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organisations throughout the world, as well as to new modes of creativity, personal expression, cultural exchange and understanding. The opportunities are considerable: and so are the difficulties. vi.

Issues of creativity and of cultural development concern the whole of education. They are influenced by much more than the shape and content of the formal school curriculum. These influences include methods of teaching; the ethos of schools, including the relationships between teachers and learners; and the national priorities that underpin the education service. Our consultations suggest some tensions in current provision. · Many of those who have contributed to our inquiry believe that current priorities and pressures in education inhibit the creative abilities of young people and of those who teach them. There is a particular concern about the place and status of the arts and humanities. There is also concern that science education is losing its vitality under current pressures. · Many schools are doing exciting and demanding work but often they see themselves doing this in spite, not because, of the existing climate. This may be more a problem of perception than of fact. There is no comprehensive evidence available either way to us nor to the Government. Nevertheless, the fact of this perception, and how widespread it is, is evidence of a problem in itself. · Outside organisations Ñ museums, theatres, galleries, orchestras and others Ñ have a great deal to offer the formal education sector. Many already have education and outreach programmes. There is a compelling argument for closer working partnerships and we have found considerable enthusiasm for them. Many say they are poorly funded for educational programmes and that such work still has low priority. · There are concerns about the supply of teachers and the extent to which current training takes account of the importance of creative and cultural education.

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