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Dear LCVPs, TLs and GIP teams, This booklet was designed to offer you a brief overview upon the Supply and Demand state in the system, give you a simple guide for GIPi matching steps and showcase global GCPs (that can be adapted to our reality too). Materials used here are coming from AI presentations and updates and from ď Š You will have attached the GIPi Matching Guide and links to GIP radio (the latest AI initiative for supporting GIP incentives among the network). ENJOY!

Researching for EPs... • Available Forms Tracker: Excel File that contains all EPs and TNs in the global network. When downloaded it is faster to use then • DAAL Files: Excel Files that are useful for all kinds of questions regarding past realizations, that way we you can research about possible future developments in exchange

Find EPs

•How to get there: “AIESEC Programmes“ -> “Browse Internships“ or “Connect“ -> “View Internship Opportunities“ •Search for all LCs/MCs/GNs/programs/EP statuses/durations/backgrounds/skills/la nguages/degrees

• Time for GCPs! • GEP (Global Exchange Partners) have a healthy and fast matching flow for their TNs. How?

• Let’s see some tips and tricks!

Check out the first 2 editions of GIP radio: • •

Good luck with matching! Let’s make GIPi happen in AIESEC Serbia too! For any other questions, contact MCVP ICX in AIESEC Serbia, Luiza Marcu (

GIPi_Matching Booklet AIESEC Serbia  

Brief description of Supply and Demand on the system, matching tricks and GCPs.

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