to switch. It’s not just the green choice, it’s the smart choice.

Electricity costs are rising 7.79 percent in 2017 while renewable costs are down 0.37. It’s not just the green choice, it’s the smart choice.

Find out how renewable can help your business at

development, LLC

Riverfront Cinemas Animation This project was for 2 local movie theaters in upstate New York. I revised their existing logos and made a short animation using Adobe After Effects. The animation plays before the screening of every movie. I have also done various other projects for the owners. Please visit my website to watch the animation for yourself.

Magazine Design This was a project for my Print Design class. Within the class we learned Editorial and Publication Desgin. This mini magazine was 8 pages. Within the magazine I was required to include two print ads, a mock interview, a research article, and a creative piece.

Ski ID This site was designed for ski lovers all over the world. Every year big ski companies come out with great new skis but limited design options. This inspired me to create my own site called Ski ID. Ski ID changes the game, our site allows customers to fully customize there new pair of skis. When designing this website I chose to use some amazing images from ski mountains out west. To complement the images, the site used many different opacity levels to give it a more elegant look.

AirBall AirBall is a partnership company t hat i m involved in. The company rents out bubble soccer equipment f or a ll d ifferent k inds o f public and p rivate events. I completley branded this company from the ground up. Things I have designed i nclude: buisness cards, logos, T-shirts, signs, posters, documents, and most importantly the companys website.

Jeep Ad This advertisement was a project for my print design class. The project was to create a print ad for an existing company. Within the class we learned editorial and publication design. The software that was used to create this piece was Adobe Indesign

RISD Mobile Application A mobile app design intended to help visitors of the RISD museum. The app directs visitors where to go and gives the user information on each work of art.

Safe Sea This branding project is about a hypothetical company called Safe Sea. The goal of this com- pany is to clean the world’s oceans. They fund this by selling water bottles made out of 100% recycled materials. For every water bottle sold the company promises at least 1 pound of trash removed from the ocean.

Ski The East This is a fully responsive website that is intended to help skiers around the world. It does this by giving people the information they need to enhance their overall skiing experience. This website was coded using HTML 5, CSS 3, and Foundation 6.

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Graphic & Web Design