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A word from our President

Hello and Welcome……… I would just like to say “welcome to our very first magazine”. We hope to bring you more news, views and bull…….. No not really, But l would like to ask, if you like what you see then send us a message, we can only do this with your help so if you see something you think might be of interest to other members send it in. We have put a lot of work into our first one so please enjoy and l will see you all on our rides, as Carol Goodmanson would say…….Stay


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Welcome to our Newsletter

Our new back patch has arrived.

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Sturgis 2015




Motorbike News

New Back Patches and much, much more

Emergency Services Motorcycle Association Ambulance Chapter June 2013

ESMA—Ambulance Chapter

Welcome to our Newsletter The purpose of this newsletter or magazine is to provide members with another method of keeping up to date with what is happening within your club. It will have club news, articles dealing with Health and Safety, tips on everything to do with bikes, club events and many other news worthy items. As this is my first newsletter l will need your input on what you think of this newsletter, ways to improve it and ideas on what else you would like to see included. I plan to produce the news letter either once a month or quarterly; so please vote on which one you would prefer. You can find the voting instructions on the forum under “Announcements” and it has a heading of “Vote on what frequency you want the news letter”. You all can contribute articles, pictures from rides or events, funny stories or almost anything else you feel would be of interest to our group. So for all you wannabe reporters out there; here is your chance. We will also have a “For Sale” page so you can sell your unwanted items or anything else you need to get out of the house. We hope that all our members join in and help develop this newsletter into something we can all look forward to catching up with.

Proud Sponsor of Emergency Services Motorcycle Association—Ambulance Chapter



Branch Manager - Fremantle Branch WA United Community - A Division of Community CPS Australia Phone: (08) 9430 6999 Mobile: 0418 928 374 Email:

Get your Heavy Duty Magazine from your local Newsagent. …. Its worth it!

OUR NEW BACK PATCH HAS ARRIVED Yes you heard it right! Our new back patches have arrived and are ready to go. I do have to say one thing “They look awesome”!. For those members who have paid for the old “White Knight Patches” you will have the new one given to you free. For those of you who have not yet got yours they are available for purchase right NOW ! They only cost $30.00. Get in quick and lets get out there and ride. The new patch is the same design as the White Knights Back Patch but the layout is better and it represents who we are as a club, our medical partners and as Paramedics. The new club dress document shows you where the patch has to go. It can either be stitched onto your vest or jacket or you can iron it on your self but l do recommend that you really need to get it stitched on……….

On the 18 June 2013 the executives held a meeting and during that meeting we discussed holding another contest for our members to design a new breast patch for the club. All members of the club and their families can join in. This is a great opportunity to show off your skills. There will be a prize for the best design. Remember there is a prize for the best design: - Good luck

“200 mph, no hands. Dam that’d be cool….right up to the part where you die. Ride Safe and Ride Smart...” - A Duthie

2013 Kawasaki Ninja 250R Showing off an aggressive new look and fitted with a new fuel-injected engine, the 2013 Ninja 250R has just upped the ante in the 250 road bike When Honda launched its all-new CBR250R entry-level sports bike in 2011 it shook up the 250cc market, forcing almost all other 250s in the Australian market to drop their price to compete. But the bar appears to have been raised once again with the 2013 Kawasaki Ninja 250R breaking cover in Japan showing off a new look and sporting a new engine and chassis.

When the Bike sales Network contacted Kawasaki Australia, the company said it had no information on the new model, and when questioned over whether it would be coming to Australia, were told that an announcement would be made in the next few months. Price is the biggest motivator for buyers in the learner legal 250cc market and while the Ninja 250R has previously held the mantle of Australia's bestselling motorcycle, the Honda CBR250R has now taken the top spot in Oz. For the first half of 2012 the Honda CBR250R sold 1258 units, up 41.5%, while the Kawasaki Ninja 250R recorded 943 sales for the same period, down by 13.7%. Style is also a major factor for buyers in the 250cc market, and in this respect it appears as though Kawasaki could turn around its sales slide with the new model. Drawing inspiration from Kawasaki's range-topping superbike, the litre-class Ninja ZX-10R, the new bike shows off an impressively integrated look, boasting flush-fit front indicators, a 'big-bike' exhaust can and aggressive fairing design with a sporty rear seat cowl. Throwing down the gauntlet to its rivals, the contemporary new look for the 2013 Kawasaki Ninja 250R is not at the expense of mechanical upgrades. On the contrary, Kawasaki engineers have matched the Ninja 250R's fast image and taken to the new bike with gusto, deploying an all-new engine, a stiffer frame, wider tyres and uprated suspension. Though exact specifications are not yet clear, we do know the engine will remain a parallel twin, but it's an all-new unit claimed to deliver more low and mid range torque. This boost in twist is thanks to a dual-throttle valve and lots of new components -- cylinders, pistons and crankcase. The DOHC eight-valve liquid-cooled 249cc twin-cylinder unit will feature digital fuel injection -- in "some markets" says Kawasaki -- and will hooked up to a six-speed manual gearbox. Total weight is 172kg, and 174kg for the ABS model. Other changes include a stiffer chassis, featuring more rubber bushings to reduce NVH (noise, vibration, harshness) levels, and suspension components have also been updated. Slightly wider 140 section tyres have also been added. The instrument cluster has also been updated to match the renewed fairing design. Colours appear to be green, white, red, grey and black. The current Kawasaki Ninja 250R is Australia's second highest selling motorcycle after its Honda rival, and though Kawasaki hasn't nailed down a price yet, we don't expect it to deviate too much from the current $5999 price. Article thanks to Torr Feann and

A Second Contest!!!! Our old supporters patch was a really good patch. As we cannot use it in the renamed club, we thought “Let have a second contest” to design a new patch that represents our club. There will be a prize for the best patch; so again get your family and friends involved and design a great supporters patch for the club. l have put a picture of the old patch below for you to compare. Have fun……

It takes all kinds!!! Read on…...

Rider stopped by own motorcycle

A 34-year-old motorcycle rider was in hospital last night after bungling an alleged attempt to run away from police in Armadale. A police spokesman said a motorcycle was driven off a sidewalk, into the path of a police car on Armadale Road about 10pm. When officers signalled for the rider to stop, he allegedly accelerated out of the area. About two minutes later, a different police car drove past the motorcycle rider, who pulled over at the corner of Grey Road and Eight Road. As the rider allegedly tried to dismount his motorcycle and flee on foot, he fell into a drainage ditch. His motorcycle followed him into the ditch and landed on top of him. The man allegedly tried to stand and run away, but a police spokesman said he only made it 20 metres before collapsing. St John Ambulance paramedics took the rider to Royal Perth Hospital for treatment. Due to his injuries, police left the 34-year-old Seville Grove man in the care of RPH staff. He has since discharged himself from hospital. A police spokesman said the man would be charged by summons for failing to stop and driving with a suspended license.

Metal Lapel Badge EMS White Knight Stickers for only $1.00 White Knight Back Patch now only $10.00

EMS White Knight Breast Patches $3.00

Front View

These vests are in the classic style motorcycle vest. They are made out of soft; heavyweight, split leather cowhide. This vest has an inside pocket, two outside pockets, side laces, with an inner satin lining. You can do it up using the snap on buttons. At $50.00 they are a steel. Send me an email and tell me how many you want.

The executive committee will be looking into designing a metal lapel badge. It is hoped that we will be able to wear them with your uniform. The design process has not started as yet but as soon as we get some more information regarding this venture l will get it to you. All of these endeavours will ensure we have a brand identity. . Back View

Please note

2005 250cc HYSUNG Motorcycle.

All of the items here are of good quality.

Its red and black. It’s in very good condition however it does need a new battery. Owner has to sell it as he is going overseas. She needs a new home. The owner wants $3000 for it but that price is flexible up or down. Tell your friends, tell your best mate so come and get a bargain. Have a look at the pictures and if you want more photos please let me know. Contact Stephen Luke on 04154289630

Please be mindful that once you have paid for your item you will need to give me your address and they will be posted to you free of charge. The bank details are: Bank Of Queensland BSB:654112 Account: 21907392 Or

post it to: PO BOX 143 Armadale WA 6992 and address the cheque to: EMS White Knights Australia (until we get our new bank account sorted)

There are a number of events and things happening at the moment……... Both John and I hope you can spare some time to help organise and take part in these events . The following are things John, Earl and I have started or are looking into. It would be great if you can offer some time to help out while these are on. 

Long sleeve T-Shirts

We are looking to purchase a number of these T-Shirts and they will have ESMA down the sleeves. If anyone has any other ideas about this send us an email or just call. 

Introduce a new metal badge.

This needs to be designed before we can move forward on this so again any ideas would be really appreciated. 

A New Face Book Page

Scott Franton is designing our new face book page, and Earl Stamp will be assisting him . If you have any ideas how to help make this pop give Scott or Earl a call.

Sturgis 2015 I will be organising a trip to Sturgis motorcycle rally for 2015. This rally will be the 75th year of the rally so it is a no-brainer. I can only take up to 8—10 people so you will need to get in early. While this seems a long way off, we need to book accommodation asap so we don't miss out, they fill up early. Believe me! the police there don't like people sleeping or living on the streets. We will have to pay for our accommodation in advance (or a deposit may be asked for and we pay the rest when we get there). This is a once in a life-time trip so think hard about it and be one of the lucky 8 or 10. This is open to all ESMA chapters so please tell others about it. Just so you know we will be hiring HD, unless you don't like HD’s we can get you a push bike… Only kidding BUT this will be a blast that you can talk about for years.

Again GOOD LUCK. You can send me an email if you want to go and l will reply within 24 hours. My email address is I will keep you all posted as more information comes up.

The Emergency Services Motorcycle Association—Ambulance Chapter are proud to announce the following businesses have agreed to sponsor our club by way of a monetary donation and discount vouchers. It is hoped we can continue to get other sponsors so we can all share them. Our first sponsor donated $500 to the club and our second sponsor has given us some discount vouchers for our members to use. Help support our sponsors by spreading the word to family and friends and not to mention other members. Look Smart Group ARMADALE SHOPPING CITY Shop 12.66 Jull Street Armadale.

I have a number of vouchers given to me by the Armadale Look Smart Clothing Alterations Group. While these voucher can be used at any Look Smart Group, these vouchers came from the Armadale store. The lady running the shop has just bought the franchise and it would be great to support her so please make the effort to support her. These vouchers can be used for alterations to: Formal, Bridal, Leather, Take in, Let Out, Repair, Resize, Restyle, and Remodel. If you cant get to Armadale give me your alterations and l will take them into her for you.

Leisa Neylon & United Community

For all your Alteration need: Web:

are proud to sponsor the Emergency Services Motorcycle Association – Ambulance Chapter . For all your finance & banking requirements please call Leisa on: 9430 6999 Mobile: 0418 928 374 Email:

HazzMazz Leather at 43 river Rd Kelmscott is a great place to help meet all of your biker needs. There is a large assortment of jackets and vests. Go in and ask for Steve he will look after you.

July 2013 Mon






































Emergency Services Motorcycle Association Ambulance Chapter Newsletter One  

This is a news letter for all chapter members. Please enjoy.

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