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A tea tree takes five years to grow before it can be picked. After thirty years of age you can’t produce it. The stem must be chopped off to make a new one . A plant can serve for one hundred years.

Green tea comes from a Sinensis tree which is grown in China and Japan. The trees are dormant(not producing) in winter, but the new leaves can be picked all year round. The earlier leaves are usually the best quality teas. There are four kinds of tea: green tea, black tea, oolong tea and white tea. All tea comes from the sinensis tree, but when they go to the factory they go through different processing. The next page will show you how to process black tea.

These are steps on how Black Tea is processed.

Wither: spread it on bamboo Roll it: get the chemicals out for the flavor Oxidize: spread it in a room with air to turn leaves red. Dry: bake it in a hot oven

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Tea is the second most drunken drink in the world. Tea can be enjoyed in the morning, afternoon and evening, can be served hot or cold. Tea is mostly a hot beverage , White , green , oolong and black are from the sinensis tree.

You can brew 200 cups from one pound of leaves. China is the birth place of tea. Indian tea is the most drunken drink.

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1. Where does tea come from? A)a cow B) a sinensis tree C) a car 2. What's the name of the tea? A) Lukas B) Green C) Chair 3. How do people like their tea? A)Hot B) Cold C) Medium 4. How long until tea it can be picked? A) Five years B) one year C) One hundred years

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b) a sinensis tree b) Green a) Hot a) Five years

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1. Sinensis tree-is the species of plant that taste buds are used to make tea. 2. Withered- leaves roll up, curl. 3. Oolong- a traditional tea somewhere between green and black. 4. Dormant: not producing. An example is after Fall when the leaves fall a tree is dormant in winter.

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