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TRIP OF A LIFETIME Traveling to 4 different countries around the world. Lukas Green

Vancouver Island

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia


October 27, 2010

Paris, France

Washington, America

Hello my name is Lukas John Green I’m going to sail to 4 different countries; I’m sailing with my friend Andrew, the name of my boat is flaming rocket. These are the destinations I will be visiting. Places I am going to visit.

Start: Seoul, Korea 1. Jeddah, Saudi Arabia 2. Paris, France 3. Washington, America 4. Vancouver Island, Canada Finish: Seoul, Korea

Jeddah I will have to sail through the Pacific Ocean into the South China Sea to the Arabian sea to the gulf of Aden to the red sea. Reasons I want to go there

• The beautiful sun set • The view • The buildings • The cars • The sunny weather

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Paris After Jeddah I will have to sail through the red sea, through the Gulf of Aden, through the Arabian sea into the south Atlantic ocean. Reasons I want to go there • To see the Eiffel tower. • To see the buildings. • To speak French. • To eat baguette

Paris, France

Eiffel Tower


I will have to sail through the North Atlantic Ocean. Reasons I want to go there • I can use one dollar bills

• So I can say soda • To have an American accent

Washington, America

Vancouver Island I will have to sail through north Atlantic ocean, through the south pacific ocean. Reason’s I want to go there • They have a lot of beautiful beaches.

• They have a lot of mountains. • You can live near the ocean. • You can collect a lot of sea shells. • You can see starfish up close.

Vancouver Island

Equipment I will need Knife Passport

Credit card/Money Fishing rod Food and water Life jacket First aid kit Map Binoculars Matches Clothes Flashlight Tooth brush/Tooth paste

Trip of a life time  

Lukas Green