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I would like to apply to RSU, ... … What should my application contain? Your application should contain your high school transcripts, a letter of recommendation and a personal statement. … Who should write my letter of recommendation? A responsible adult, who is not a relation, but knows your personality and characteristics, should write your letter of recommendation. We suggest a former employer, family doctor or a teacher. … What should my personal statement contain? Your personal statement is an essay that reflects your intent to study your chosen subject at RSU, your relevant experience and your personality. … Can I submit my transcripts in my native language? In-order for your application to be processed, you should have your transcripts translated in to English. … Which subjects are considered “Obligatory Subjects”? To be considered for a place at RSU you have covered Chemistry, Biology and Physics. The RSU Terms and Conditions, Admission requirements and more information on the application process can be found here. I have been offered a place at RSU, … … What should I do now? The international student office and various student bodies utilise Facebook for communication with the student population of RSU. We suggest that you join the Facebook group created by the international student office for your study semester. There are also many student pages specifically aimed at students from Norwegian, Swedish, German and Asian nationality or heritage. The university too has a page on Facebook for the international students, as does the ISA. … What should I bring with me? Many of the items a student will require can be bought in Latvia. However, we do recommend that you bring with you a few necessity items and have all the items that the university suggests you should have prior to your arrival in Riga. We recommend that you bring with you a warm winter coat, as the temperatures can fall to -20 degrees Celsius. For many of you this will be the first real experience of independence, and as a result you may miss home. In order to lessen the effects of homesickness we advise that you bring with you photographs of friends and family and some recipes for 1


some delicious home cooked food. … Where will I stay? The International Student Office has a selection of trusted rental agents for long term letting and Hostels for a short term stay, this list is on the RSU Webpage. The Office has also prepared a document that details how and where you should look for a place to stay. There are many student run apartment pages on Facebook. … Where can I purchase home furnishings? A good place to shop is the Spice retail park. There are also many online stores, for example JYSK. The University prepares a handy Survival Guide, which provides a lot of handy information for newly enrolled students. I am about to begin my studies at RSU, … … Where can I obtain my course texts? The RSU library has a great selection of books that you may borrow. However we recommend that you purchase your own Anatomy Atlas and Histology Textbook. We recommend the Atlas of Human Anatomy by Sabotta with Latin terminology and Histology a Text and Atlas by Ross. The University has a book sale in the first few weeks of the semester, the books are provided by MedicalBooks. A company based in Riga, Autodati, import books at a better price. It is important that you shop around to get the best deal, sites such as Amazon and eBay have a great selection of books. Student also sell their old textbooks on the Riga Student Market page on Facebook by Riga Students. … Where can I purchase Lab Coats? White lab coats can be purchased from Floriana, Apati Profi and Baltic Uniforms. … How do I meet other Students? To socialise and meet other new students we recommend you join up with the orientation week organised by the International Student Office. We also recommend that you follow the ISA, RigaStudents, Student Parliament and the respective international student associations. For Dentistry Students there is Cavum Oris. A fun way of meeting other student is through sports. There are many RSU organised sports teams and student organised groups.



What do I do if,… … I misplace my travel documents? The first point of call is the International Student Office. They can be contacted here. Secondly, you should contact your nations Embassy in Riga. Click on your Nations name to be directed to its webpage or email address; Austria, Canada, China, Denmark, Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Israel, Lithuania, Netherlands, Norway, Russia Sweden, Turkey, Ukraine, Great Britain. … I feel unwell? The university has a health clinic at the main RSU campus. The university also has a list of recommended healthcare providers, here. … I need to call the Emergency services? For the Main Emergency SwitchBoard, call 112. To call the Medical emergency Board, call 113 or 03. For fire, call 01. For Police, call 02. If calling a 0x number from a mobile, use prefix +371. … I fail a Colloquium or Exam? If you fail a colloquium or exam, you have a second opportunity to take an exam or colloquium for that subject. … I fail my second attempt at a Colloquium or Exam? If you fail your second attempt, and you feel that you should have passed, you can lodge an appeal within 3 days of receiving your mark. To request a review of your exam transcript you should write a formal letter requesting a review to the head of that particular department. The International Student’s Association can advise you on this.