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彰化縣鹿港鎮傳統藝術產業輔導計畫─成果專刊 Achievements of " Traditional art Industry Support Program for Lukang Township , Changhua County

目錄 CONTENTS 鎮 長 序 Preface by the Chief of the Township

鹿港工藝 綻百年

A Hundred Years of Glory in Lukang Craft Arts

10 工藝大師採訪實錄

8 鹿港工藝‧數位珍藏

Lukang Arts and Crafts, Digitally Archived

Interviews with Craft Masters

12 鹿港工藝‧綻百年 影像展 “A Hundred Years of Glory in Lukang Craft Arts” Exhibition

學習不間斷 文化永流傳 Continuous Dissemination of Culture through Endless Learning

16 產業觀摩‧教學相長 Observation and Interaction: Learning from each other

18 小鎮故事‧導覽培訓 Lukang Tour Guide Training

22 創意生活‧美學鹿港 Creative Living, Aesthetic Lukang


20 文化創新‧形象塑造 Cultural Innovation, Creating New Images

24 鹿港傳藝‧薪傳百年 Lukang’s Hundred Year Art Heritage

鹿港生活 賞心品味 A Taste of Lukang Life

28 部落格無國界 Blogs without Borders

30 地方文化、創意轉型商品化 Commoditizing Local Culture and Creative Transformations

傳統藝術 節慶共歡 Traditional Arts, Joyful Festivals

36 鹿港慶端陽 Lukang’s Dragon Boat Festival Celebration

38 百年鹿港‧傳藝復興 A Hundred Years of Lukang, A Traditional Arts Renaissance

細遊鹿港 餘韻三百 Hearing the Reverberations of Lukang’s Three Hundred Year History

42 鹿港小旅行 Small-Scale Tours in Lukang

44 手感心體驗-體驗工坊 Commoditizing Local Culture and Creative Transformations

56 出 版 資 訊 Publishing Information


鎮長序 Preface by the Chief of the Township 看見鹿港傳統藝術之美 鹿港傳統藝術,是鹿港文化的核心內涵之一, 更是行銷鹿港文化觀光產業的重要資產。近幾年來, 在上級單位及公所團隊、地方藝文界人士共同努力之 下,已展現既保存傳統工藝又有創意元素的新風貌! 鹿港今年入選為十大觀光小城,傳統藝術所呈現 的特殊性、豐富性及多元性,讓遊客感受到屬於鹿港 獨特的魅力。當然,我們必須在既有的基礎上,開創 鹿港傳統藝術的多元風貌,例如,透過桂花巷藝術村 的設立,讓遊客與工藝家能有近距離的互動,也藉由 DIY 的活動,讓遊客可以親自感受到傳統工藝的魅力, 在這方面,已呈現相當不錯的成果。 另外,鹿港傳統工藝的創新作法之一就是開發 創意商品,例如融入鹿港建築、人文與文化特色的商 品,如筆硯、獅頭等等。透過創意商品的開發,讓遊客來到鹿港,不僅可透過這些創意商品,更 加認識鹿港傳統藝術之美,也可成為遊客選購的伴手禮。 鹿港鎮傳統藝術產業輔導計畫成果專刊的出版,就是我們階段性的努力成果,包括針對鹿港 工藝進行數位化珍藏,採訪工藝大師,為他們的創造心路歷程留下紀錄;另一方面,藉由產業觀摩、 文化創新,為鹿港傳統藝術注入活水;同時透過民俗活動,如鹿港慶端陽大型活動的舉辦,讓遊 客來一趟鹿港之旅後,會愛上鹿港小鎮獨有的文化魅力。我相信,這本專刊的出版,是相當有意 義的一件事。 發揚鹿港傳統藝術之美,是我們努力的目標,除了桂花巷藝術村之外,還有鹿港藝文館、鹿 港圖書藝文中心等文化展覽場所。鹿港傳統藝術既是發展鹿港觀光的重要文創產業,公所團隊將 持續努力,藉由多面向的呈現,展現鹿港小鎮的迷人魅力!



A Close Look into the Beauty of Lukang’s Traditional Arts Traditional arts are one of the core cultural assets of Lukang. More importantly, they are vital for the marketing of Lukang’s culture and tourism industries. In recent years, due to several joint efforts with governmental authorities, the staff of the township office and local experts on arts and culture, Lukang’s crafts have preserved their traditional essence while moving to a higher level with new creative elements. Lukang has been selected as one of Taiwan's top ten resort towns this year, which is undoubtedly attributed to its unique and exuberant traditional arts that allow tourists to experience Lukang’s extraordinary glamour. It is our premise that more diverse artistic creations should be based on the indomitable spirit embedded in our traditions. For example, the establishment of the Osmanthus Artist Village enables tourists to interact directly with the artisans; also, the DIY activities allow them to truly feel the charm of traditional crafts. This project has generated fruitful results. What’s more, one of the ways Lukang’s traditional crafts are being rejuvenated is through the invention of creative products that integrate Lukang’s architectural and cultural characteristics, such as calligraphy brushpen/inkstones and lion heads. Through these products, tourists can come to better understand the beauty of Lukang’s traditional arts and at the same time pick a product as a takehome gift. The publication of the report for the Lukang Township Traditional Arts Industry Guidance Project records the remarkable results of this phase in our development, including the digital archiving and preservation of Lukang’s crafts as well as interviews with the craft masters that record their precious creative process and experiences. Moreover, both industry observation activities and cultural innovative efforts have infused vitality into Lukang’s traditional arts. Large-scale folk events such as the Dragon Boat Festival celebration always enchant the tourists with Lukang’s one-of-a-kind cultural attraction once they set foot in this town. I believe that the publication is both significant and influential. Promoting the beauty of Lukang’s traditional arts has always been the goal that we have been striving for. Besides Osmanthus Artist Village, other culture and exhibition venues such as the Lukang Arts & culture Center and Lukang Library & Culture Center have also been established. Lukang’s traditional arts are truly a key culturally creative industry that will galvanize Lukang’s tourism industry. The township office staff will continue their efforts in presenting Lukang’s beauty by continuing to promote its cultural and artistic diversity.

Lukang Town Mayor

Huang, Zhen-Yan 05

鹿港工藝 ‧ 數位珍藏 A Hundred Years of Glory in Lukang Craft Arts

工藝大師採訪實錄 Master craftsman Record of interview

鹿港工藝 ‧ 綻百年影像展 “A Hundred Years of Glory in Lukang Craft Arts”Exhibition

鹿港工藝 百年 A Hundred Years of Glory in Lukang Craft Arts

鹿港工藝 ‧ 數位珍藏 Lukang Arts and Crafts, Digitally Archived 百年鹿港,處處刻劃著歷史的痕跡,小鎮裡的一磚一瓦皆 蘊藏深度的文化與故事。隨著時代變遷,我們擁有更多的媒材 可記錄、保存傳統藝術並流傳於世,因此本計畫特地邀請專業 團隊,由腳本、分鏡、攝影、配樂等,慎重地逐一完成每一個 項目,並以紀錄片訪談形式呈現,期待與數位的結合,能讓鹿 港的新與舊皆記錄在影像中。


In the hundred-year-old Lukang, traces of its history are everywhere. Each brick and tile holds depth in culture and stories in this town. As the times have changed, more forms of media are available to record and preserve traditional arts, as well as pass them down to posterity. With this in mind, this project invited a professional team to carefully and sequentially complete each step of digital archiving, from the script, storyboard, and filming, to the accompaniment music. Various inter views were put together and a documentary was created. It is expected that the old and new aspects of Lukang can all be recorded through such digital images.


工藝大師採訪實錄 Interviews with Craft Masters 精巧的藝術品,在工藝家的細琢巧手下得以成型,無論是木雕、 錫雕、紙雕、書法、細木作及編織縫織類等,再再顯現鹿港獨特美 學,藉由訪談的角度深入工藝師的故事,了解他們對藝術的態度與 堅持,更透過他們的角度來看不一樣的鹿港,由資深編輯人洪震宇 領軍,採訪 19 位工藝家,用影像、文字紀錄鹿港工藝師的思維與挖 掘不一樣的鹿港之美。 These elaborate artworks are created by the deft hands of craft artists. A unique aesthetic of Lukang is expressed through their wood sculptures, tin sculptures, paper sculptures, calligraphy, fine woodcarving, and knitting and embroidery. The stories of those craft artists were explored through interviews, revealing their attitudes and perseverance with respect to art, as well as the different aspects of Lukang from their perspective. Led by senior editor Hong Zhen-Yu, 19 craft artists were interviewed to record notions of arts and crafts unique to Lukang with images and sounds in order to uncover the special beauty of this town.



鹿港工藝 ‧ 綻百年


“A Hundred Years of Glory in Lukang Craft Arts” Exhibition

透過『鹿港工藝 ‧ 綻百年』展覽會活動, 呈現紀錄片與訪談攝影的成果。內容包括具代 表性的木雕、金工、雕塑、縫織、編藝、繪藝、 製香、傳統表演藝術等傳統工藝,藉由影像來 闡述工藝家的故事及傳統藝術之美,2012 年 3/17 至 3/31 於南區遊客服務中心為期半個月 的展覽,讓民眾藉由展出深入了解鹿港。


T h e “A H u n d r e d Ye a r s o f G l o r y i n Lukang Craft Arts” Exhibition showcases the accomplishments of the documentary through filmed inter views. The exhibition includes traditional arts and crafts such as wood sculpture, metal crafts, sculpture, embroidery, knitting, painting, incense-making, and traditional performance arts. The images present the stories of the craft artists, as well as the beauty of traditional art. This exhibition was held at South District Tourist Service Center between 3/17 and 3/31, 2012. For two weeks, visitors had a chance to gain an in-depth understanding of Lukang from this Exhibition.


產業觀摩 ‧ 教學相長 Continuous Dissemination of Culture through Endless Learning

小鎮故事 ‧ 導覽培訓 Lukang Tour Guide Training

文化創新 ‧ 形象塑造 Cultural Innovation, Creating New Images

創意生活 ‧ 美學鹿港 Creative Living, Aesthetic Lukang

鹿港傳藝 ‧ 薪傳百年 Lukang’s Hundred Year Art Heritage

學 習 不 間 斷 化永流傳 Continuous Dissemination of Culture through Endless Learning

產業觀摩 ‧ 教學相長 Observation and Interaction: Learning from each other 我們常說教學相長,旨希望在人與人之間透過相互交流,學其所長。而鹿港大多 傳統工藝師們仍堅持傳統印象創作,為協助工藝師們能從傳統藝術創作本位轉型,保 舊創新邁向新時代思維,第一年於苗栗三義華陶窯、ㄚ箱寶、山板樵與業者進行交流, 及第二年至台北樹火紀念紙博物館、文化創意產業博覽會的觀摩活動,期望透過教學 相長的模式促進鹿港傳統工藝家們與外界交流了解並思考未來鹿港工藝如何轉型,朝 創意生活產業模式,兼具生產力與觀光休閒的新思維。


The Chinese saying “Teaching benefits teachers as well as learners” refers to the idea that people learn each others’ strong points with respect to knowledge through interaction. Most of craft artists in Lukang persevere in producing traditional works and creations. In order to help them transfer their traditional emphasis into modern innovation, some observation and interaction programs have been instituted for these craft artists. During the first year, there was interaction with owners of Hua Tao Yao (Hua Tai Kiln), Ya Xiangbao (Duck Craft Workshop), and Shan Ban Qiao Handicraft Workshop in Sanyi, Miaoli. The following year, visits to Suho Paper Memorial Museum and Taiwan International Cultural & Creative Industry Expo in Taipei were undertaken. The goal of these activities was to promote exchange between the traditional craft artists of Lukang and other craft masters outside the town, and assist Lukang’s craft arts in moving toward being a living cultural industry combining productivity, tourism, and leisure.


小鎮故事 ‧ 導覽培訓 Lukang Tour Guide Training 鹿港鎮公所為協助想了解鹿港歷史及有意成為導覽人員 之在地民眾,規劃一系列導覽人員培訓課程,特別邀請當地 著名工藝大師及文史工作者們運用實地導覽與解說來重現鹿 港風華,包含認識鹿港文化、鹿港現有資源運用、情況導覽 解說技巧及實際導覽演練等,讓鹿港民眾有機會更深入的了 解自己的故鄉,並一窺小鎮歷史痕跡與思考其保存價值。 For the local residents who wish to understand the history of Lukang and to become guides, Lukang Township Office has planned a series of tour guide training courses. Local renowned craft masters and culture and history experts are invited to reconstruct the local history of Lukang through on-site guidance and explanations. The topics include an understanding of Lukang culture, application of existing resources in Lukang, situated tour guiding and explanation techniques, and guidance practice. These courses afford the people of Lukang an opportunity to better understand their own homeland by glimpsing the historical traces of the town and considering the value of its preservation.



文化創新 ‧ 形象塑造 Cultural Innovation, Creating New Images

傳統技藝的開端是由老師傅們一刀一筆所刻劃出來的作品, 每位老師傅的背後都有著對傳統藝術的堅持,然而要將這些精神傳 承至下一代時卻面臨了許多的問題,鹿港鎮公所為因應時代的變 遷,使鹿港傳統藝術工作者與在地的民眾能夠有嶄新的思維、獨特 的生活創意,特舉辦『文化創意』及『創意美學』系列課程講座, 冀望鹿港小鎮能從傳統藝術形象本位,升級轉型朝向創意生活與休 閒觀光產業營運模式移動,更提升鹿港小鎮發展的競爭力。 文化創新系列課程,為對傳統工藝的轉型課題,邀請業界著 名講師,授課內容包含了文化創意經營模式、傳藝形象包裝、傳藝 品通路拓展與故事行銷推廣等設計相關課程講座,將鹿港形象轉化 成獨特的品牌並加以行銷,讓學員能藉由課程講座了解自身問題與 發現新方向,促進鹿港產業發展嶄新的文化特色。


Traditional arts began with the artworks carved or drawn by the old masters, and each old master persevered in the traditional arts. However, they encounter many problems when attempting to pass down this artistic spirit to the next generation. To deal with the changing times and to foster both brand new thinking and unique innovations in the lives of traditional artists and local residents, the Lukang Township Office held courses and symposia in “Cultural Innovation” and “Creative Aesthetics.” It was hoped that through these symposia the town of Lukang could move from its focus on the traditional artistic image into the operational models for creative living as well as leisure and tourism in order to further elevate the developmental competitiveness of Lukang. The “Cultural Innovation” course series deals with the issue of the transformation of traditional craft arts and renowned lecturers from the business world are invited to participate. The course content includes lectures and symposia on cultural creativity management models, traditional artistic image packaging, traditional artwork sale/display channel broadening, and story marketing and promotion. These courses discuss the conversion of Lukang’s image into a unique brand. This discussion is followed by an explanation of how to market this new brand. These courses help learners understand possible problems they might experience and discover new directions, enabling them to promote the new cultural characteristics of Lukang’s developing arts and crafts.


創意生活 ‧ 美學鹿港 Creative Living, Aesthetic Lukang 繼上次課程熱烈響應,鹿港鎮公所特再舉辦『創意美學』系列課程,以美學理 論及實務概念為主軸,邀請業界知名創意行銷講師授課及成功業者案例分享,為鹿 港傳統藝術價值觀注入生活品味,使美感元素與體驗行銷得以相輔相成,並將美學 行銷概念運用至文化商品,以邁向技藝、創意與生意合而為一的美學經濟時代。首 場講座人數高達上百人,回響熱烈,成功的推廣創意美學形象深入鹿港小鎮。


As a result of the enthusiastic response to previous courses, the Lukang Township Office decided once again to hold the “Creative Aesthetics� course series which are focused on aesthetic theory and practical concepts. Renowned creative marketing lecturers are invited from the commercial world and business owners are invited to share the experience in successful cases, in order to infuse taste and style into the traditional artistic values of Lukang and to allow aesthetic elements and experiential marketing to develop side by side. Furthermore, the concept of aesthetic marketing is applied to cultural products in approaching the age of aesthetic economy that combines folk art, creativity, and business. More than a hundred people attended the first lecture and responded enthusiastically, and this helped successfully promote the image of creative aesthetics in the town.


鹿港傳藝 ‧ 薪傳百年 Creative Living, Aesthetic Lukang 鹿港小鎮為全台灣傳統藝術聚集密度最高之處,有上百間的廟宇、上百位 的傳統工藝師,不管是金雕、木雕、錫雕、彩繪、捏塑藝術等等,在在都是從 祖先們傳承下來,獨一無二的文化特色。 為貫徹鹿港傳藝的傳承精神,特別在鹿港高中舉辦『鹿港傳藝 ‧ 薪傳百年』 課程,邀請鹿港在地著名工藝師、在地文史工作者及專業導覽師資為年輕學子 們傳承授課。 In Taiwan, Lukang is the area best known for its concentration of traditional arts. It has over one hundred temples and traditional craft artists. Metal sculpture, wood sculpture, tin sculpture, color painting, and figurine art are all unique cultural features that have passed down from the town’s ancestors. To perpetuate the spirit of Lukang’s traditional arts and pass this down, a course on “Lukang’s Hundred Year Art Heritage” was held at Lukang Senior High School. Famous local craft artists, experts on culture and history, and professional tour guide instructors were invited to teach young students.



部落格無國界 Blogs without Borders

地方文化、創意轉型商品化 Commoditizing Local Culture and Creative Transformations

鹿港生活 心品味 A Taste of Lukang Life

部落格無國界 Blogs without Borders 透過部落格與社群網路的推廣,除定期更新鹿港工藝專案計畫 內容外,介紹工藝師故事與文化價值內涵,同時推廣鹿港觀光景點、 飲食小吃與本案的體驗工坊等活動內容,希望藉由部落格的訊息露 出,讓一般民眾能即時第一手得知鹿港工藝最新消息,並於體驗過 後回饋於網路心得分享,建立與社會的互動管道,有效提升傳統工 藝能見度,型塑文化體驗融入生活概念,並達到傳承之目的。


Promotion through blogs and social networking sites involves regularly updating the content of the Lukang craft arts project, as well as introducing Lukang’s craft artists and explaining the cultural value of their works. What is more, Lukang’s tourist spots, its food and various repasts, and the workshops that provide experiential activities are also promoted on the Net. It is hoped that the general public will be able to access and read firsthand the latest information on Lukang craft arts through these blogs and then share their feedback. Establishing interactive channels with society will effectively elevate the visibility of traditional craft arts, shape the concept of incorporating cultural experiences into life, and achieve the objective of promoting cultural heritage.


地方文化、創意轉型商品化 C om mod it i z i ng L oca l Cu lt u re a nd Creat ive Transformations


鹿港三百多年的文化底蘊,凝結出古鎮特有 的珍貴資產,將深度體驗與高質美感具體成感性 價值,透過商品化,設計六項文創商品,適逢龍 年並結合鹿港慶端陽節慶概念,設計出強烈鹿港 街區意象的龍像商品,包含喜氣的龍型夜燈、與 圖像轉製的提袋和 T 恤,成功打進年輕族群。此 外更將具像的廟宇文化、特色小吃與街區影像等, 透過異元素結合,成為求神祈福兼具實用的籤筆 筒、影像化桌上紙鎮等文具用品,同時傳達鹿港 文風興盛之感。另外以鹿港多元的飲食內涵,將 各式小吃製成外觀的可口手工皂等,真實表達鹿 港人在地的生活體驗。 在生活品質提升,消費者追求品味感性價值 的今日,文化與創意設計結合,串連鹿港整體文 化,是為深耕鹿港在地,推廣鹿港走出三百年後 的新型體驗之模式,利用文創商品再次感受鹿港 精神與歷史美學風華。


More than three hundred years of culture have endowed Lukang with precious assets unique to this ancient town. In-depth experience and the loftiest aesthetics come to have actual emotional importance. Six culturally innovative products are designed through commoditization. As it is the Year of the Dragon, these products integrate this idea with Lukang’s celebration of the Dragon Boat Festival to design dragon-related products that carry with them the potent image of Lukang’s streets. These include an auspicious dragon-shaped nightlight, as well as printed tote bags and t-shirts that have become popular among young people. Additionally, disparate images of temple culture, specialty repasts, and streets scenes are combined into stationery such as sacred lot/pen holders, and paper weights with images printed on them. These evoke the powerful literary tradition in Lukang. Furthermore, Lukang’s diverse culinary culture has inspired the delicious-looking handmade soaps in the shape of Lukang’s specialty repasts, which genuinely express the local life experiences of Lukang residents. At present, within the context of an elevated quality of life, consumers pursue products with taste and which hold emotional value for them. Culturally creative designs connect to and are combined with the overall culture of Lukang, forming a model for cultivating Lukang’s local culture and promoting the new experiences of this town with three hundred years of history. These culturally creative products are used to evoke the spirit of Lukang and its elegant historical aesthetic.



鹿港慶端陽 Lukang’s Dragon Boat Festival Celebration

百年鹿港 ‧ 傳藝復興 A Hundred Years of Lukang, A Traditional Arts Renaissance

傳統藝術 慶共歡 Traditional Arts, Joyful Festivals

鹿港慶端陽 Lukang’s Dragon Boat Festival Celebration 慶端陽是鹿港的傳統特色節慶之一,活動至今已有 34 年的歷史,在鹿港鎮公所用 心的經營下,2011 鹿港慶端陽活動集結了「一府、二鹿、三艋舺」及南投集集鎮的首 長們交流締結,並邀請立法院院長王金平和彰化縣縣長卓伯源共為見證。 四城鎮締結儀式從鹿港開始,透過彼此互相合作、信任,為推廣在地傳統藝文特 色而努力,達到互利互榮的目標,再現傳統藝術新風華。


The Dragon Boat Festival celebration is one of Lukang’s important traditional festivals with a 34-year history. Under the careful management of Lukang Township Office, Lukang’s Dragon Boat Festival celebration in 2011 gathered the head officials of Tainan, Lugang and Monga, the top three cities of Taiwan in the past, as well as Jiji Township, to forge an alliance and encourage the exchange of experiences. The Township Office even invited President Wang Jin-Pyng of the Legislative Yuan and Changhua County Magistrate Cho Bo-Yuan as witnesses to the festivities. The alliance ceremony for the four towns began with Lukang. By trusting and cooperating with one another, the towns would devote their efforts to promoting local traditional arts and cultures, thereby achieving the objective of mutual benefits and prosperity through the renewal of traditional art’s beauty.


百年鹿港 ‧ 傳藝復興 A Hundred Years of Lukang, A Traditional Arts Renaissance 以「百年鹿港,傳藝復興」為主題,於 2012 年 12 月 27 日舉辦鹿港傳統藝術節活動,提倡在地的傳統藝術 文化,並舉行一系列的周邊活動:包括舞台活動及「鹿 港尋藝」明信片戳章遊戲等,熱鬧精采的表演內容以及 傳統手工藝 DIY 闖關遊戲,讓民眾能夠認識鹿港地方特 色,沉浸於鹿港的傳統藝術氣息,也讓本土傳統文化傳 承不絕。


“A Hundred Years of Lukang, A Traditional Arts Renaissance” was chosen as the theme of the Lukang Traditional Arts Festival which will be held on December 27, 2012. The festival aims to promote local traditional arts and cultures by holding a series of associated activities. These include stage activities, a postcard stamping game entitled “Searching for Art in Lukang,” exciting performances, and a game of traditional handicraft DIY. These activities help people understand the local characteristics of Lukang, immerse them in the Lukang’s traditional art environment, and perpetuate the heritage of local traditional culture.


鹿港小旅行 Small-Scale Tours in Lukang

手感心體驗 ‧ 體驗工坊 Hands and Hearts Experience, Workshop Experiential Activities

細遊鹿港 韻三百 Hearing the Reverberations of Lukang’s Three Hundred Year History

現今觀光旅遊已逐漸轉型為深度體驗地方特色的『小旅行』,強調與地區人事物的生活型態 結合,進入當地最原始的風貌,體驗不同以往的傳統文化,無法取代的民俗精神。 At present, tourism and travel have gradually led to “small-scale tours” which allow tourists to experience more in depth the particular characteristics of the local culture. These focus on creating a connection with local people, events, and objects. This enables the tourists to come face to face with the original appearance of Lukang and experience a traditional culture unlike the past, with its irreplaceable folk spirit.

鹿港小旅行 Small-Scale Tours in Lukang 鹿港的人文歷史、傳統工藝,是台灣無可取代的瑰 寶,透過小旅行體驗方式,親身體驗當地人文特色、走 入歷史情懷;當深入瞭解鹿港藝術文化後,彷彿置身在 小鎮的歷史脈絡中,使傳統藝術更能貼近現代人們的生 活,對於能夠深入體驗傳藝樂趣的遊客,重新詮釋了對 鹿港的新感受,確實再現讓百年小鎮的生命力以及濃厚 的人文氣息,也讓來到鹿港的遊客感受到『細遊鹿港, 餘韻三百』的魅力。


Lukang’s culture, history, and traditional craft arts are irreplaceable treasures for Taiwan. Through small-scale tours, tourists can personally experience both the local cultural characteristics and the historical nostalgia. After one gains a close understanding of Lukang’s art and culture, it is as if he or she implicitly understands the town’s historical context. This helps infuse traditional art into the lives of people in the modern age. Tourists who have the opportunity to experience Lukang’s fascinating traditional art will come to reinterpret its meaning and have a new impression of these works. Such experiences help introduce new vitality into this historical town and its culturally rich atmosphere. Tourists who come to Lukang can sense the charm embodied by “Hearing the Reverberations of Lukang’s Three Hundred Year History.”


手感心體驗 ‧ 體驗工坊 Hands and Hearts Experience, Workshop Experiential Activities 【體驗項目 Experiential Activity】

傳統藝術彩繪欣賞 Traditional Color Painting Appreciation 【專長項目 Expertise】

傳統彩繪、建築彩繪、宗廟彩繪、古蹟彩繪修復 Traditional color painting, architectural color painting, ancestral temple color painting, repairs on the color painting of historic buildings

姓 名 Name

李奕興 Li Yixing 工 作 室 Workshop

李奕興彩繪 Li Yixing Color Painting

身為「財團法人鄉土文教基金會」董事長的李奕興,致力於歷史建築物維護與 修復工作,從歷史建築、文物到裝飾,以「傳統彩繪」、「建築彩繪」、「宗 廟彩繪」、「古蹟彩繪修復」為主力,既是工藝師也是文史工作者,著有多本 台灣傳統彩繪相關書籍,多方位發展,卓然有成。 As the chairman of the board at “Local Culture and Education Foundation,” Li Yixing devotes himself to the maintenance and repair of historic buildings. He focuses on historic buildings, artifacts, and decorations, emphasizing “traditional color painting,” “architectural color painting,” “ancestral temple color painting,” and “repairs on the color painting of historic buildings.” He is not only a craft artist, but is also involved in cultural and historical work. He is credited with various books on Taiwanese traditional color painting and is known for his achievements in a number of areas. Add. 彰化縣鹿港鎮中山路 188 號 No. 188, Zhongshan Road, Lukang Township, Changhua County Tel. 04-7784466

【體驗項目 Experiential Activity】

捏麵人 DIY Dough-figurine art DIY 【專長項目 Expertise】

捏麵工藝、紙藝、陶塑、花燈、民俗陣頭道具 Kneaded dough-figurine art, paper art, pottery, paper lanterns, Properties for battle array performances

姓 名 Name

施教鏞 Shi Jiaoyong 工 作 室 Workshop

施教鏞民藝工作室 Shi Jiao Yong Folk Art Studio


施教鏞老師自幼即受家傳民俗技藝之薰陶,擅於捏塑,作品深入民間,取材來 自生活題材以及傳統神話典故,擅長掌握人物動作、表情及風格,捏塑技法細 膩雅緻純熟,線條流暢逼真,跳脫出一般技巧。對於傳統捏麵的寫意手法,帶 有濃郁的文化風貌及傳統氣息,把古老廟會文化的捏麵藝術,帶向另一個藝術 創作的境地。 Since his childhood, Master Shi Jiaoyong was deeply influenced by the family heritage of folk art and, hence, acquired a mastery of kneaded dough-figurine art. His works feature subjects of daily life and Chinese mythology. He is skilled in capturing the essence of movement, the facial expressions, and the style of the characters. Unlike other figurines, his are exquisite, elegant, smooth and vivid. The way he presents this folk art is rich in cultural and traditional essence, pushing the dough-figurine art originating from religious festivals to a new level.

Shi Jiao Yong Art Studio 施教鏞民藝工作 / Shi Jiao Yong Folk Art Studio

Add. 彰化縣鹿港鎮洛津里埔頭街 6 號(怡古齋 )

No. 6, Putou Street, Luojin Village, Lukang Township, Changhua County (Yi Gu Zhai Cultural Tea Shop) Tel. 04-7756413

施教鏞藝術工作 / Shi Jiao Yong Art Studio Add. 彰化縣鹿港鎮洛津里埔頭街 32 號(阿舍茶樓) No. 32, Putou Street, Luojin Village, Lukang Township, Changhua County (A-She Tea House) Tel. 04-7761527


【體驗項目 Experiential Activity】

編結面具 Woven mask 【專長項目 Expertise】

編結面具製作、專業攝影 Mask weaving and professional photographing 龔顯森老師除了鑽研於攝影及民藝品收藏外,更把傳統中國結的繩結技術和西 洋結的藝術創作,發揮得淋漓盡致,他利用剩餘材料:如棉繩、麻繩,甚至是 故障的掃帚,或是廢紙、廢盒子,等等廢材所做出來的環保面具,有中國風的 龍王、台灣風的獅頭、非洲風的喜牛等等,這些立體的臉譜,把動物擬人化、 神話人物實寫化,讓人驚豔,也讓面具變得更有故事性。

姓 名 Name

龔顯森 Gong Xiansen 工 作 室 Workshop

編結面具工作室 Woven Mask Workshop

In addition to photographing and collecting folk art pieces, Master Gong Xiansen is also fond of integrating Chinese and Western weaving techniques to make art creations. He makes the best use of leftover materials such as cotton or hemp cords, broken brooms, scrap paper and discarded boxes to produce environmentally friendly masks featuring the Chinese dragon king, a Taiwanese lion head, or an African buffalo. These threedimensional masks present these creatures with person-like characteristics, as well as mythical traits, to make them more dramatic. Add. 彰化縣鹿港鎮民族路 280 號 No. 280, Minzu Road, Lukang Township, Changhua County Tel. 04-7774389

【體驗項目 Experiential Activity】

春仔花、繡線花 DIY Making Chun Zai Hua (Embroided flowers) 【專長項目 Expertise】

傳統春仔花、自創鏽線花圖騰藝術 Traditional Chun Zai Hua and creative embroidered totems 用繡線、紙片、細鐵絲三種簡單材料,一線一纏繞,創作出鹿港傳統 Chun Zai Hua,同時創新研發時尚的胸花及頭飾,讓繡線花手藝呈現一幅幅生動活潑的圖 騰藝術,賦予每一朵「Chun Zai Hua」,獨特的、吉祥的文化含義,一朵花就是 一個典故,一種濃厚的祝福與象徵語意。

姓 名 Name


Shi Limei

工 作 室 Workshop

鹿港春仔花 Lukang Chun Zai Hua

除了研發創新外,更在許多的社區、農會從事「Chun Zai Hua」教學,培育諸多 種子教師,深深希望推廣此項傳統手藝,繼續傳承下去。 Chun Zai Hua is a craft piece made of three simple materials intertwined together: embroidery thread, paper pieces, and fine iron wire. In addition to making traditional Chun Zai Hua, Master Shi Limei also develops fashionable creations, like brooches and head dresses, making each embroidered flower a lively piece of art. This gives unique and auspicious cultural significance to every Chun Zai Hua. Each flower bears a story and is rich in symbolic meanings. Add. 彰化縣鹿港鎮民族路 280 號 No. 280, Minzu Road, Lukang Township, Changhua County Tel. 04-7774389

【體驗項目 Experiential Activity】

童玩 DIY Silk fabric toys DIY 【專長項目 Expertise】

絲布童玩製作 Making silk fabric toys 製作絲布童玩長達三十多年的藝術家尤金科老師,創作靈感大都來自大自然, 豐富多樣化的特性。善用手邊的絲襪布、空鋁罐、田野鄉間的竹子…做出許多生 動有趣的童玩。作品獨具風格、豐富多樣、不斷創新,寓傳統於創新之中。 姓 名 Name

尤金科 Yu Jinke

Master Yu Jinke has been making silk fabric toys for over three decades. His ideas are, for the most part, inspired by nature. This makes his creations exuberant and diverse. He is good at using silk stockings, empty aluminum cans, bamboo, and other materials at hand to produce a myriad of intriguing and lively toys. His re-creation of traditional innovative techniques make his works unique.

工 作 室 Workshop

Add. 彰化縣福興鄉 87 巷 84 號 No. 84, Lane 87, Fuxing Township, Changhua County


Tel. 04-7772223

Silk Fabric Toys


【體驗項目 Experiential Activity】

獅頭彩繪 DIY Lion head color painting DIY 【專長項目 Expertise】

獅頭製作、獅頭彩繪 Lion head manufacture, lion head color painting 施竣雄老師的獅頭面具保有傳統宗廟文化特有美感,色彩豐富卻不花俏,造型 圓潤,威儀中帶著慈祥,穩重裡含有包容,獅頭作品中帶著他特有的創作美感, 製作袖珍型小獅頭,小巧可愛,便於收藏,可懸掛於宅內或車內掛飾。 姓 名 Name

施竣雄 Shi Junxiong

Master Shi Junxiong’s lion head masks have retained the unique aesthetic of traditional ancestral temple culture; they are colorful but not gaudy, round and smooth, powerful yet affable, as well as accommodating in their fortitude. The lion heads are infused with his unique aesthetic creative sense. The mini lion heads he makes are small and cute collectors’ items which can be hung in homes or cars for decoration.

工 作 室 Workshop

Add. 彰化縣鹿港鎮永安三路 14 巷 23 號


No. 23, Lane 14, Yong-An 3rd Road, Lukang Township, Changhua County

Shi Gong Guan Workshop

Tel. 0911-111430

【體驗項目 Experiential Activity】

捏麵人 DIY Dough-figurine art DIY 【專長項目 Expertise】

捏麵工藝 Kneaded dough-figurine art 陳巧凰老師,一位年輕的藝術創作家,平常善用地方資源及特色,發展捏麵的 民俗創作,透過捏麵藝術的創作與欣賞,讓人快樂的學習,發展潛能有創意, 也懂得欣賞藝術美學,讓美學融入日常生活中,美化生活環境和個人心靈。

姓 名 Name

陳巧凰 Chen Qiaohuang 工 作 室 Workshop

As a young artist, Master Chen Qiaohuang is good at incorporating local resources and features into her kneaded dough-figurine creations. Her goal is to make people happy and explore their creativity through the learning and appreciation of kneaded dough-figurine art, so that they will know how to appreciate art and bring aesthetics into daily life, thus making their life and mind more beautiful. 電話預約 / Phone reservations Tel. 04-7768395

巧藝凰工作室 Qiao Yi Huang Workshop 【體驗項目 Experiential Activity】

土拈香布袋戲 DIY、童玩 DIY Making your own Clay hand puppets and toys 【專長項目 Expertise】

布袋戲偶製作 Making hand puppets 徐智雄老師從國小畢業後,即隨著父親從事土拈香 ( 羅拈香 ) 布袋戲的製作,以 三代工藝世家的經驗,潛心研發出一系列土拈香 DIY 的教材,從粗坯、打底、上 色,讓學員充分發揮創意,打造屬於自己的土拈香布袋戲。 姓 名 Name

徐智雄 Xu Zhixiong 工 作 室 Workshop

徐智雄傳統藝術 工坊 Xu Zhixiong Workshop of Traditional Arts


After graduating from the primary school, Master Xu Zhixiong devoted himself to making clay hand puppets under his father’s instruction. With three generations of experience passed down to him, Master Xu has developed a series of materials to teaching people how to make clay hand puppets. This series allows learners to fully elaborate their creativity and make their own clay hand puppets. This process includes creating the rough initial puppet body, bottoming, and coloring. Add. 彰化縣鹿港鎮成功路 149 巷 32 號 No. 32, Lane 149, Chenggong Road, Lukang Township, Changhua County Tel. 04-7773353

【體驗項目 Experiential Activity】

畫扇 DIY Fan painting DIY 【專長項目 Expertise】

油畫、國畫 Oil painting; Chinese painting 門口掛著好友致贈的「彥仲麵茶」大匾額,一面牆上掛滿彩繪畫扇、與外國人 的合照及獎狀,房內一張大桌子上常散置著剛完成的扇子和畫扇用具,林西雄 老師專長國畫紙扇工藝,多年來除了從事國畫扇工藝,更舉辦現場 DIY 教學,持 續傳承傳統藝術。 姓 名 Name

林西雄 Lin Xixiong 工 作 室 Workshop

彥仲畫扇 Yan Zhong Painted Fans

A plaque inscribed with the words “Yan Zhong Millet Mush” is hung above the gate of Yan Zhong Painted Fans. One of the walls in the room is covered with painted fans, photographs taken with foreign visitors, and certificates of commendation. Freshly painted fans and painting tools are often to be found on a large table in the room. Master Lin Xixiong specializes in paper fan craft featuring Chinese paintings. In addition to painting fans for many years, he often holds fan painting activities to pass down this traditional skill. Add. 彰化縣鹿港鎮埔頭街 42 號 No. 42, Putou Street, Lukang Township, Changhua County Tel. 04-7762443

【體驗項目 Experiential Activity】

皮影戲、童玩 DIY Making your own shadow puppets and toys 【專長項目 Expertise】

皮影戲表演、教學、鄉土童玩教學 Shadow puppet performance and teaching; native toy education 製作絲布童玩長達三十多年的藝術家尤金科老師,創作靈感大都來自大自然, 豐富多樣化的特性。善用手邊的絲襪布、空鋁罐、田野鄉間的竹子…做出許多 生動有趣的童玩。作品獨具風格、豐富多樣、不斷創新,寓傳統於創新之中。

工 作 室 Workshop

Master Yu Jinke has been making silk fabric toys for over three decades. His ideas are, for the most part, inspired by nature. This makes his creations exuberant and diverse. He is good at using silk stockings, empty aluminum cans, bamboo, and other materials at hand to produce a myriad of intriguing and lively toys. His re-creation of traditional innovative techniques make his works unique.


Add. 彰化縣鹿港鎮復興路 683 號 No. 683, Fuxing Road, Lukang Township, Changhua County

姓 名 Name

蘇英漢 Su Yinghan

Folk Art & Toys Workshop

Tel. 0915-230892

【體驗項目 Experiential Activity】

碎花小雨傘 DIY Making your own miniature flower-patterned umbrella 【專長項目 Expertise】

五吊色傘、碎花小雨傘製作 Making five-colored and miniature flower-patterned umbrella 從事五吊色傘的製作,尤素珍老師說不知不覺已經過了三十多年,她說以前的 五吊色傘都賣得很好,常常外銷到國外,但這個過去小孩都喜歡玩的玩具,隨 著科技的進步已逐漸式微。30 年前,一個小碎花小雨傘賣五塊錢,30 年後的今 天仍是賣五塊錢,不管時代如何的變化,尤素珍仍堅持信念,傳承兒時的記憶。 姓 名 Name

尤素珍 Yu Suzhen 工 作 室 Workshop

素珍工作坊 Su Zhen Workshop

It has been over three decades since Master Yu Suzhen started making five-colored umbrellas. She said five-colored umbrella used to be a popular item for export. However, with the advancement of technology, children nowadays no longer enjoy playing with this type of toy, which in turn has led to a decline in the popularity of miniature umbrellas. Three decades ago, a miniature flower-patterned umbrella was priced at TWD 5, and it remains the same to this day. Despite generational changes, Yu Suzhen still desires to pass down her childhood memories. Add. 彰化縣鹿港鎮親民路 38 號 No. 38, Qinming Road, Lukang Township, Changhua County Tel. 04-7776595


【體驗項目 Experiential Activity】

香包、福袋 DIY Sachet and lucky bags DIY 【專長項目 Expertise】

香包、福袋製作、教學 Making and teaching sachet and lucky bags 香包是傳統藝術的一種物品,也代表以前婦女巧手,縫製不同生活用品,早年 的鹿港有個習俗,當新嫁娘剛嫁到婆家過第一年端午,需要自己做香包當禮物 送給親戚或小朋友當禮物。周月容老師從事多年的創作題材多來自書中的圖騰, 找尋吉祥的象徵語意後,再經由繪圖、剪裁、縫紉,只要有空閒,就不停的製作, 樂此不疲。

姓 名 Name

周月容 Zhou Yuerong 工 作 室 Workshop

周月容香包手工坊 Zhou Yuerong Hand Made Sachet shop

The sachet is a traditional craft piece used to show a woman’s skill in needlework. There was a custom in Lukang’s early days that a newly wed woman needed to make sachets as gifts for relatives on the first Dragon Boat Festival she spent at her in-laws’. Zhou Yuerong mostly finds patterns bearing auspicious significance from books for the works she has created over the years. She duplicates the patterns and then cuts and sews them. In addition, she uses all of her spare time to make sachets and lucky bags. Add. 彰化縣鹿港鎮杉行街 11 號 No. 11, Shanxing Street, Lukang Township, Changhua County Tel. 04-7772840

【體驗項目 Experiential Activity】

益智積木體驗 Educational building blocks 【專長項目 Expertise】

益智積木製作 Making educational building blocks 「榮佳益智積木館」的館長張榮佳,將中國古老的智慧,研發出多種益智的積 木玩具,如:七巧椅、魯班鎖、多角積木、組合多變型等多款遊戲,不只可以 訓練小朋友的益智概念,對於大人也非常有挑戰性,這些變化多端充滿數學概 念的積木,非常具有收藏的價值,會讓你百玩不厭。

工 作 室 Workshop

As the chief of the Rong Jia Educational Building Blocks Hall, Zhang Rongjia has developed an array of educational building blocks to pass down the ancient wisdom of Chinese culture. Toys like Tangram chairs, Chinese lock puzzles and multi-angle building blocks not only benefit children’s intellectual development but also challenge adults’ intelligence. With a diversity of combinations based on mathematical concepts, these building blocks are a valuable collection you can play again and again without getting bored.


Add. 彰化縣鹿港鎮埔頭街 39 號 No. 39, Putou Street, Lukang Township, Changhua County

Rong Jia Educational Building Blocks Hall

Tel. 0923-268270

姓 名 Name

張榮佳 Zhang Rongjia

【體驗項目 Experiential Activity】

刺繡 DIY Making your own embroidery 【專長項目 Expertise】

刺繡教學 Embroidery teaching 從簡易的鎖繡、輪廓繡、緞面繡、長短針繡等針法開始將傳統刺繡運用在服飾、 包包、書套、別針項鍊等物件中。實踐生活美學,也領略傳統刺繡工藝的美。 Master Li Shulan applies various methods of stitches, including lockstitch, outline stitch, satin stitch, and long-short stitch, to the making of items like clothes, bags, book covers, brooches, and necklaces. In this way, she realizes the beauty of embroidery while practicing everyday life aesthetics.

姓 名 Name


Li Shulan

工 作 室 Workshop

蕙質蘭心刺繡坊 Lan’s Embroidery Workshop


Add. 彰化縣鹿港鎮四維路 70 號 No.70, Siwei Road, Lukang Township, Changhua County Tel. 0921-042678

【體驗項目 Experiential Activity】

木雕體驗、傳統藝術木雕欣賞 Making and appreciating wood sculptures 【專長項目 Expertise】

各式木雕創作 Various wood sculpture creations 黃椿樣雕刻藝術館坐落於鹿港熱鬧的中山路上,體驗方式:可分小孩彩畫木雕, 從花鳥到卡通圖案都有;大人則可以體驗木雕製作,從平面到立體都有。作品 可以從鹿港文化精神,如寺廟、人物、景觀,將生命與木雕結合,讓作品不只 是紀念品,也是有文化精神、有歷史故事的藝術品。 姓 名 Name

黃椿樣 Huang Chunyang 工 作 室 Workshop

黃椿樣雕刻 藝術館

Located on the bustling Zhongshan Road of Lukang, Huang Chunyang Hall of Sculpture offers wood sculpture experiential courses for both children and adults. Children can color wood sculptures with a variety of patterns such as flowers, birds, and cartoon characters; adults can experience making two- or three-dimensional wood sculptures. His works features Lukang cultural facets such as temples, figures, and landscapes. His works are not just souvenirs but also artworks bearing Lukang’s cultural spirit and history. Add. 彰化縣鹿港鎮中山路 274 號 No. 274, Zhongshan Road, Lukang Township, Changhua County Tel. 04-7784797

Huang Chunyang Hall of Sculpture 【體驗項目 Experiential Activity】

中國結繩編織 Chinese knot weaving 【專長項目 Expertise】

中國結繩編織、教學 Chinese knot weaving education

姓 名 Name


Shi Baorong

工 作 室 Workshop

寶容結藝工坊 Baorong Chinese Knots Art Workshop

從事中國結編織教學已歷經 30 多年的施寶容老師,早在多年來努力不懈的藝術 創作以及不斷的教學傳承,從基礎的結式進入,熟悉各結式的結理,進而演譯 連結,運用在項飾、別針等首飾作品的設計創作。教學之餘不忘繼續研發創新, 透過基本的結形概念和編作技法,展現個人對造型美學獨特見解。近年來也創 作出許許多多不同造型的可愛香包,結合傳統融合創新出符合現代人精巧方便 的需求。 Shi Baorong, who has over thirty years of Chinese knot weaving experience, made great efforts from early on to both create Chinese knot weaving works and pass down this art form. She first teaches learners to make basic knots. After they are familiar with all types of knots, she then instructs them to apply Chinese knots to the making of ornaments such as necklaces and brooches. In addition to teaching, she continues to innovate and expresses her unique interpretation of aesthetics through basic knotting and weaving techniques. She has also in recent years created sachets of various designs, incorporating tradition and innovation to satisfy people’s demands for delicate and convenient craft pieces. Add. 彰化縣鹿港鎮進德街 11 號 No. 11, Jinde Street, Lukang Township, Changhua County Tel. 04-7788049



【體驗項目 Experiential Activity】

彩色黏土、藝術拼貼 ( 採預約制 ) Colored clay and collage (reservation required)

【專長項目 Expertise】

紙黏土、棉紙撕畫、彩繪、蝶古巴特藝術拼貼 Paper clay, torn cotton paper collage, color painting, decoupage collage 多年來從事有關於紙黏土藝術的創作,創作作品從人物、花卉到風景等,由淺 而深循序漸進的教學方式,讓學員可以輕鬆地學習,除了統一解說也會於課堂 中再予以個別指導,讓學生技法更純熟,作品更精緻。除了最擅長的紙黏土工 藝外,近年來又致力於「藝術拼貼」的創作與教學,應用不同質感的漂亮進口 包裝紙或餐巾紙,擷取所需的圖案融入彩繪技巧,拼貼成美麗的工藝品。

姓 名 Name

陳姵伶 Chen Peiling 工 作 室 Workshop

寬耘生活藝術工 作坊 Kuang Yun Workshop of Living Arts

Master Chen Peiling has been devoted to the creation of paper clay for many years. Her works include human figures, flowers, and landscapes. In teaching, she starts with the simple and then moves to more complex concepts. This orderly teaching method helps learners to master paper clay techniques and make more exquisite creations. In addition to the paper clay art she is so adept at, she has also put great effort into the creation and teaching of collage. She uses beautiful imported packing paper or napkins of different textures and painting skills to create lovely collages of various patterns. Add. 彰化縣鹿港鎮三民路 258 號 No. 258, Sanmin Road, Lukang Township, Changhua County Tel. 04-7786181

【體驗項目 Experiential Activity】

傳統藝術木雕欣賞 Traditional wood sculpture Appreciation 【專長項目 Expertise】

各式木雕創作 Various wood sculpture creations 施金福木雕歡迎各界前往參觀,走進施金福老師的展覽室,一件件造型各異、 有著不同故事的木雕作品,就完整的呈現施金福的創作核心與想法。除了展覽 室可欣賞作品之外,戶外的花園還擺了六件大型的木雕作品,是他特別開闢的 一個公共藝術空間,休憩兼賞心悅目,會讓人覺得不虛此行。 姓 名 Name


Shi Jinfu

工 作 室 Workshop

施金福木雕 Shi Jinfu Hall of Wood Sculpture

Shi Jinfu Hall of Wood Sculpture welcomes everyone to visit. Upon entering Master Shi Jinfu’s exhibition room, you will be amazed by wood sculptures of diverse designs and different stories which comprehensively elucidate the essence and ideas of his creations. In addition to the exhibition room, there is also an outdoor garden with six large wood sculptures which serve as a public art space for visitors to rest and appreciate these wonderful art pieces. Visitors will feel they have not made the trip in vain. Add. 彰化縣鹿港鎮東石里鹽呈巷 3-34 號 No. 3-34, Yancheng Lane, Dongshi Village, Lukang Township, Changhua County Tel. 04-7772552

【體驗項目 Experiential Activity】

春仔花 DIY Making your own Chun Zai Hua 【專長項目 Expertise】

春仔花 Chun Zai Hua 「創意春仔花」此亦即是以傳統的春仔花為基礎,創造出新的春仔花技法及作 品。以前的春仔花是婦女閒暇之餘所做的女紅,受到較多傳統刻板印象的限制, 沒有太多的變化,逐漸地被世人所淡忘。為了傳承而經營,「創意春仔花」是 結合了傳統的技術融合現代美學的元素,創造出春仔花的新視野。 姓 名 Name

溫寶珍 Wen Baojen 工 作 室 Workshop

創意 Creative Chun Zai Hua


Master Wen Baojen creates new techniques and creations based on traditional Chun Zai Hua. In the past Chun Zai Hua was needlework which women did in their spare time. Limited by traditional techniques and a lack of variations, this art form is gradually being forgotten nowadays. In order to pass down this traditional art, Master Wen Baojen incorporates modern aesthetic elements into traditional techniques to create a new perspective for Chun Zai Hua. Add. 彰化縣鹿港鎮介壽路三段 60 號 No. 60, Jieshou Road, Lukang Township, Changhua County Tel. 04-7782299

【體驗項目 Experiential Activity】

彩繪木雕 Painted wood sculpture 【專長項目 Expertise】

木雕、木雕花 Wood sculpture, wood flower sculpture 從事木雕業 40 餘年的藝師黃紗榮老師,謙讓樸實的他過去跟隨日本師傅習得木 雕技法,奠定謹慎細緻的雕刻功夫。他擅長用細雕法,作品以雕刻優雅的蘭花 較多。透過實作進而對木雕的技法、刀具應用等初步了解,認識木材紋路進而 了解材質及構圖的關聯性以利作品的保存。 姓 名 Name

黃紗榮 Huang Sharong 工 作 室 Workshop

黃紗榮木雕坊 Huang Sharong Workshop of Wood Sculpture

Master Huang Sharong has been making wood sculptures for over four decades. In order to perfect his wood carving skills, the modest and sober Master Huang Sharong learned wood sculpturing under a Japanese master. He excels at fine carving, and he mostly makes orchid sculptures. He developed a basic understanding of wood sculpture techniques and the application of gravers through practice. Comprehension of the wood grain leads him to an understanding of the relationship between wood quality and structure, which is beneficial to preservation. Add. 彰化縣福興鄉福寶村新生路 7-7 號 No. 7-7, Xinsheng Road, Fubao Village, Fuxing Township, Changhua County Tel. 04-7707799

【體驗項目 Experiential Activity】

門神拓印、傳統藝術木雕欣賞 Monotype of Gate Gods and appreciation of traditional wood sculptures 【專長項目 Expertise】

各式木雕創作 Making a variety of wood sculptures

姓 名 Name

施明旺 Shi Mingwan 工 作 室 Workshop

施明旺木雕工坊 Shi Mingwan Workshop of Wood Sculpture

施明旺老師是鹿港數一數二木雕高手,民國 80 年民族重要藝術傳承,被甄選為 國家認定的藝生。他熱衷本土文化雕刻、舉凡花鳥、人物、博古、其他等等、 融會貫通,傳統加上東洋流派雕法使作品永遠高人一等,精、氣、神是至高的 原則,合乎社會的脈動、更具歷史典故、讓作品更盡善盡美,也就是讓傳统木 雕融入日本雕法更寫實更流暢,注入一股鮮活的新生命力。 Master Shi Mingwan is one of the prestigious sculptors in Lukang. In 1991, he was recognized and selected as an artist important for the passing down of traditional arts. He is fond of sculptures representative of native cultures, such as flowers and birds, human figures, and ancient stories. The combination of traditional and Japanese sculpture techniques makes his works stand out among others. He believes that the spirit, energy, and expression are the principle for wood sculpturing. He aims to perfect his works by adhering to social trends and being faithful to tradition. He insists on making his sculptures more realistic and smooth by integrating traditional and Japanese techniques to bring new life to wood sculpture. Add. 彰化縣鹿港鎮鹿興路 51 號 No. 51, Luxing Road, Lukang Township, Changhua County Tel. 0918-458992



【體驗項目 Experiential Activity】

傳統製香體驗、導覽解說、香磚 DIY Incense production, guided tour, making your own incense cubes 【專長項目 Expertise】

傳統製香、導覽解說 Incense production, guided tour

姓 名 Name

施燁志 Shi Huazhi 工 作 室 Workshop

施金玉三房 Shi Jin Yu San Fang Incense Shop

位於鹿港天后宮停車場旁邊及彰鹿路上的「Shi Jin Yu San Fang Incense Shop」, 是台灣現存最古老的手工製香舖之一。鹿港 Shi Jin Yu San Fang Incense Shop 成 立於西元 1756 年(清乾隆 21 年),迄今已有 2 百多年。帶著讓傳統工藝延續的 使命,Shi Jin Yu San Fang Incense Shop 目前還提倡「知性之旅」,開放製香廠供 民眾參觀,一面讓民眾認識傳統「香」藝,也希望為老店注入新的活力。並可 以自己動手製作壓模吉祥圖騰香墨模型。 Located next to the parking space of Lukang Tian Hou Temple on Changlu Road, Shi Jin Yu San Fang Incense Shop is one of the oldest shops of handmade incense that still exist in Taiwan today. Founded in 1756 (the 21st year of the Qianlong Emperor’s reign), Shi Jin Yu San Fang Incense Shop has a history of over two centuries. In addition to its mission of passing down traditions, Shi Jin Yu San Fang Incense Shop now also promotes in-depth tours and opens up its factory for visits, allowing the public to gain an understanding of the traditional techniques of incense production and infusing new life into this old shop. Visitors can also use mold featuring patterns of auspicious creatures to make their own incense cubes. Add. 彰化縣福興鄉彰鹿路 7 段 176-1 號 No. 176-1, Section 7, Changlu Road, Fuxing Township, Changhua County Tel. 04-7777577

【體驗項目 Experiential Activity】

陶杯、碗、盆 DIY、手拉坯創作、兒童繪畫教學 Pottery mug, bowl, and pot DIY; pottery throwing; children’s painting 【專長項目 Expertise】

陶藝、美術教育、兒童繪畫 Pottery, arts education, children’s painting

姓 名 Name

施性輝 Shi Xinghui 工 作 室 Workshop

鹿港燒 陶藝館 Lukang Pottery Arts

從小愛繪畫,持續不間斷的繪畫基礎,加上專科領域的學術理論進修,及真正 實務實作的經驗,奠定鹿港燒創始人施性輝老師,數十年來不斷研究創新,作 陶歷程,不斷思索著自己和土地、生活和創作的種種關係,以傳統融合創新, 再加上結合鹿港在地元素,將自己的創作靈感與生長的地方融合為一,呈現出 新風貌、新美學的現代陶,並將之命名為-「鹿港燒」。 Years of painting, advanced studies in academic theory, and practical experiences have allowed Master Shi Xinghui, the founder of Lukang Pottery, to establish a solid foundation for his creations. Over several decades, he has kept reworking his creations through a continuous search for the connection between him and the life and arts of his homeland. He incorporates tradition to innovation and adds local elements of Lukang to present pottery of new style and aesthetics. Thus, he decided to name his shop Lukang Pottery. Add. 彰化縣鹿港鎮金門巷 81 號 No. 81, Jinmen Lane, Lukang Township, Changhua County Tel. 04-7766230



【體驗項目 Experiential Activity】

春仔花、立體繡 DIY Chun Zai Hua and 3D embroidery 【專長項目 Expertise】

傳統春仔花、立體繡 DIY Traditional Chun Zai Hua and 3D embroidery 許陳春出生鹿港錫藝世家,自小緊跟在的祖母身旁,看著她一針一線縫製三寸 金蓮、繡花鞋、纏繞春仔花,心細手巧的她,就這樣看著學著,才十多歲的少 女在無師自通下,一點一點打下刺繡的基礎,而傳統刺繡原是平面藝術,經過 許陳春靈感啟發,立體繡的誕生帶領了傳統藝術更進一步的發展。 姓 名 Name

許陳春 Hsu Chenchun 工 作 室 Workshop

巧昕立體繡 Qiaoxi Embroidery

Hsu Chenchun was born into a tin art family in Lukang. Her childhood was spent in learning the making of foot-binding lotus shoes, embroidered shoes, and Chun Zai Hua from her grandmother. Being careful and handy, she acquired the embroidery techniques by observing and laid a solid foundation for her embroidery skills during her early teenage years. Through her inspiration, she has created 3-dimensional embroidery and brought about new developments for this traditional art. Add. 彰化縣鹿港鎮順興里四維路 20 號 No. 20, Siwei Road, Shunxing Village, Lukang Township, Changhua County Tel. 04-7750806

【體驗項目 Experiential Activity】

紙雕燈籠 Paper sculpture lanterns 【專長項目 Expertise】

紙雕、紙雕燈籠 Paper tole and paper sculpture lanterns

姓 名 Name

施秀雅 Shi Xiuya

沒有前例可參酌,沒有大師可學習,憑藉著一股堅持的毅力的施秀雅,靠著用心 去領受、預想畫面去構圖設計出超大型的硬紙板神像、神龍。以裁縫師的巧手, 將硬的卡紙當作柔軟的布裁剪,工具從剪刀、針線,成了雕刻刀、鎚子。立體的 紙雕,一刻一鎚下,逐漸成型。從小愛畫圖的天性,也讓她一一將她所創的藝 術品彩繪著鮮麗的色彩。精湛的技巧和豐沛的想像力,讓她的作品充滿獨創性, 傳奇性。

Without precedents as reference and masters to learn from, Shi Xiuya shows her unswerving determination and designs her own compositions to make super-large paper sculptures of 工 作 室 Workshop deities and divine dragons. Cutting paper instead of cloth, she exhibits the craftsmanship of a tailor in cutting as she uses scissors, needle and thread, gravers, and hammers to create 逸雅軒傳統 3-dimensional paper sculptures. Being fond of painting since her childhood, she colors 藝術燈 her creations, showing their originality and marvel through her splendid techniques and Yi Ya Hall of Traditional exuberant imaginations.

Paper Lanterns

Add. 彰化縣鹿港鎮海浴路 63 巷 3 號 No. 3, Lane 63, Haiyu Road, Lukang Township, Changhua County Tel. 04-7769251

【體驗項目 Experiential Activity】

燈籠 DIY、竹編教學 Making your own Lantern, bamboo weaving 【專長項目 Expertise】

燈籠製作 Making lanterns 隨著時代的轉變,傳統工藝的沒落,趕不上時代的腳步,陳瑞芳家族的燈籠是 從太祖母年代,世代傳襲下來,陳瑞芳燈籠為將此傳統工藝傳承下去,將燈籠 的製作過程重新詮釋,從骨架上的製作到成型後的裝飾,讓現代的人重新欣賞 鹿港燈籠的美。 姓 名 Name

陳瑞芳 Chen Ruifang 工 作 室 Workshop

燈籠製作工作室 Lantern Workshop

With the passage of time, many traditional crafts fail to keep up with the times and are forgotten. The lantern production techniques of Chen Ruifang’s family have been passed down through generations since the time of her great grandmother. In order to pass the techniques down for many generations to come, she has created the lantern production process from the making of the frame to the finishing decorations, allowing people nowadays to once again appreciate the beauty of Lukang’s lanterns. Add. 彰化縣鹿港鎮埔崙里永和街 57 號 No. 57, Yonghe Street, Pulun Village, Lukang Township, Changhua County Tel. 04-7762932


【體驗項目 Experiential Activity】

玻璃藝術品體驗創作 Glass creation 【專長項目 Expertise】

玻璃藝術品製作 Making glass art pieces

姓 名 Name

周文銓 Zhou Wenquan 工 作 室 Workshop

玻璃國工作室 Glass Kingdom Workshop

素人藝術家周文銓老師年在鹿港老街古厝成立玻璃國工作室,門口現場玻璃燒 製創作,精湛手藝無不吸引遊客駐足圍觀,吉祥物的龍、麒麟、鳳凰全憑著古 人想像與文字敘述,沒有一定的形象。周老師擁有三十幾年功力深厚底子,燒 製玻璃利用不同顏色熔質焊接,吉祥玻璃藝品在他的一點一滴的刻畫下,栩栩 如生的呈現。 At his Glass Kingdom Workshop located on the old street of Lukang, Master Zhou Wenquan performs on-site glass firing and attracts visitors with his skillful techniques. His creations of auspicious animals such as the dragon, the Qilin, and the phoenix are based on imagination and literary descriptions. They have no specified form. With over three decades of work, he is able to produce glass creations of diverse colors, presenting vivid glass pieces of auspicious creatures. Add. 彰化縣鹿港鎮埔頭街 34 號 No. 34, Putou Street, Lukang Township, Changhua County Tel. 0916-191595

【體驗項目 Experiential Activity】

書法體驗教學 Calligraphy teaching 【專長項目 Expertise】

書法實務、教學、評審 Calligraphy practicing, teaching, and evaluation 吳肇勳學習書法是自然而然的,可以溯及其書法世家的淵源,童年會識字便開 始寫書法了。在長輩的指導與鼓勵下,勤學至今不曾間斷過,直到參加書法個 展嶄露頭角,才正式投入創作。從小就學習書法的關係,懂得由「靜」與「慢」 中品味生活。

工 作 室 Workshop

Born into a family practicing calligraphy, Master Wu Zhaoxun naturally started the learning of calligraphy as soon as he began to read and write during his childhood. Instructed and encouraged by elder members in the family, he kept sharpening his skills and finally made himself known through calligraphy exhibitions. Having learned calligraphy since childhood, he knows how to enjoy a quiet and slow lifestyle.


Add. 彰化縣鹿港鎮民權路 78 號 No. 78, Minquan Road, Lukang Township, Changhua County

Wu Zhaoxun Study Hall

Tel. 04-7774265

姓 名 Name

吳肇勳 Wu Zhaoxun

【體驗項目 Experiential Activity】

書法體驗教學 Calligraphy teaching 【專長項目 Expertise】

書法實務、教學、評審 Calligraphy practicing, teaching, and evaluation

姓 名 Name

林俊臣 Lin Junchen 工 作 室 Workshop

淡墨書印工坊 Danmo Workshop of Calligraphy

林俊臣老師認為學習書法的態度,影響他觀看人生的態度。也藉由書法創作拉 回古人的思維、以及生活態度,他說:「已無所得心,型一切善法,書法篆刻 亦修行也」,因為這樣的理念使他在談吐間,透露著更內斂的靈魂。他也說: 「打開五感,用心去感受。」書法運筆是自然而然的事,放下心中所有的圭臬、 順應環境才能創作出好作品。 Master Lin Junchen believes a person’s attitude toward learning calligraphy influences his/her attitude about life. Practicing calligraphy helps people to return to a traditional mindset and attitude about life. He says that one practices moral teachings while practicing calligraphy. Such an idea makes him develop a modest spirit. He also believes one should open up his/her five senses and feel the practice of calligraphy whole-heartedly. The brush will move naturally in your hand, and you will create good works, once you have rid your mind of all pre-existing standards and flow with your environment. Add. 彰化縣鹿港鎮中正路 280 號 No. 280, Zhongzheng Road, Lukang Township, Changhua County Tel. 04-7840790




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執行單位|傳動數位策略股份有限公司 臺中市西區忠明南路 62 號 3 樓之 2 電

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