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Luiza Cala

Artistical name: Luiza Cala Luisiana Calaidjoglu is her realy name. Born on: September 23rd, 1957, Bailesti, Romania Artistical activity: - 35 exhibitions in Romania,Greece, Spain, Bulgaria, France, Italy, USA ( 17 personal exhibitions, and 19 group exhibitions ) - she signed 8 covers – 4 books and 4 cassettes of meditation - has works in personal collections from Greece, Spain, France, USA, China, Canada, Holland - has works in state collections in Spain, Bulgaria, France and Italy Prizes: - The National Prize Art Top 2002 - The National Prize Art Top - Magic Romania, 2004 - The Silver Medal – Grand Prix MCA Cannes Azur 2006 - The Golden Medal – Grand Prix MCA Cannes Azur 2007 - The Recognize Diploma – Accademia Internazionale d’Arte Moderna Roma, 2007 Has her own private Art Gallery in Saturn, Mangalia, Romania Address: Saturn-Mangalia Corneliu Coposu str,vila A3 Romania E mail: GSM: +40742 235037

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