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The Life of: Seth Wilson

By Luiza Barreto

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The Life of Seth Wilson A Photography book on Wilson’s Freelance Business

“I want do this until I die, or as long as I’m able to.”


Seth Wilson, 25, is a freelance photographer, born and raised in West Philadelphia. He started his own business by making a name for himself, about four years ago. Seth is very passionate about photography and dedicates a lot of time and energy into his business. I met with him for an interview and accompanied him on two photoshoots.

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How did you get involved with photography? “I used to do stage acting when I was about eight. We would perform, me and my siblings, and my dad had this really old video camcorder and we would use that to record our performances.” “From there, I really had this idea of getting my own camera. So when I got older I got my own handycam and used that to record myself.” “Primarily I just started investing in cameras when I was into YouTube, posting videos” “I had it on my mind to pursue a career in videography, but that changed when I got my first DSLR camera, a Canon T3. I got it when I was about fifteen.” Seth’s first photos were of his cats and plants, and with time he slowly moved over to people. At first, he photographed his family members, then friends, and eventually he got into model work. 4

How did you learn the skills you have today? “Most of what I learned is from YouTube or coming out and shooting with professionals. People invite me to shoot with them, and then they just correct me and show me how to do things.”

“80% of what I learned was on my own, through trial and error.”

“I’ve never sat down on a class.” 5

How did your business begin?

“I made an Instagram account and started posting pictures and then people started hitting me up saying ‘hey, I want photos’. ” “Social media has been my output for clients. That’s how I get most of my

“I’ve shot a couple weddings, but I do mostly model work. My main work is one on one; model, proms and graduations.”

“I’m still working on my business, it’s not where I want to be yet” 6

What do you like most about working with freelance photography? “One of the biggest reasons why I started photography is because I like making connections with people, I like meeting new people.”


“Giving people work back or something that makes them satisfied, that’s one of the thinks that makes me passionate about photography, making people happy with what I’m able to do.”

“A pro of freelance is that you make your own schedule. But you have to make it reasonable according to the market otherwise you’re not going to get any business. You also get to decide how much you’re going to charge and when you get to travel.”

What do you dislike about the work?

“The bad part about freelance is being able to support yourself and finding customers who are going to respect you. As a creative artist, it can be hard to get people to support and respect you.”

“A lot of times people confuse popularity with talent. Some of the crowd looks at popularity, if you’re not popular they are not going to want to work with you”.


What’s important to you when managing your business?

“It’s all about how you get yourself out there and get attraction from customers. If you don’t get out there, you’re not going to have any business, you have to push yourself to go to events, network, and get yourself across social media as much as possible.”

“You give your customers good deals so that they stay with you. It’s all about the customers.” 9

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